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Aces & Eights EP

Aces & Eights EP






1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Sep 8, 2021

Well who would have bloody thought it. 20 releases on Holding Hands.

Well who would have bloody thought it. 20 releases on Holding Hands. That is bananas to be typing that out. It’s been a hell of a ride and I am over the moon to be able to confidently sit here and say that I still absolutely love every single release that has been put out since the first back in 2017. What a bunch of absolute slammers!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Aces & Eights






Achey Breaky

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The talented Greek duo, Artificial DRM - who have already shown quality samples in their contributions on Koslif, De Stijl and Semantica - are responsible for this sixth Alpengluhen release.Enigma is a homogeneous collection of five ethereal, deep and heart-warming tracks; each with intricate rhythmic sequences, layers of emotional pads and synthetic melody. Neither techno nor ambient, but something else - in between. Intelligent dance music from the heart, that goes directly to the brain - exploring the thin line between light and darkness.As usual, 200 copies pressed.
Yoshi Records is back with a bangin´ Electro 5-Tracker by Nino Šebelić. For lovers of carefully orchestrated modular escapades, this probably is not the right record. For lovers of stone cold Electro vibes straight from the streets, this is the right record.
Just because a planet may be tiny, doesn’t mean it isn’t abundant with life. With the fourth time around its orbit, Tiny Planet vol. 4 is all about teaming up and bonding in synergy; personal and unified collaborations specializing in hi-tech quioxic explorations of electronica. With an all new/all star cast of artists, materializing in four sleek and sexy tracks shaped for outer space indulgence.
Anissa Todesco aka Amygdala is an upcoming dj/producer from Zürich, Switzerland. Her drive to search for niche 90s electronic music compositions can be heard on her first debut ep Solanaceae for YLGR Recordings as she combines & appropriates different genres into a coherent new but yet familiar look. Balancing between US American and European influences the EP shows a quite range of references – some tracks lean into molds which resemble the good old metamorphic compositions and others resemble an european timeline where techno got crossed with trancy arpeggiators and was balancing on that threshold for quite a time. This four tracker is definitely made for bright moments on the dance-floor – don’t miss out on it!
Obvious Transfer are back with a killer third release from QNTM CTRL. The super limited OBTRAN003 EP delves further into the wormhole, with a heady mix of dub and techno on 'Smokehouse Shift', followed by experimentations into outlandish abstract electro, in a King-Tubby-meets-Autechre trip through outer space and beyond. An unmissable, otherwordly release from the new Cultivated Electronics-born experimental collective!
With a name like Sleep D one might mistakenly assume that this Australian duo produces mid tempo sounds to drift away on. Greasy Beats and Blobs Vol. 1 proves otherwise. For their inaugrual appearance on Cocktail d’Amore we find a selection of warped and slippery sounds mounted onto a skeleton of body shaking rhythm. Phantom opens the record without hesitation launching into sci fi soundscapes and electro inspired beats. Airbags feels like anything but a safe landing as it shape shifts during its runtime without ever losing its sense of urgency to dance. On the B-side we are offered up two very different pieces of electronic bliss. Screw Drive does exactly as the name implies as the incessant bass line digs deeper into your mind and drives you out into the middle of nowhere as lush pads evolve Into burst of cosmic radiation. Young Street perfectly closes the selection with a meditative embrace filled with micro sounds floating in and out of the stereo field urging you to come back down to earth.