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Spring Sale '24

Hame's music is all about shared feelings without the barrier of words. In this three tracker debut EP on the new label of Lola Haro called 'Small Steps', he found the sweet spot between housy energy combined with emotion. His patiently evolving backgrounds combined with subtle energy buildups through themusic keep you in an hypnotic lock on the dance floor. Hushed has a straight forward and groovy low end with energy right from the start, while slowly evolving in a viby detailed trip. Relieve has a more subtle bassline combined with lush percussion elements and a melancholic,yet hopeful human touch - creating a feeling of acquiescence. Moments Like Now is a groovy, deep, club night bomb. Its ever changing yet repetitive lead is carried by a deep sub bassline and a punchy kick that keeps you moving while textures pads and vocals guide you through the track.
Lisbon's purveyor of dance incantations Paraiso are back with an EP that packs a meeting of 3 legends of the local and global underground - a trio of fearless pioneers and cultural agitators from different eras. Yen Sung and Photonz have partnered up in 2020 to collaborate on new music and start a record label. Fast forward to today and this Paraiso EP is their third release, further exploring their mutual penchant for ethereal house music drenched in subtle but fiery grooves and acid basslines. Opener 'A Temperanca' taps into moody yet bouncy motifs, punctuated by crisp claps and an infectious 303 line in the vein of DJ Pierre's record 'What is House Music', their confessed influence for this track. Things get slower on the A2 where the title track gets reworked with alternative elements - aptly named Gravity Mix. The B side continues the metallic acid exploration via 'Akasha', twisting and turning like only expertly crafted basslines do before things blossom into a sunny house groover with enticing percussion and variegated hats. Legendary Angolan-Portuguese producer DJ Satelite steps in for remix duties, adding his iconic deep afro house edge to a wonderful effect, all blissful motifs and broken percussive sonics.
The fifth release of the CiM re-issues is his debut EP for the deFocus-label dating back from 2000. With 'Service Pack' Simon Walley subtly moved away from the dancefloor, creating a pack full with ear tickling and mind twisting electronica. Pure bliss. Now re-mastered and re-cut on Delsin Records.
OPIA sister label Euphoric State steps up this autumn with more unearthed gems from the 90s, this time at the controls is Skat aka Andy Panayi & Alec Stone, Skat being their name before they took on what became their acclaimed A2 moniker in 94. The “Skatmode” EP spans across innovative strains of house and electro, packed with energy and charming emotions.On the A side you can find two slabs of reissued heat from the versatile duo, packing more of a punch than ever. Cruising on an irresistible house groove is “Is Dis Love”, tight drum work and elastic bass lines teased by the nostalgic vocal. “Dinowarp” is a pure example of a hazy deep house chugger for the early hours of the morning, taking you on a trip of blissful synths and melt in your mind textures.Taking up the B side are two unreleased diamonds from the vast archives of the UK duo, “Jamaica” and “Jump Around”. The first being a playful and animated outing, classy house dynamics driving the dance floor up a notch. “Jump Around” maintains the depth and emotion but at the heart lays a pulsating sub heavy bass to keep you on the move, conversing with the pacey and crisp drum patterns within.Euphoric State continues to propel dusted off beats for the dance floors of modern day!
iO (Mulen) returns to his home - Mulen Records after a quite long production pause because of the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine. Despite all the troubles that are going with the war in your home, half of this release (the B-side) was written after 24.02.2022.Signature minimalistic and euphoric at the same time examples of a modern house with the retro feel - that's what we're having here.Vinyl only.
Two Shell, the enigmatic London based duo exploring techno pop, release the cult hyper banger ‘home’ previously only available on the instantly sold-out white-label 12”.
An all-star cast of remixers have gotten their hands on Gene On Earth's second album, Time On The Vine, with the task of making club remixes of the album's offtempo cuts. Sweely, Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany, Youandewan, and Gene himself all turn in stellar effots.
DO_1 delivers their first EP on D.KO Records with their own cosmic take on electro grooves. GGGG joins them for the final frontier …
Another disastrous Poppers attempt at making people feel like dancing, this time featuring a promo release for DJ Tranquilos - a completely unknown "artist", never booked before DJ, virgin territory for bookers. Guaranteed to offer anything but tranquility to the listener. French vocal epic HiNRG pop cover and Soca dancefloor bulldozer on the A side. Heavy percussive acoustic drums with extraterrestrial synths and a sound effects DJ tool on the B side. Mastered for maximum dancefloor impact - only for true Peak Time DJs.
Errortica, Viikatory, Varum, URTE for WAR1205!
Hiatus has finished, new wax is molded and Vakum spits out their celebratory tenth release. Warped Reality EP revisites galactic and spacious backbone sounds from not so long ago infused with fresh production spices. In this case, Cosmic G & Laars, the duo which grows from the new Serbian batch. Take a listen to this five-tracker riddled with space blasters and hypnotic segments.A1. Flowing through interstellar space, B Star revisites some well known and loved sounds from early hypnotic era of electronic music. Upon arriving to the quazzar crossroads it also dives into breakbeat moments just to be reformed into acid sphere once again. A touch of trance goes a long way.A2. Sometimes you hear a track that resmebles multiple tracks combined. This is just the case in Terestrial Dreams. Filled with dreamy and galactic delays it pushes itself into endless progressive spiral of heavy bassline, smooth perc shots and otherworldly segments.B1. All about the cosmic ride in a night train between two planets. Along the way it pasess through multiple sound stations and realms inviting even more passengers for this sparkling night out. Pure delicacy!B2. Broken beats, scrapping vocals and intermitting bassline. Babble is inhaling acid hits fromthe sorroundings and projects them onto punchy snares and raw rhytmics to be carried further into old school babble beats. Perfect B side.B3. The outcast. The villan. The bad guy. Slow and ominous pace bundled with serious bassline sequence that goes into offence during the vocal break. This burner really stomps heavy hits onto you and smashes every sonic valve while pouring acid. "Oh, well, allow me to retort."
Konerytmi is back for his final EP on the Telomere series!Here we have again a SIX track mini LP! With a blend of breaks, electro, IDM and tech house, there’s something for all hours of the night! Very limited numbers as usual.
The second part in A Walking Contradiction's Demi Monde series. The creative imprint from Basel, mostly known for its releases by Varuna, hereby welcomes the next pair of friends to complete their two-part Half World project. Helsinki AWC affiliate Lemont explores dense and icy deepness with two slow-rolling ambient trips. Where Hidden Hawaii / Nullpunkt boss Felix K appears as FLXK1 to go wild with two mind whirling 140 bpm techno steppers.
In 2011, Ard Janssen was one of the first musicians to grace Shipwrec. Now, some eleven years later, the sound sculptor returns for a full album on Phainomena. Music for Delirious Episodes brings together eleven compositions. Ard Bit is known for his delicate, almost brittle, works. This collection focuses on that same fragility that fascinates Janssen. From the first steps of "Troubled Veil", the listener is absorbed into a digital weave of field recordings, everyday undulations, other day modulations and loose harmony. Traditional instruments, string and wind, are filtered and re-imagined. The mundane echoes of routines are reborn as the percussive hum of pieces like "Stripped" and "Broken Respirator (White Funnel)." Behind the shifts and shuffles lurks something triumphal. Memories are given new form through audio carvings. Birdsong is handcrafted through knob tweaks, elephant trumpets bellow past swells of electronic insects as a glowing sun rises through the speaker. Hazes of static are shorn back, as in "Seppuku", to allow moments of intense focus and reflection. And then we return, to that ephemeral beauty that permeates this record, with the final embrace of "Awakening Delusion". An artist who finds the extraordinary in the often overlooked, or unheard.
Over the last two years, the Innate and We’re Going Deep labels – run by friends Owain K and Placid respectively – have become must-check imprints for those seeking brand-new, timeless-sounding electro, deep house, acid and techno. Now the pair are joining forces on a new collaborative venture that looks to the past for inspiration: InnDeep.Focused on unearthing and showcasing slept-on gems from across the deep spectrum, the reissue-focused label will have an emphasis on UK producers and imprints whose work in the ‘90s and 2000s has arguably been criminally overlooked.To kick things off, they’re taking a deep dive into the back catalogue of Headspace Recordings and Emoticon co-founder Tom Churchill, a Welsh producer whose trademark take on deep house achieved cult status in the late 1990s and early 2000s.The Personal Interpretation EP was first released on Headspace way back in 1997, and dates back to a time when Tom was the very definition of a bedroom producer. He created the EP’s three tracks while still a teenager and mixed them down using the same pair of headphones he used for DJing.Now painstakingly remastered, the EP sounds every bit as immersive and intergalactic as it did at the tail end of the last millennium. On the EP-opening title track, Churchill builds a sturdy, chunky groove out of clicking, hissing and metallic percussive elements and a wonderfully deep, tactile bassline, over which gorgeous chords, melodic motifs and eyes-closed vocal snippets stretch out as if reclining in the afternoon sun.Churchill opts for a deeper, Detroit-influenced sound on ‘First Principles’, with undulating electronics and a raw analogue bassline working in unison with ghostly chords and deep space melodies, while ‘Crossed Wires’ is a tispy, off-kilter epic – all breathless drum machine rhythms, pots-and-pans percussion, woozy chords and weighty sub-bass. It provides a fittingly energetic, out-there end to a long-overlooked EP that remains as fresh now as it did back in 1997.
Serious Trouble label presents a mind bending record that brings together forward thinking jams from the early 80’s into present time with reworks of Tiffy L’Amours’ „Follow Me“ and „Film Musik“ from Die Gesunden. Both received an editorial treatment by Benedikt Frey, Menqui & Philipp Otterbach. With kind allowance by the original composers this 12“ marks the editorial spirit of Serious Trouble and waves tribute to moist cellar jams.The A-Side „Follow Me“ Rework by Frey & Menqui is a wild extension of the original which gently adds a weird drummy cowbell intro before it introduces the chanting eccentric original. That got enhanced with an extra electronic bass recording and relooped cut & phrases emphasing you to hit the bell just one more time.On the flip side „Film Musik“ Frey & Otterbach dived into the artists main motive and layerd it with a lyra, sh101 and external drums in an 8 hour session. It respectfully keeps the spirit of the playful original. In comparison to that though they managed to built a seamless endless „escheresque" staircase to mad mountain. An Immortal Acid exploration.12“ 180 gr. heavy Vinyl, Limited to 300 copies. Artwork by Cid Hohner.
The primer of techno was barely dry or England already had its own variant of the genre: UK techno. Original Man by British producer Dave Angel is perhaps the perfect example of what that variant sounded like, back then. If only you knew where to find it. The single was released in 1993 on a record label that has long since ceased to exist. Fortunately, Utrecht-based record label SoHaSo made this transverse techno-soul classic available again, in a punchy remaster. With its juxtaposed rhythm programming and orchestral arrangements, Original Man still lives up to its title, even if it is 30 years later. On the flip you'll find Quarter Pounder. With its nervous hi-hats and high paced rhythms, this seems like the perfect soundtrack for a highway chase between two roadhouses. As a bonus, SoHaSo has supplemented the vinyl version of this EP with a rare Dave Angel track which also was released back in 1993 on French dance label FNAC. It's called 4th Symphony and ticks all the right techno boxes: strings, hihats and a melancholic melody. If you wanna learn more about UK techno, you might as well start with this wonderful re-release.
Hypnotic Techno Re Issue from 1995 on new label Private Parts. Purple Edge feat on Fabric 01 mixed my Craig Richards.
The Return of 'The Nightstalker', a Childhood Intelligence endeavor written/produced by Dan Piu & Gary Rich (2022). The second album «Genetic Constitution» is the sequel of «The Tragedies Of A High-Tech World» (2020), in which the Nightstalker continues to manifest its mystic dystopian electronic prophecies. Full of haunted melodies, cinematic compositions and passages of hope and despair. «In a damned worlddystopian and madwe create our own soundof the positive apocalypsewith bizarre characters we feel connectedwith the outsiders,strangers and forgottenin the darkest hourthe crazy sounds arisestanding on the edge a delight for the senseswhen all are gonewe have stayedin the endless desertgood and evil at the same timefor us it is true always to nail downwhen everyone can have it we do not want it»
Delirium 26 by Silver Zone aka Marco Repetto & Stefan Riesen in the rebound.
A wise character once reminded her to tread the heavy ground with light feet. After a whirlwind two years since moving back to Hong Kong and starting from scratch, Xiaolin has re-emerged from the depths of her studio stronger than ever with a second EP - her first vinyl release to date.Inspired by the Tower card from the Tarot, Tower Moment EP is a cosmic journey through four stages of healing: darkness, acceptance, transformation and freedom.The record begins with “Dark Night” (of the Soul), followed by the gentle comfort of “Safe With Me”, a nostalgic electro ballad. On Side B: a chuggy tune layered with textures and samples, “Lemuria”, transports listeners to a surreal land of self-discovery, while Blue Hour completes the experience with his anthemic “Elevator” remix.With her signature mix of 909 kicks and 808 breaks blended with acid bass lines, subtle percussion and ethereal melodies, Xiaolin’s organic approach to techno and electro showcases her colourful palette and sensitivity as a musician, along with a love for jazz and warm synth sounds from the early 90’s era.
Over the past decade, Vienna-based Florian Stöffelbauer – also known as Heap, has built a consistent reputation as a skilled DJ, producer and Neubau’s label head.Isla is proud to present his latest effort “False Hope” which explores the intersections between industrial, electro and dark wave – all with a leftfield twist.As diverse as it is powerful, the 7 tracks featured here almost feel like nocturnal tales, chalking out Heap’s observations wandering through the streets of a silent city, with cigarette smoke permeating the air and sirens ringing in the distance.The cinematic essence of the release emerges from the very beginning, with the atmospheric beauty “Diall” transporting us straight into some late-80s scenery of Kraftwerkian nostalgia. In “Jetzt Oder Nie” a sharp knit of drums is placed on top of the grave frequencies of the bass: it’s indeed “now or never”, the moral imperative of the release, requiring us to take action.Throughout the whole album, hypnotic sounds punctuate the dark space, bouncing between the polyrhythmic and uplifting energies of “Inner peace” and “No Palm Too Big”, a sneaky slow-burner with a nocturnal groove and Gayna Rose Madder’s robotic voice reciting the stream of consciousness of this urban wanderer.“Trist” rises slowly yet powerfully thanks to its mystical synths covering the ground and preparing us for what comes next.The title track “False Hope” holds the unique charm of a creature effortlessly floating in between dualities. As obscure as it is airy, as delicate as it is forceful, this hybrid composition is rich in details and plot twists.At the end of this journey, “Losing time” reminds us of the urgency to take action expressed at the beginning of the album. In a rarefied canvas, an off-kilter solitary sound comes in, starting off as insistent as a car horn in rush hour, and evolving into a beautiful instrument arpeggiating the melody.Here Heap concludes his narrative for now. We like to imagine him walking away, a shadow fading in the smoke of the city as the first lights of the day appear.
Born & raised in New York City by Ukrainian parents, Allan began his journey as a disc jockey around a decade ago. By his early 20s, Allan had paved his way as an established artist and has had several opportunities to play in some of NYC's most iconic venues such as Pacha NYC, Cielo New York, Output Club, Good Room, & many more. In 2022, Allan launched his vinyl-only imprint, Borowax New York."I want to create an imprint that pays homage to the city I hold near & dear to my heart. To represent this cultural melting pot proudly through my influences & inspirations."This debut 4 track EP features two originals from Allan showcasing a mixture of techno & house with deep, dubby & swingin' dance elements.
Bringing his signature heavy freak crunch to the label, Cocktail Party Effect's "Oscilloscope Detachments" is the latest addition to the Midnight Shift catalogue. Instructions: Follow the oscilloscope to jack into the EP's pulse from start to end.Headliner A1 '77' dazzles in melodic glory paired with glitchy underfoot and a high-voltage wire running hot. Next, '88' lets it all loose with classic breaks twisted on its head and with its core intestines spilling out. Unexpected turns in this effect-heavy club composition recalls the phrase that "you've gotta know the rules to break the rules" and CPE is undoubtedly a master of that. '99' takes it further down South London style for the heads, while ambient closer '111' visualises the previously underscored oscilloscope in full spectrum.
Anyone who has had even half an eye on the electro scene over the past decade will already be familiar with Emile Facey aka Plant43's unique sound, mixing an uncompromising approach to off kilter rhythms and machine-led funk with an emotive and powerful use of melody. This trio of ultra fresh tracks were penned for recent live shows in The Hague and Berlin and are brimming with the energy and excitement Facey felt on his return to the live circuit. 'Remote Signals' is led by a booming kick drum heavy enough to command any audience with Facey weaving ever more complex webs of melody around it. 'Searching The Skies' builds a mysterious atmosphere based around a call and response between characterful melodic elements while 'Constantly Morphing Entity' closes the EP with a flourish of forward moving beats and an SH101 bass line designed to move any dancefloor.
Arriving on There Is Love On You, following killer releases from Posthuman, Denham Audio and Saturday Night Rush, comes a sci-fi soaked five-tracker spanning headsy techno, proggytrance and chugging ethereal noise from 'Us' founder Desire, who heads the project that aims to 'shine the light on queer people' through releases and mixes.'Express Self Love' sounds much like the expression of ecstasy. Spacey atmospheric and ear-wriggle acid lines meet in a dimly lit room with dark techno, electro and trance for a proper headsdown affair. 'Dernier Souffle' is a cut of contemporary progressiveness being championed by labels such as Kalahari Oyster Cult and Butter Side Up - minimal, malfunctioning and dubbed-out goodness.'Keep Moving' maintains a meaty bassline that threatens to overflow at almost every turn - moments of celestial high-ends emotional transfixation sparkle amongst the tough-as-nails techno - before 'Incisiveness' follows up with what might be the fun-loving twin of its predecessor; a cut of peak moment, intellectual techno-trance.The tempo comes down on 'Voyage Infini'; a chugging cut of transcendental synthwave best played as the sun is just coming up.
Axces Recordings is releasing their second various artist release “Trip Wire EP”. Compiling 4 different tracks from 4 different artists focussing on minimal experimental techno club music. The record premieres Søren Kinch aka CX alongside the usual gang: Alfredo92, Kasper Marott and Popmix.Trip Wire’s 4 tracks all have common denominators of being moody, trippy and darker than the usual Axces europhoria. All composed from an idea of linearity whether it being the straight forward grooviness of the track IZA, the 8 minute suspenseful robotic tantra workout in Kasper Marotts “Welcome” or the more laid back in the sofa, über minimal parade in popmix’s Ultima. With the opener track “Sjunne” Sørens Kinch or CX makes a promising debut. The track is ultimately the most romantic piece of music on this next edition of Axces music frisbees, with swirling pads and a kick drum that goes deep as the ocean.The EP will be available on black vinyl. The release is presented with beautiful artwork done by Axces visual artist A.V. Nielsen.
Delivering his first solo EP in over two years, Blue Hour releases Origins, the 21st release on Blue Hour Music. Following a succession of remixes, V/A contributions and an EP under his Tracing Xircles alias earlier this year, the Berlin-based producer and DJ shares four tracks diving deeper into his UK roots. Channelling breakbeat, techno and trance with the hallmarks of 90’s rave, Origins builds upon the foundations created from his EP ‘Devotion’ in 2020.In this eclectic EP, Blue Hour explores several sonic palettes. The title track blends celestial chords with urgent drums and acid basslines, while uplifting vocals and subtle melodies wind through the track. ‘True’ dips more heavily into breakbeat territory with evolving and immersive pads, soaring strings and a twinkling synth-line. A dynamic fusion of fast-paced energy and soft touches.On the flip, ‘Emergence’ dances a delicate line between melancholia and elation, as dystopian chords pool with a squelchy acid sequence and a classic house vocal. ‘Searching’ closes on an ambient tip with spell-binding pads and an angelic melody, conveying a bright side to Blue Hour’s aesthetic, akin to Origins as a whole.
For their sixth instalment, Lowlife Cartel follow up to their last two compilations (“Pimps Improvisations” in 2018 and “Omnia Vanitas” in 2020) with a new six-track VA named “Kodoku”; a vortical release, both bold and forward-looking, while fully geared for the club environment. Taking its title from a poisonous magic from the medieval Japanese era obtained by placing several venomous insects in a jar and letting them kill one another until only one survives, “Kodoku” - which interestingly also translates as “solitude” - features a cast of producers old and new to the fold including Saverio Celestri, the faceless △, Prince de Takicardie, Tundramane & Ko$te, Solar Alliance and Shampoo. A staple element of the Lowlife Cartel bunch, Saverio Celestri paves the way and dishes out one of his signature jagged, EBM-informed weapons in “Sundays”. Through this hotchpotch of acid-steeped bass entangled with a frantic newbeat-ish swing and razor-sharp synthwaves, the Italian producer shows off the raw and playful facets of his craft to optimal effect. Unknown contributor △ clocks in with “Crachats de Lune”, a proper ominous banger going straight for the jugular with its clever mix of dusty, drum-laden churn, processed vox stabs and sci-fi-indebted laser bursts flashing by unrelentingly. Tailored for hi-octane action at the defunct Boccaccio or Hacienda, Prince de Takicardie “Jam’on’Acid (House Mix)” blows the winds of euphoria across the club like it was done in 1995. Vibing to a pulsating mix of rabid snares, 303-vehicled charges and mangled vocal samples on a classic free rave tip, throwback material that packs a punch. Flip it over and here is North-American duo Tundramane & Ko$te shifting the scope to Memphis chopped-and-screwed in true hardcore fashion. Straight-out aggression, “Brick To The Face” lives up to its title, so expect leaving the place with a few teeth out your mouth and a good concussion, though more side effects could appear over repeated listens. A radical U-turn from the previous, Ute.- related triplet Solar Alliance - alias Ekkel, Oprofessionell and Mikkel Rev - bring their dashing trance touch to the comp with “Quest for Kiba”, an uptemp maelstrom for the senses, swirling and whirling up until space and time make no damn sense any more. Topping off that versatile tour de force, Japanese producer Shampoo adds his delectably sensuous spin on the record with the lush, sample-heavy lo-fi appeal of  “四季ノ歌”. Unpolished feelgood vibes, sun- streaked soulfulness and deft-handed MPC wizardry are on the menu for this ultimate ride and jolly finale.
We’ve patiently waited after LSW’s 2019 debut “Life Style West” and it was more than worth it. The Düsseldorf group is blessing us with their sophomore work “Mir Tut Alles Weh” — Everything Hurts. But why does it feel so good?This 11-track double LP is guaranteed to be a hit in your local Stammkneipe. Packed with forward-thinking nostalgia, poetic impressions of western decadence, LSW are certifying that punk remains posh in the Federal Republik of Germany.In an undeniably candombléan set up, Leonard Horres, Sebastian Welicki, Gregor Darman and Aki Vierboom continue their weird world building with a more mature sound. A holistic, detailed production that leaves you finding new elements at every listen.Broken only by occasional melodic whispers, Horres introduces us to his city with ecstatic reiterations of his deepest, most deconstructed and sarcastically self-depreciating narratives. Dampened, forward-moving, industrial rhythms, orchestrated upon with live instrumentation and spherical synths pull us back and forth between dirty streets and the light clouds above. All with that chique nonchalance we cannot withstand.Is this the new Deutsche Welle? Or eclectic Angstwave at its finest? Whatever,
Mind Dance returns with the second volume in their ‘Mystic Minds’ VA series. Launched last year as a way to continue the strong collaborative nature of the electronic music underground, each instalment will shine a light on local Australian talent and their cross-continental contemporaries. Continuing this mission with a new batch of friends, family and former label mates in tow, round two rallies six artists from home soil and overseas for another deep excursion into the vast expanses of dance music.From across the pond we have Dutch producer and Music From Memory regular Dazion who kicks off the VA with a wonky slice of rhythmic downtempo, and Phran, a Barcelona-based artist and member of IVAN - a duo alongside Ivy Barkakati - who puts his foot on the gas with a stomping techno cut. Closer to home we have Aussie dance veteran and the man behind Mind Dance’s last release, Andy Rantzen, deliver a tight bleep-soaked acid jam, followed by Leo James and Mousse flying the flag for Melbourne with twinkling IDM and laid-back vocal house, respectively. Finally label boss Furious Frank closes out proceedings with a downbeat percussive house number to usher in summer, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere that is...
Soft Raw is a new label from Danielle – a natural extension of the Bristol-based DJ’s expansive tastes within contemporary club music. Over the past few years the NTS resident has become a leading light in the multifaceted world of modernist techno abstractions, ably balancing soundsystem pressure and propulsive rhythmic intensity with experimental textures and explorative energy variations. Soft Raw seeks to continue that mission with releases which will progress stylistically from one approach to another, taking in exciting, emergent producers unique in their approach but bound together by the idiosyncratic curation of Danielle – a faithful reflection of her proven skill as a selector. The label launches with a six-track drop from Slacker. Sam Black has been winding up a potent strain of needlepoint techno which leans towards jungle and half-time D&B in its tempo and structure. Across a selection of various releases, Black’s sound has evolved into an accomplished and detailed style which draws on moody atmospheres and advanced engineering in the grand tradition of UK soundsystem music. Across this EP the Slacker sound matches up to the spirit of Soft Raw, balancing fierce kinetic energy with delicacy and finesse and leaving some space for outright ambience. At times he locks into a half-step warm-up mode, while elsewhere the amens creep in for a more pronounced jungle rinse-out.It’s a strong opening statement for this new label, but crucially this doesn’t spell out the future in absolute terms. True to Danielle’s broad outlook, subsequent releases are set to take in everything from straight up 4/4 and acid to footwork and electro, with a narrative binding each release together according to her internal logic and the tension between soft and raw qualities explored across consistently cutting-edge tracks.
Dutch master of aethereal atmospheres Bohm is back on EYA’s sister label Lonewolf with the missing piece of his ‘Leaving Earth’ series. A1 ‘Stars and the Sun’ is a slow-break meditative number, while “Move over” is bleepy and playful.B1 “Phasmofonia” is a spooky, haunting and nervous ready-for-dancefloor track. Closing the artist’s journey to vast galaxies is “Robot Heaven”, an emotional electro trip of the highest order.
Obvious Transfer are back with a killer third release from QNTM CTRL. The super limited OBTRAN003 EP delves further into the wormhole, with a heady mix of dub and techno on 'Smokehouse Shift', followed by experimentations into outlandish abstract electro, in a King-Tubby-meets-Autechre trip through outer space and beyond. An unmissable, otherwordly release from the new Cultivated Electronics-born experimental collective!
Melbourne artist Angel Wash delivers his debut release and sixth disc for the Felt Sense imprint in ‘Under Silver Cloud’, channeling the visual inspiration of Shin'ya Tsukamoto’s ‘A Snake of June’ (and other turn of the millennium Japanese Cinema) into ominous DnB soundscapes across 6 tracks. Cavernous synth reflections & translucent textures meld intermittently with expertly chopped breaks, sharp, sinister lead synthesis & sub aquatic bass, drawing from an eerie, yet euphoric sonic palette.
Lost in Translation is a record label based in Brussels founded by two friends in the Spring of 2022. Anchored in the heart of Europe, the project aims to deliver a unique artist driven vision centered on a collaborative approach to musical storytelling. Releases are built track by track, providing a space for the featured artists to bounce off of each other’s sonic influences, and weave together a cohesive musical story told from studios around the world.Accompanied by audiovisual works and short-stories crafted around the music, each release is an exercise in multi-disciplinary world-building, setting out a narrative soundscape that invites listeners to get lost in its evolving atmospheres and rhythms.
"Cold Flower (full bloom) EP" is Berlin based Label Shiver Records' first release, and an exploration of different types of blooming flowers interpreted via hazy and lush sounds, subtle touches of dreamy house music in contrast to fast-paced highs, melodic trance sounds, and warm basses.
Melbourne-based artist Cris P kicks off the 30-minute journey with “Cold Flower”. The dominant lower frequencies in combination with the harmonized highs of this track, aim to take you right into the calming yet intense atmosphere of sweet-scenting cherry blossoms.Rosario continues with “Stigma flap”, a remix of Cold Flower in which he remains true to the tracks vocals but adds an exciting layer by continuously switching between dimmed down, softer elements and bass-heavy, stronger moments.Finalizing the record’s A-side, Ouxh brings up the speed in his track Aomori, named after the snowy yet green city in the far north of Japan. The precise drum programming and bubbling synths are at the core of this timeless piece.
With “High and dry” Berlin’s Ed Herbst starts straight into a mess of striped-down heads on the b side. He plays with subtle pads, vibrating from left to right, just before bringing in the baseline, tipping the record off into a more dancefloor-able direction.Ed continues with a second track, which is characterized by a warm and punchy kick and powerful bass, finishing of the EP with a lush and flowing groove, reminding us of a jungle full of vibrant, violet pattels.
‘Albino Sound concocts textual delights in shades of metal on his forthcoming EP for Turnend Tapes.The ‘Metallurgy’ EP forthcoming on Turnend Tapes sees Japanese artist Hirotaka Umetani transmit four club orientated tracks through a UK bass lens, delineating from past musical excursions and so marking a turning point of his works.Indicative of this shift is the vast and varied sources of inspiration Hirotaka has tapped into in creating ‘Metallurgy’. Translating visual into sound through Hirotaka’s own experience, bare witness to granular detail made macro through swathes of sound design kinetically akin to the flurry of mineral-rich hot water springs, seething in chemical harmony.Entwining impressions of the past with forecasts of the future Hirotaka deftly connects the dots between the sounds stemming from the alchemy of metal and it’s interplay with the natural environment as we proceed ever closer to organic-synthetic assimilation.’
Amsterdam based DJ and producer Mayo joins the Fides family with her Frenemies EP marking the 15th release of Fides Records.Mayo showcases 5 cuts of finely crafted electro and EBM-influenced Techno, it's impossible not to be drawn by her distorted voice that defines each track.Unrelenting grooves and a deeper look into her analog sound design flair, these tracks are timeless in sound and production quality.“Tell me how you die” kicks it off as the A1 with stomping analog kick and drums, a dark jumping bassline pushing the groove with ethereal synths.“Not your shadow” as the A2 strips it back into a 303Acidbass-based track marked by singular industrial sounds and Vocal Shots that are lost in the groove carried by a background synth sequence that follows throughout the track.The last track of the A Side is “Frenemies” a pulsing, meditative composition featuring label owner and Tresor resident Z.I.P.P.O, who added to Mayo's energetic, analog and eventually dark sense, a more mental, deep and intense face typical of the Italian artist. The B Side starts with Miami Legend Danny Daze’s Hell Mix of “Frenemies” in which he exhibits his unique sound design techniques, combining tribal-tinged rhythm, sharp FX that pops up from the corners of the soundscape with stretched vocals in order to highlight the track's protagonist: a modulated brass bass.Mary Lake’s Remix of “Tell Me How you Die” closes the EP with a deep kick drum driven forward with rolling and modulated closed hats that run through the track while atmospheric sounds carry the filtered Brass before dissolving into the end of the track.
A new wave hits with our close friend Locky Mazzucchelli. The record matches his sound as a dj, one of a kind. Trippy hardware minimal to influence the mind of your crowd.
We are extremely happy to introduce you the new Background Rimini label. For this first release, the rising Italian talent Paolo Mosca share the magic on wax. Following his productions for respected labels such as Slow Life, Paolo turns into a wizard with 4 mental and emotional tracks, full of psychedelic & trancey vibes. Be ready to be transported into a journey for your mind, body, soul, and heart.One love.
Dead Dreams Don’t Die vol 1 marks the inception of Half Grand Records, a label focused on no-frills, raw talent electronic music. This artefact contains new output from several members of legendary Borft Records. Nimam (Spregleda) gives us a riotous and exuberant Drum and Bass banger that will have your teeth jingling. Jon Doppler’s signals transform from searing blasts of psychedelia to soaring synths that will make you pine for days of yore. A Stantz drops some body music that's equal parts acid and mosh pit. The closing track is by a group specific to the label; Cracktros. Cracktros is a collaborative group project that will continue to grow as more artists join the HG fold. With this number, the collective explores fantastic textures in this riveting deep house ditty. Keep your eyes peeled on this label.
INTEASE 003 is the result of the third Intease Contest. The idea is that a godfather imposes tracks/samples to the producers and that they do what they want with them and produce a track at the end.Then, the jury makes a pre-selection, and the community of producers votes for its favorites. So here we have the track of the godfather Vitess who produced the track DewDew. The winners of the contest are Doublure, Palorim, Jake Scully and Yahzi.
Descending in tempo across three tracks, Outer Heaven states his case founded in breaks. ‘The Observatory’, ‘More Hardcore’ and ‘Minority Industrial Complex’ trail across the hardcore continuum connecting drum & bass to hardcore to hip hop. Essential listening for the discerning raver.
Superbly multifaceted nocturnal sound journey by prolific Swedish producer Peter Benisch, known under the name “Harmon Eyes”. Beautiful synth melodies, powerful drums: three techno/trance tracks from out of space. All tracks freshly remastered. Powerful, unique and must-have EP!
Up next on Space Dust is Miles, exploring 4 variations on an other-worldly electro vibe with his 'Peeking Through Clouds' EP. The landslide-worthy bassline of 'Hole in the System' kicks off proceedings, with sharp claps and sizzling rides occupying the space left behind, while squelching stepper 'Light Years Away' presents itself as another wieldy dancefloor weapon on a US-garage tip.On the flip, bass continues as the dish of the day through 'In Transmission', as moody synth work rides a subdued breakbeat. 'Peeking Through Clouds' boxes off the EP in an ethereal fashion... but this shimmering closer remains a floor-focussed weapon.
Papa Nugs joins the Space Dust cohort with the 5 tracker “ It Came From The West” transcending various styles and shades of sound. With a more tripped out take on a traditional jacking pallette, the title track kicks off proceedings with a propulsive drumbeat and rumbling bassline providing the perfect bedrock for the acidic squelches above. “Brooklyn Duck” continues the US-indebted styles adding an earworm vocal to the mix.On the flip a barrage of drums and glassy oscillations form “Be Anew” with the relentless programming carrying through “Knobbly Knees” taking us firmly into electro territory with robotic vocals and a mechanic drum pattern that shows no sign of waning . Closer “Groove Nxt” sees out the EP in energetic fashion with well tuned snares trading blows with crystalline synth work.
Bolam is back on Space Dust with the 'Lost In Time' EP, a continuation of the journey started with the widely acclaimed 'Suspended Animation'. Another well-rounded and diverse record dives into the wormhole with ’Moving Lights’, a high-energy affair propelled by filtering resonators and a haunting vocal. ’Ozone’ breaks through the stratosphere of a new world, a huge track with electro-inspired groove, booming kicks and a razor-sharp lead melody, creating a feeling of uncertainty and delirium with swelling pads and arpeggiators. The B-side begins with the mysterious and epic, genre-defying anthem ’Air Tension’, enticing the listener into the strange new world with a chugging rhythm, tantalising textures and an indescribable melody that keeps you on the line between paranoia and euphoria. ’Bioluminescence’ descends into an alien jungle, with a hypnotic, dreamy, downtempo beat and iridescent synths and chords. Finally, as you lay down in the otherworldly glade, the record wraps up with the ethereal, ambient finisher, ‘2 Parsecs From Home’.
Reba's 858 Ass marks the first trip to Transarctica. Precise percussions, ethereal pads and voices, textures and breaks, 858 Ass is a 4tracker deconstructing influences like bass, breaks & jungle. The first EP sets the tone and direction for the new label, that will explore a broad musical aesthetic with the distinct “Transarctica” touch.
Partout keeps rolling with its series dedicated to Various: Everywhere. This time will be special cool deep tracks.200 copies limited.
We finally are ready to present to you the second part of the first release of our Extrasensorial Catalog. We bring you some of the best from the South American electronic scene.For C1, we are thrilled to have a good friend of the house, Pedro d´Alessandro, who steps on board with an introspective experimental dubby approach that perfectly reflects his experience as a producer. On C2, we welcome Bok-p, this uprising Uruguayan duo brings us some pure heat straight from Montevideo, with an outstanding and refreshing track that explores 90´s breaks, techno and house with a touch of that well known Uruguayan flavor. For D1, we have a massive bomb from one of the top producers of the moment, none else than JUAAN, the Argentinean producer shared with us a real peak time bomb that will make everyone shout wherever/whenever you drop this, be it in the club, the after, or a good old house party.Finally, for D2, we bring you a deep and hypnotic track by Camilo Gil & One + 1, with lots of minimal influences filled with bouncy percs and dreamy pads, suitable for any time and moment.
Warped vision; the time spill is source of our distortia, in recognition we recalibrate. It neither predicts an age nor remembers an era, the function is the flow – not parallel but actual. The set points swim in a fever dream, a pink mist which echoes both signal and version. Detangled, decrypted, explained – it could be primal truth, except for endless reality…New message from the Mirror Zone, signals here cast by DJ Ungel who summons mystic breakbeat and shamanic acid from deep fractal wells of pan-consciousness. Charged mantras echo and gate amongst pulsating Megadog trance, whilst waves of ERP and Stinsonian electro roll into the ambient dub of Higher Intelligence Agency, Universal Egg, and other Artificial Intelligence like Banco De Gaia and Sandoz.True energy.

New Releases

For the 5th release, Mung Records presents a 12" vinyl Back EP by Denis Kostitsyn with a remix by Marco Pellegrino aka Ancut.Denis Kostitsyn is a talented musician with an academic conservatory education behind him. In recent years, Denis maintained an active role in the thriving local music scene. His genuine innate feeling of sound contributes to his expeditious advance in electronic music production.
Lonewolf returns with the debut vinyl release by Kraut. Stripped-back and direct-to-dancefloor tracks with delicate and progressive atmospheres.
Maailma. Ethereal, hypnotic, entrancing - emkay’s release, the third on Espace Noir, is all of the above and more. Gated vocals, deep pads and shimmering stabs, Maailma feels like a memory from another time, a cloudy dream, or a place you’ve never quite been. It’s familiar but foreign, comforting yet thought provoking. And to top it all off? Maailma includes a remix from Finnish partner in crime (and Espace Noir favourite), Sansibar.
宀 records proudly presents the new EP ‘Apollo’ by the duo from Washington DC, Rush Plus. The title track offers up heady, cerebral, celestial techno. Ready to kick up dust and initialise the dance floor. French producer Amor Satyr provides a rambunctious, bass heavy twist to ‘Apollo’. Flip it around and turn it you get ‘Flexibility’, a track that at first builds a minimal thread of tension between rhythm and sound that widens and relaxes to open up a projection of night skies eager to part so daylight can break. ‘Orange Turbo (feat. Bordon)’ injects charged, syncopated static into bodies to accentuate an angular degree of posture to move the collective’s sensations toward a euphoric climax. The tracks all combined exerts focus and mindfulness for the dancefloor. Apollo is a summoning of forces ready to conjure an electrifying, ecstatic experience. For devotees at the altar of atmospheric techno, inquire within. Style: Techno + Electro
Scottish Techno wizard Astro joins PIFF Records on their landmark tenth release, with 5 cosmic and groovy belters.Having recently found success with his own Neptune Discs imprint and regularly performing up and down the country, Astro has firmly established himself as one to watch in the techno sphere.Opening with the title track, Astro combines a relentless bassline with dubbed-out chords and spacey leads. Echoing space-age soundscapes and futuristic sounds of 70s kosmische musik and 90s techno, Astro makes good on the aesthetic promised by his artist name.Astro brings down the tempo for the hypnotic Cloned Substance. A mesmerising hat pattern combines with delay-drenched leads and a bouncy bassline to create a track intent on capturing the listener in a state of trance.Thunderstorm adheres to the tried-and-tested Astro combination of a thick bassline, spacey stabs, and continuously evolving drums. As to be expected, the results are spectacular. Irresistible grooves and rich soundscapes are the order of the day as Astro delivers once again.A haunting and proggy FM-lead acts as the foundation for Pluto, underpinned by a sub-heavy kick and tranquil chords. The meditative ebb and flow of various elements masterfully expresses the solitude of the track’s namesake.Planetary Blitz closes the EP as a digital bonus track. Expanding on the spaced-out motifs of the previous track (as reflected in the track title), Astro substitutes chord stabs and warm basslines for a driving blend of punchy kicks and a subtle glittery guitar.
Fluxing between ambient, mutant-idm and swashes of bass, ‘Luvaphy’ is a drift through the morass that arrives at a leafy plateau. An album that tickles your inner sentience and supplies endless indulgence for the inquiring-mind.Available on limited edition 12” vinyl, with special embossed print-work.
Mikkel Rev returns to Ute with his third single EP. This time showcasing a more functional and driving sound manufactured for peak time dancefloors. Moving slowly from steady groove lockers to more familiar territories on the flipside.

Popshop – a kind of music which doesn't just fit in one category because it's a mix of many different styles like electro, pop, house, digital funk, techno, post wave, indie and which has always a special personal flair because of the voices, vocals and lyrics.
Griffé is back and starts 2024 on a high note with Five Ten, Lausanne based producer & dj, co-founder of Flight Mode. His Surveillance EP highlights his love for acid, breaks & electro while delivering a gloomy and anguish atmosphere. Four powerful tracks for the darker hours of the night.
Planete 51 back at it again at the beginning of 2024...Weird VA with tracks from friends & crew, between Marseille & Liverpool. Expect strong releases all along this year from the boys !
For its first release, Metallic States proudly presents a 2 tracker from Goa Trance veteran Joking Sphinx. With 2 uncut dancefloor tracks from his archives (1996-1997), this new release from the producer proves that music can be relevant more than 25 years later, forged in the past but here to stay.
For the third VA of the Off The Grid label we have brought together the always dynamic expert DJ and producer tINI of Part of The Gang, co-owner of the elegant Berlin collective Overground Records, Rickie, GNMR, certified Italian "Dj Dynasty" owner of Dubblack Records and finally the promising hyperactive Belgian producer Session 4000. No room for melancholy this time, we dive straight into darker territories, jacking grooves, dark dub vibes and eerie hypnotic loops. Thank you for joining us on this journey.
tINI! Hats off to her for having such a beautiful and long lasting career that is still going strong. So strong that she now found time for her studio. Therefore we are happy to present to you her first full EP. A record that is full of character, just as you would expect from her!
Yes, we’re presenting you a new label from Ukraine again. This time the name is Secret Keeper, the owner of the label is Orbit, and for the first release they’re having one of the secret gems of Kyiv – Luschn. And if you weren’t familiar with that name – it’s finally time to acknowledge him.All of the tracks here are untitled, and we’re going straight to the B1. The shortest track on the record and also the most interesting one. With a pinch of old electro house and the base of old progressive house with all that additional buzzing, what’s not to like here, ...
Locked-In's fourth release beckons you to dive deep into the distinctive sound of Session 4000 with the "Get Down" EP.Launching the dancefloor manifesto on the A1 is 'Panaka,' a relentless groove brimming with infectious energy. The bassline asserts its dominance, while the synth patterns showcase a pure, playful mastery.Progressing to the A2, 'Second Skin' unravels as a mind-bending revelation, leaving an enduring imprint. Session 4000 skillfully weaves intricate layers that captivate from the initial drop to the final fade-out.Flipping to the B side, 'Get Down' lives up to its name, beckoning with a bumping rhythm and spraying synths. It's a decisive call to action, destined to be a certified dancefloor weapon tailor-made for late-night club escapades.Concluding the EP on the B2 is 'Mr. Freeze,' as cool as its title implies. This track leaves an indelible mark, providing a memorable conclusion to this electronic narrative.
The game will never be the same, Reflections of the past will bring us to the future, we will leave our signature and reshape trance our own way,For the fifth release "Dopamine Hunter", Fantastic planet label member and Tes club resident Seqta will show his rules to you
Morpheus, the god of sleep is here to give you a quick chance of getting dream records that are nearly impossible to find.
a1: main-room energy radiated by arpeggios and chords, with a nostalgic nod to the evergreen Italia novanta sound. a 'New World’ is on the horizon. a2: as 'Godspeed' takes the inner circle, hypnotic sequences infuse the journey with tension, while synthesisers intertwine creating idiosyncratic textures. b1: like a 'Sunbeam' on a cloudy day, a synth line shines through, coming out of left field, weaving a narrative with melodies and harmonies. b2: the ep reaches its crescendo concluding with 'Retrograde': an unwavering, euphoria-driven homecoming.
In dialogue with both past and future, Slapfunk protégé Julian Anthony drops his debut solo EP and touches down with a 4-track invocation of classic 90s house templates.Tripped out sensibility meets sci-fi tendency as ‘Full Moon Fever’ and ‘Open Minded’ deliver full-bodied exercises in total dance floor immersion. Fractal fuel for the vision quest, they’re sophisticated like the finest dream house while channelling the buoyant, jacking heft of timeless Chi-town material.Wide eyed but tuff, ‘Stormy Tuesday’ rolls in with more of the groove-forward drive that typifies Anthony’s best work. It’s just the kind of immaculate gear we've come to expect from the Dutchman, and evoking golden era Dream 2 Science, ‘Virtual Reality’ ploughs the same furrow of propulsive, ‘90s-indebted house. Deep space projections radiating togetherness and warmth from the start.
A four track track ep striding electro, techno, down beat and new wave flavours. ‘Raspmutal’ kicks things of with spaced out techno flair, offering a mutating analogue mover, constructed with large systems in mind. Driving dancefloor fodder laden with spiralling dub-wise effects. ‘Downturn’ follows with a finely tuned piece of liquid electro. Stripped down and turbo-charged this twists and turns through fragmented beats and lush melodies, creating a sublime and fluid mix.‘Fullow Street’ is a bundle of down tempo leftfield beatism inspired by hot humid nights in huge cities. A blissed out journey through hazy hip-hop beats and lush, glistening electronics. ‘Process’ completes the ep with dancefloor delight that has more than a nod towards the timeless, analogue sounds of experimental new wave and electrodisco. Beats build into a shimmering eighties-tinged workout, with wave upon wave of gorgeous keys.
La Rama is back on wax with two original compositions from local producer/DJ Rig Thrall. We first linked up with the Rakya crew member at the shop and soon after released his music on a limited run 10” named ‘Exit 19’ via our La Rama Dubs sub label. We kept in touch, and when an assortment of unreleased material caught our ears, we quickly jumped on the opportunity to get working on this 4th record on our label.‘Broken Guru’ drones and grooves you through the cavernous depths, out in to the open, where the clouds part and a voice reaffirms that you are on the right path. From here we dive back into the depths, with the full confidence that this is the right path.Thanks to two Roman legends, we have variations on the theme of ‘Broken Guru’. Marco Passarani delivers the masterful hyper dance floor club dub with his many years of experience clearly on display… play it out and you will see that this is some kind of sorcery. In speaking of magic, we are honoured to have the one and only Lory D serve us up a bass heavy re-interpretation, recorded in one pass through his live rig and edited to perfection.‘Acidly Dose’ is the second original from Rig Thrall, an acid infused beat of the highest order with all the necessary elements to give the room a communal high.Out on the 6th of January 2024, mastered by Nik Kozub, manufactured and distributed by La Rama Records. Much love to all the distros, shops, DJs, radio players, jam organizers, rave goers… may these tunes add to the life of your party :-)
Following in the sublime wake of releases from Ronan and Ocean Stirs, Christopher Ledger is the latest to make Another Place his home.Splitting time between Berlin and Rome, ‘Access Denied’ is the latest addition to a back catalogue paying no mind to shifting trends. Timeless, ultra-refined deepness flush with wide-eyed wonder and positively utopian NRG.
Spray retires the eponymously, to instead seek Punctuality; a new label for ‘dastard club elegies in the dark’ hosted by the maestro himself. Blu:sh clocks in to provide the imprint’s inaugural extended player with U is for U and me, a pentagonal suite of nocturnal seductions for ‘U’, our dear listener, from ‘he’, its rosy-cheeked conductor.B is for Blu:sh (sometimes Benoit B and Terra Utopia), a froward node in the artist’s trilateral soul whose previous charm offensives for Roza Terenzi’s Step Ball Chain and Rey Colino’s Kalahari Oyster Cult under the alias signalled the arrival of a new challenger to the ‘hits parade’. U is for U and me provides distinct variations on the theme of ‘club allure’, five tracks of sparkling body music that captivate in its relentless drive for kinetic salvation.“A quick glance at the watch, and they’re off!” 
AM PM strikes first more night than day, its throbbing bass line locks shoulders with precision rhythms within its psychedelic landscape. Whirlwind Mindsets is sassier, opting for more bump while the track’s aural mesh is grazed by sharp textures of live wires and melodious bleeps. 
“... and they get back under way!”Magnetized Your Soul soundtracks the self-actualisation of sonic sophistication, applying the rave pressure with a current of discordant pads and haunted vocals bound by twisted attraction. Pixelated Pleasure Dome is pure sleaze, a wiggle-fested romp of leering subs and thunderous groove of pure self indulgence. High In Cloud City offers the finale of heads-down speedy exuberance with faint breaks and non-stomp pump right up until curtain call.Written & Produced By Blu:sh
Mastering & Cut: Marco PellegrinoDistributor: One Eye WitnessArtwork: Lucia DominguezRelease Text: Nevan Jio
Sound Synthesis is back with another fine 4 tracker of dark, acidic and futuristic electro. Limited hand stsamped copies..
Donato Dozzy presents his next studio album entitled 'Magda'. An emotional homage to family and the Adriatic Sea. Throughout six tracks he explores colorful emotions and sounds connecting to his deepest inner feelings. Speaking through music and showing gratitude to his auntie, one of the strongest women in Donato's life and a real-life teacher.
Dorisburg returns to Aniara with two extended tech-house expeditions. The cavernous groove of Andakt flows into glistening melodies and yearning voices, while Grottloop on the flip side propels itself through layer upon layer of rhythms and echoes.
We are proud to release first full length album on the series by FAKK, the boss of “under.time”, a label and event series running in Rosario, Argentina. The album is named “El cementerio de las maquinas parlantes” which translates to “The graveyard of speakers” and have a mystical, ghostly feel to it. This project was a while in the making with an idea to be full club ready release with 8 tracks ranging through a specific spectrum of electronic music through the worldview of the artist resulting in this 2x12”. This marks an official pathway for more albums on the label in the future but that’s another topic. It is a joy to see it turn out how it did with a super high chance sending some speakers to beyond repair state in the world that we are living in.

Exclusive Pre-orders

A double take, an awkward smile, my cheeks begin to blushWhen from the dance floor my eyes lock with those of my club crush A person I don’t recognise a figure floating thereBut to a luster, love can muster almost anywhereA quick exchange of broken words plays out between my ears Should I approach them or will then the magic disappearThe bass begins to growl at me, the snare begins to bark Who am I to you except a stranger in the darkWill my adoration meet an elated responseOr is this not the place for a romantic renaissanceAnd with that thought I feel my body pulled into a tranceI think I’d best forget it close my eyes and start to dance
Excelsior Ruth is a composer, DJ and producer born in the North-East of England but who currently resides in South London. On her eponymously titled debut, she combines a life-long love of euphoric trance with echoes of her live performances as exlRuth, which incorporate sound recordings, drone, traditional choral music and the makina backdrop of her youth. Embedded in community heritage, it’s a record that probes connections between the classical and contemporary. Gossamer harp drifts across time on ‘Haunt’, leading to the affecting arpeggios, strings and high BPMs of ‘Dream Of Night’, programmed, as much of the EP was, on classic 90s synthesisers, including the Roland JP8080 and Quasimidi Rave-0-Lution 309. Drinkwater’s ‘Dawn Return mix’ reduces ‘Dream Of Night’ down to a moment of 6am E-motion, limbs weaving through dry ice like mist on long-forgotten moors.A cathedral of angelic voices swells in ‘Dream Of You’, their hymn to oceanic feeling rooted to earth by a raining cascade of kicks. And ‘Sleepy Hollow’ journeys further into deep, unspeakable bodily knowing, pushed and pulled between propulsion and stasis as fizzy high hats and restless melodies weave through shrouds of ambient pads.Words by Joe Roberts.
‘WAR1209’ finds Ukrainian artist shjva inducing trance states across an album equal parts tripped-out and dubby. Spanning brooding lysergic visions and locked-in dance floor hypnosis, expect drowsily impressionistic soundscapes and darkly cinematic gear across the 9-track duration. Total sonic immersion for the oddballs and the freaks.
 Terraforming uncharted alien terrain, tracks like ‘X-Side’ and ‘Upper Limit’ descend into sprawling, widescreen exploration. Fathomless landscapes serving as vessels for deep introspection. ‘Enigmatic’, on the other hand, opts for detail and precision-tooled dynamics while retaining that same wide-eyed sense of wonder. Where ‘Dragonfly’ offers fractal fuel for ceremony and ritual, ‘Cloudhopping’ and ‘Psy-Fi Alien Dub’ wade knee-deep through some dub techno murk. Saving the direct and tunnelling for last, 'Banshee' and 'Chrysalis' are like two sides of the same proggy coin; one ominous, the other more optimistic and utopian.

Siamese Twins embarks on its 10th release milestone with the acclaimed Thai performance artist Tul Waitoonkiat. In หนึ่งคำถาม (One Question), Waitoonkiat's poetry is conjoined into a versatile sonic meeting of minds, created in collaboration with producers Black Merlin, Sapphire Slows, and Sleep D. Aligning seamlessly with Siamese Twins' trademark ethos of cultural reflection and interdisciplinary exploration.Waitoonkiat, known for his socio-political work "2553," which reflects on the 2010 military crackdown in Thailand, has presented his novel "Silence is Violence" through multidisciplinary art exhibitions across Bangkok. One of these collaborations with Siamese Twins’ Khun Fluff in 2022 established a profound connection and laid this release's foundational recording layer. The recorded poem explores existential themes, pondering the endless cycle of questioning and the dichotomy between silence and imagination, darkness and light, with its contemplative imagination setting the stage.The A-side unveils George Thompson's universe, known in the terrestrial realm as Black Merlin, with two noirish cinematic explorations that compose Waitoonkiat’s trademark expressive and enigmatic voice into the release's fabric. Showcasing Thompson’s ability to create hypnotic, depth-charged soundscapes that captivatingly feed into a broader story rather than claiming center stage.The B-side begins with a delicate approach to sound design, crafted through the Buchla synthesizer by Japanese modular artist Sapphire Slows. The charm of this version lies within the sustained notes that gently inhale and exhale between enigmatic vocoder effects and layers of beauty, nature, and technology.B2 closes with a seven-and-a-half-minute peak timer revolving around a pulsating bassline and driving force of drum energy. One craving for packed warehouses and bush raves by the Australian wizards of OZ and Butter Sessions label owners, Sleep D, aka Corey Kikos and Maryos Syawish.Artwork by Taychin Dunnvatanachit
Domesticated and Open Space collaborate to release DJ Fitness - The DJ Fitness Programme.
N-Gynn drops the second release on his and Thoma Bulwer’s Classique label with four undeniable bombs in his vintage style with a modern twist. Acido is on a classic house tip with sexy female vocals that will get you up, out and dancing with all your best moves, shakes and cheeky smiles. Bandido is on a similarly vibe with deep chords and bumpy house groove to boot! Red-E is more on a deeper techno tip and will take you into new cosmic plains, while PH Neutral will put you straight back into hazy Hackney Wick minimal states of consciouses. Early support from Raresh, Voigtmann, tINI, Enzo, Rhadoo, Harry McCanna, Silverlining and Anna Wall.All tracks written and produced by N-GynnEngineer Remi Mazet.Mixed and Mastered by Thoma Bulwer at TB Mastering, Hackney Wick, London
Ring Ring Ring! The dawn of a fresh day brings a new release near. Squid Recordings inks its way into existence with a heavy foot on rave Americana.With releases on Rush Hour, Velocity and his own Nylon Recordings, James ‘Nylon’ Thomas sees his Nylosphere project reborn, remastered and retouched (over two decades later) for the modern world.The two widely varying title tracks, backed with equally contrasting mixes, are a microcosm of what late 90s, American-made dance music embodied. That is, a web of genre hopping maximalism, analog driven punchiness and a beautiful uncertainty to a post millennia world.
The Oyster Cult’s Naarm continent grows larger with the addition of Ebbs N Flow. The unholy alliance of Dashiell and Will Holden of Hybrid Man touching down with some precision-tooled tech house variants, and considering their only previous collab came on an Animalia compilation back in 2022, this has been long in the making. OYSTER56 marks the first full release from this lesser spotted project. The handiwork of two producers, both accomplished in their own right but transcending their respective styles for a 4-track dose of late nite propulsion. Seductively stripped-back and engineered for optimum impact. Flexing a deftness of touch, and a far cry from the smudged, dubby FX Holden tends to deploy under the Hybrid Man banner, these tracks set the duo’s stall out as purveyors of the nocturnal and club-ready. Sultry, sleek, and sumptuous like only the dankest cuts can sound. It’s fitting that a track with the title 'Deeper Dream' might feature on a release feeling like a transmission from the other side; a parallel dimension where the after-hours never end.
[HARMONY014] is a four-track VA compilation that blends warm rhythm into dreamy groove. Club-oriented A-side opens with “It’s me bb” tailored by Alfred Czital, setting an intimate, yet vibrant tone of the compilation, followed by Jamida's melodic “Lots Of Love” infused in harmonic vocals. Side B navigates through deeper-end density fields, suitable on or off the dance floor. Poygonia's “Akkala” encompasses tribal traditions and pulsing beats, while Andy Garvey's Euphorique is finding balance between divine pads and collapsing percussion, wrapping up the compilation.
Marking one year following Phase Fatale’s (aka Hayden Payne’s) last EP on his label BITE, ‘Love Is Destructive’ is a clear shift into true techno territories, integrated with his distinct curation of narrative and sonic framework, imprinted with a musical diet of sleek, synthesised storytelling.The 4-Track EP reflects the turbulent ebb-and-flow found with emotional conclusion - a genesis soundtracked by raw energy and driving undercurrents. The Berlin-based DJ, Producer and Label-owner’s propensity for creating a symbiotic harmony by blending seemingly divisive elements from his genre defying repertoire, demonstrates his masterful understanding and control of the listener’s borderless, auditory journey. Exemplified by his marathon closing sets at Berghain, as well as techno arenas such as Khidi in Tbilisi (both of which he is a resident), Phase Fatale’s recent DJ performances and production endeavours reflect his fresh approach to pure techno sensibilities. The title track sets the tone with imperative grooves, energetic vigour and intrepid attitude. Following a progression of techno propulsion in ‘Magma Driver’, infused metallic textures and trippy, headier elements add depth, whilst the body of work’s cutting edge sound design echoes spacey vivacity and purification in equal measures. Dichotomy comes forward with tracks ‘Ambivalence’ and ‘Introjection’, processed vocal samples with dub techno leanings and hints towards broken rhythms are sculpted by Payne’s focused approach, resonating a feeling of hopeful resolution akin to resurgence. These romantic sensibilities offset by cold mechanical nuances are reflected in the EP’s artwork, depicting roses against the backdrop of engine-like machinery. ‘Love Is Destructive’ is dedicated to Juan, Simone and Luis. Featuring artwork by Silent Editions.
The return of Guy Contact to Craigie Knowes. The “Energy Obsession” EP sees Guy Contact showcase his masterful take on progressive house as he continues to occupy his space at the very head of the pack. Technical and original – it’s a bumper record of 4 deadly beats to spin at your knees-up that are guaranteed to make the club bounce.
DJ Hockey co-runs PPRZ alongside Adam 2 in Vancouver and has been holding it down in the vibrant Pacific Northwest techno scene for some solid years now. He has released on PPRZ, Modelfuture, RF, and Amphiboly, and here we have his vinyl debut for Fixed Rhythms. Four deep, psychedelic, heavy yet groovy, techno bumpers. Mystery. Evolution. Tumbling with your eyes closed into the Void. These are the right equipment for when you’re putting an open-eared and closed-eyed crowd to work.
Following a short hiatus, Superlux Records returns for their 9th exploration into the expanses of house, techno, and electro by welcoming the exciting, emerging Dutch producer and DJ Mathijs Smit to their roster.As soon as Smit grabbed the attention of the Superlux crew with his hybrid production style and trademark vocoder work, they knew these were earworms destined for their catalog. Marking his first solo EP since 2021, Smit showcases his development In the studio on the 'Twisted Minds' EP with four modern, stylish house cuts loaded with versatility for use from peak time to warm up. The release starts as it means to go on with 'Changed My Mind (But Not Myself).' A sleek, forward-thinking house jam that salutes to the past with a fast-paced, organ bass melody and intricate drum-machine programming, setting the tone nicely for what's to follow. The A-side wraps up with 'My Mind Is Yours'. Shades of golden-era Italian progressive to this one, a straight no-nonsense feel-good party starter; mark your cards for summer. On the flip, we get deeper into the groove starting with 'Plugger'. A shuffling beat underscores a moodier bassline with acid flourishes to give this one a bit more of a basement feel, although the bright synths do leave enough versatility in this one to work in multiple settings; a testament to Smit's dexterity on the buttons! Closing out proceedings is the interminably funky 'Quiero, ' the last track submitted by Smit, which is suitably the one to close out a seriously impressive debut on the imprint. The release continues Superlux's proud lineage of discerning dance music, with Smit being a welcome addition to a roster already sporting the quality of N-GYNN, Paul Blackford, LVCA & Thoma Bulwer. Expect more as the label continues its development in 2024 and beyond.
SEXTOSENTIDO is proud to present its first vinyl release in the hands of Intuition, the joint entity conformed by Aeryeen and IMMATERIÆ somewhere on the Catalan coastline. After some individual releases and many hours of meditation, their debut has crystallized into a prism that distorts the space-time continuum, lensing the higher self back to the source.Let yourselves be taken on this heartfelt journey divided into four eerie crusades across the Sol system.
„Awkward Attraction” captures Monstera Black’s exploration of both embracing and deconstructing pop music. The EP starts off with ‘system’, a piece that echoes a classic song structure while anticipating an unconventional sonic palette, setting the stage for the impending unraveling process that reaches its culmination in the final track, ‘who’s a hoe?’. As the journey unfolds, traditional structures progressively give way to a stream of consciousness, where motif-driven improvisation and softly sung melodies collide with a darker club and experimental soundscape masterfully crafted by alys(alys)alys. The lyrics, infused with provocation and sarcasm, delve into themes of existence and vulnerability, presented through warped vocals and repetitive hooks. „Awkward Attraction“ crafts a taunting atmosphere, challenging listeners to embark on a reflective journey.
Quintessential compilation of UK Tech House legends. Reissued tracks spread over a gatefold 3x12”. This is a selection which defined the genre as we know it today.Silverlining & Friends (Appleheadz, Bluegoose, Impossible Beings, Silverlining, Southern Comforters, Two Right Wrongans)
Step Ball Chain’s unconventional prototype band trickpony is the 11th release on the ever evolving imprint. An assortment of sensual cyber jams collaged together by the trio over timezones, birthed in Perth, Australia by Mike Midnight and Roza Terenzi; old friends joined by Helsinki’s visionary songstress Maria Korkeila. A trinity of alchemy blossomed into an audio rendition of exquisite corpse, layers of each entity glistening through amongst a united cosmos; trip hop atmospherics and downtempo drippings. The five track EP reveals a metamorphosis of nostalgia, a foot in the ever present and daydreams of future. A subconscious deep dive into lustful pop, guided by spine tingling vocal fantasies; textural hallucination, harmonic odes to the golden era underground and a flirtation with drum and bass, tribal percussive freakouts and dream tinged lyrics of desire. Pillow talk is a timeless exhibit of esoteric treasures, a portal to a private world of modern enchantment that reveals itself in new ways each listen, music for lovers created by a supergroup of innovators to be digested, shared and cherished.
Following on from 2022’s Sweat Your Prayers, Byron Yeates returns to Radiant Records with Time Machine, his second full release. The label head has established a signature production sound in an impressively short amount of time. Motifs teased in his previous output and that frequent his DJ sets are all at play here in a delightfully restrained fashion: Astral atmospherics, slick, pumping rhythms, playful basslines with skitting and flitting vocal chops are condensed into lush, club-ready arrangements that demonstrate Yeates’ deep dancefloor knowledge and razor-sharp production chops. EP opener Liquid Sky drifts beyond the clouds and into the club for a hot and heavy hard-house hybrid workout: undulating low end, sumptuous stabs and ethereal pads are meshed together into a mature, modern any-time-of-the night club tool for discerning deejays and dancers alike. The groove keeps giving-giving on Hyper-Hyper with stomping in-your-face drums, marching bass and vintage house themes stripped apart and put back together to form a track that sits comfortably in the sweet spot between contemporary techno and the more classic club moods Yeates’ has built a reputation for.So too with Time Machine- the track’s swung bass and percs lay the foundation for a potent dance floor-ready number that touches on the classier strands of 90s tech and euro house, warped and reconstructed for 2023 dancefloors through Byron’s sleek and flirtatious sensibilities. The EP rounds off with a collaboration Trip To Eclipse with fellow Irish trance auteur Spray. The result is a sophisticated exercise in groove control: Spray’s signature rolling bass sits delicately alongside Yeates’ vox chops and celestial synth moods to form a cutting edge, dreamy, trance-not-trance roller that concludes a sophisticated and refined statement of intent from Byron Yeates.
All those creatures, standing there, making time. Fury eyes, golden dust on artificial fog. Dancing on glass, repetitive poems, looping long after the last loop looped away. Oriental acid, frenzied samples, low hanging film noir suspense. This is DALO. Or not. She is many. Dry maniac downbeat is her craft. Or dark-ish pop-not-pop. There is dub, trance, techno, too. She is known for releases on labels like ESP Institute, WARNING, or Tresor. She is part of bands like Init. She played them all, those clubs, that matter, and those that matter more. Live. Alone. As an artist. With a band. Here she comes with her first album. On the R.i.O. sphere. Her homebase. A trusted zone for experimentation. She brings “Duster”. Seven tunes twisted in different dreams. Fast, slow, veiled, enchanted, haunting trenchant. She sings. These songs. To dance. For a different, stripped-back trance. DALO. Her record longs for a stage. Exporting grace, face to face. A work like a mirror. Hypnotizing. A psychedelic portrait of a performer. Nuanced industrial veils ceremonial journey music. Claps, Jungle. Desolate vocal snippets. A whirlwind of words. All those chords, hanging there, kick drum time. Fury eyes, golden horns amid acid fog. Dancing on glass, cyclic synth-lines. DALO. Duster. A-round-and-a-around. Circulating the ritual.
'AODVA' Series - a Various Artists formula which for the first release will forcus on some artists who are relatively new to releasing music: AODVA1 - VA - Normal Gets You Nowhere EPLog_In - AntivirusLanded - AnaestheticMatthew Hartshorn - ComputersJamie Dodger - Yes Yes Release The Stress
Łukasz Seliga needs little introduction to anyone even roughly following Poland’s dance and electronic underground, as his contributions – as a live performer, producer, remixer or DJ – embellished the better part of its story. Between his solo endeavours under the slg moniker, and projects such as Casiopepe or Seltron 400, he has long traversed genres and sounds, aptly and joyfully, always staying true to his distinct musical vision rather than being prompted by periodic shifts of fancy.On Sideways, his newest EP outing for Trance-Atlantyk, Łukasz appears under his own name – Seliga – for the first time, thus restating his identity and underlining the honesty of his craft. In a time when dance music tends to be driven increasingly by nostalgia, Seliga takes but a sip, ultimately eschewing it. As a result, the music we hear is more of a direct expression of his own abiding purpose – a lived, rather than re-lived experience, an auditory utopia, sung in a language the artist is deeply anchored in, but whose expressive qualities he seeks to enhance, and not simply exploit.Across the EP’s four tracks we are treated to impeccable, entrancing house riddims – masterfully executed, with subtle, yet meaningful nods to dub and ambient, and echoing inspirations such as The Orb, Andrew Weatherall’s remix work and the early Warp catalogue. Driving and soothing, kinetic and cordial, refreshing and utterly danceable, these four tunes succeed in conveying a unique sense of the melanphoric – and this is precisely what makes for their delicious seligability.
Broken Techno / Electronica label Theoretical Rhythms is taking it to the next level with their first vinyl release. Label boss Nickel Eye is honoured with the production duties and come up with a beautiful album which can be described as an audio Sci-Fi poem. Rich textures and pads are present in all tracks giving the album trippiness bringing the listener on a cosmic excursion. Steady broken beats keep the things on a dancier side and the listener can have a dance while watching the stars listening to the album.Space Child is an album that would work equally well at home on an individual journey as well as on the dance floor where each party goer can take their personal trip
Since 2019, Amsterdam-based curator Pieter Jansen has used his yeyeh label as a vehicle for carefully considered (and sometimes unlikely) ‘first time’ collaborations between different experimental and avant-garde artists including Eversines, Carolina Eyck, Greetje Bijma and Oceanic. After pairing saxophonist/composer/producer Jerzy Maczyński with fellow Polish experimentalist Waclaw Zimpel on 2021 collaborative release Sariani (which was credited to Jerry&ThePelicanSystem in a nod to the former’s earlier album for Warner Music’s Polish Free Jazz series), yeyeh founder Pieter Jansen had an idea. That simple idea – getting Maczyński in the studio with Chicagoan DJ/producer Hieroglyphic Being – was the genesis of this record, the debut album by Universal Harmonies & Frequencies. In June 2022, Hieroglyphic Being flew to Amsterdam to spend five days improvising with Maczyński in a rented studio beneath Volkshotel, under the watchful eye of recording and mix engineer Rein De Sauvage Nolting, better known in electronic music circles for his work as RDS. During those sessions, 26 long, improvised compositions were recorded, with Maczyński contributing saxophones and electronic tools, and Hieroglyphic Being laying down synthesizer parts and vocals. These sessions were captured on film by VLF (Katarzyna Debska), who later created the artwork and visual language for this record release. Some days after the recording sessions, Sauvage Nolting – who had delivered artistic input during the improvisations – sat down with Jansen to select 13 pieces to put forward for the album and a loose conceptual framework. It was then that the hard work began. While a decision was taken to present some improvisations in full, most of what you will hear on Tune IN, as the album is titled, is based on fragments of improvisation. The resultant pieces were reconfigured, re-worked and re-produced by Maczyński and Sauvage Nolting over many months, and in discussion with Hieroglyphic Being. Maczyński added more layers of instrumentation, creating a “whole digital band of reed instruments” – a method he previously utilized on Sariani. What you hear when you play the record defies categorization. It is rooted in a specific moment in time and the spontaneity of musical improvisation – both Maczyński and Hieroglyphic Being are experienced improvisers, albeit with different musical instruments and tools – but also the product of extensive post-production and reflective re-shaping. It is not free-jazz, ambient, electronica, rhythmic cubism (as Hieroglyphic Being’s distinctive sound has previously been called), or avant-garde experimentalism, but something that combines all these musical approaches and more, with a sprinkling of far-sighted futurism mixed in. It is a magical and mystical meeting of musical minds that will pass the test of time in decades to come.