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Chicago? Absolutely! Detroit? Definitely! For many, however, a significant chapter in the coming-of-age story of House music was also written in The Netherlands.This 8-track compilation is the result of a nationwide search for lost Digital Audio Tapes (DAT’s), dusty home-studio recordings, and other relics from those early days. The distinctive "House" sound eventually evolved into a rainbow of local styles and grooves. Back then, DJ’s played their heart out and didn’t limit themselves to any particular musical genre. Following that spirit, this compilation contains everything that makes the Dutch sound so special, from energetic Breaks to atmospheric Deep House.These are not your usual suspects, not even the most revered diggers have this collection at their fingertips. It's raw, pure material from the time when house parties were fresh and dirty at the same time. Back when the only dress code was a wide smile from ear to ear. Four sides with two tracks each, ensuring maximum DJ enjoyment. Now get out there and spread the Dutch 90's House vibes!
Evasione Digitale once again teams up with Italian techno legend Marco Bellini, an iconic figure in the vibrant Italian club scene of the ‘90s, renowned for his residencies in clubs like Aida and Area City in the northeast region of the Mediterranean peninsula. An extravagant and hypnotic character, he also became famous for his clamorous peak time drive-ins into the clubs on his Harley Davidson.Bellini, aside from djing at infinite nights and afterhours, produced a bunch of records, including one of his best collabs with the late Alberto Bertapelle on Mammut Records. Their partnership contributed to the label's unique style with distinctive dark arpeggiated basslines, metallic drum breaks, and dubbed-out excursions.We are glad to present the first of two split EPs that explore the sound of Marco Bellini on Mammut Records. Carefully remastered by Manmade Mastering, they’re now ready to hit the dancefloors again.
Dive into the collaborative soundscape of Monophonik and Kohra with the Jugalbandi EP. Written in Goa, Monophonik's modular wizardry and Kohra's stylish production blends deep techno, progressive trance and intricate breakbeats.We've got pulsating rhythms intertwining with ethereal melodies, rolling basslines and shimmering percussion. Each track is a sonic tapestry, weaving intricate textures and immersive atmospheres.Jugalbandi is an Indian term for a collaboration between classical musicians, where two solo artists combine for a duet and on space•lab 012 we have a beautifully futuristic interpretation, primed for the dancefloor.
Humanoid Gods offers Fixed Rhythms four dark breakbeat, dubstep tinged, heavy padded stuffers from the temporal Aside. Hark!Confronting the status can obscene wealth be more important than human lives? Where have the humanoid gods come from, and who do they serve? Did we create them? Are they a construct of our own imagination and desires?Extraterrestrial transmissions cut to Earth's club-preferred loudness, replicated on 300 copies of 12" black vinyl.
The Chronicles of Bleep unfold, a legendary era of the past returns. True Confession Three by “Dawn Of The Underworld” - “Cause N Effect”. A Dan Piu & Venus News Network Label Project. Bleep.
An exercise in control of auditory limitations and possibilities, GAEL redefines techno production with their comprehension of cold atmospherics and meticulous world building. Exemplified in their first solo EP ‘Frozen White Horse’ released on BITE Records, fervent, hurtling drums are underpinned by hopeful euphorics and circulating, breathy cybernetics. A culmination of sophisticated sonic dialects reared from the intersections of soundscaping and electronic music, the berlin-based DJ/Producer from Dagestan (by-way-of Kyiv and Odesa) commits their practice to the inclusivity of borderless, capricious and emotive dance- floor synergy. This energy was previously captured on BITE last year with their appearances on the Shedding Skin VA and The Soft Moon’s Exister Remixed. GAEL’s harmonic and organic approach to techno production echoes the heartbeat of dancefloor resistance,captivating audiences across venues from Berlin’s Berghain to Kyiv’s ∄ as a resident at the queer event series XITb. Delivering thunderous feeling through experimental sounds and masterful pacing, the 4-track-EP blurs the margins of moody techno exploration with remarkable attitude and a foreboding sense of uphill struggle. For the opening title track, a procession of stacked chords,synths and snares are met with a cyclone of galloping percussion building to maximum intensity until dispersing into echoey chimes. As the listener is able to catch their breath, the second track ‘prpttcxsstnc’ reignites - this time with trepidatious yet ethereal vibration, as the track continues to inject GAEL’s post-punk style of galvanised energy, rich layered drums maintain the undercurrent of resolute chaos into the following track ‘there is nothing left’. Sombre track titles are off-set by triumphant vigour for the third instalment, pushing through gale force drums and the clanging zaps and bleeps of electronic debris. Concluding with the final cacophony of collaged beats and drums, bellowing siren-like cold wails meld with GAEL’s calamity crescendo of crashing cymbals, the procession of rapturous drums slipping into a distant echo of warped hollow gleams.
Step Ball Chain recruits the French maestro Batenko for a club cut EP, a kiss from the underground laden with tweaked tools exhibiting an already imitable signature sound. The inconspicuous producer based in Marseille reveals a four track feast dipping into corners of forward thinking techno, bass and unexpected dance delight, centered in flirty, freaky mastery. Gamma-Ray Bursts delivers delicious locked grooves for late night deviants; obscure vocal fragments fidget over driving basslines, momentary euphoria and a feverish pulsation that is core to the label.
Reflex Blue debuts on Spectral Bounce with The Bleeps, a five-track EP that weaves a somber yet captivating late-night ambiance. Over a string of releases in recent years, Reflex Blue has been sculpting a distinct and evolving sound, blending the core minimal aesthetic of UK Tech House with influences from his homeland. This homage to early 2000's Tech House captures its essence while infusing it with a fresh, pulsating perspective. The opening track, 'Dracula’s MPC', sets the tone with its club-ready elements: crisp drums, deep bass lines, and captivating vocal samples that command attention throughout. On the B-side, "Interlude" offers a glimpse into Reflex Blue’s large palette with its boppy and quirky breaks. It's a spectral record in every sense, making it the perfect sophomore release for the label.Written and produced by Cooper FraserArtwork by Susanne JanssenWords by Hervé Kacou
Embark in an extraordinary odyssey with Ascot/ww debuts on La Sabbia, where dynamic beats and tangy acid melodies intersect. Unveil dance floor artillery as Techno and break intertwine, forging an unwavering and distinctive sonic experience.
Virginia’s Stimulator Jones channels all things jungle on ‘Valley Center’ for his debut album on Craigie Knowes. Sam Lunsford is multi-talented genre-spanning artist; from song writing to singing, programming drum machines to drumming, performing live to DJing. ‘Valley Center’ showcases Lunsford’s seamless genre-hopping skills with the outcome an LP packed with tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on LTJ Bukem’s ‘Logical Progressions’ series or in the Metalheadz archives.
Introducing NICE002 "Shoreline Circuitry" EP, the second release from All Nice Records, featuring the Portuguese producer Lake Haze. This EP will take you on a journey through pulsating house tracks, driven by 707 toms and hypnotic acid lines. "Dune District" kicks off with uplifting house vibes, distorted pads, and infectious rhythms. "Voltage Vortex" follows, offering a chill house groove with a heavy Chicago-inspired bassline. On the B-side, "Shoreline Circuitry" delivers rhythmic intensity with 707 toms and obscure acid lines. Closing the EP is "Electribe Echoes," a mesmerising track showcasing Lake Haze's sound mastery.
For this 5th delivery from Mephis, label boss Alfalfa shares with us a nostalgic and dystopian interpretation of his migratory experience in a sonic format. Imagine Kafka fidgeting with a 303 in a waiting room, with a happy ending.
L.B. Dub Corp - Only the Good Times // Original Version + Burial RemixCut direct from studio tape master to limited white label vinyl // Part of the forthcoming album “Saturn to Home” which will be out on Dekmantel later this month.“For me ‘Only the Good Times’ is a deeply emotional track. It’s one of those tracks, that ended up entwined in love and somehow life affirming. My immediate thought was to get Burial to remix it, not only because he is one of the most entrancing producers ever, but also because of our heart felt connection and to get him away from his Playstation for ten seconds. Thank you Arnol, Will and everyone else connecting to the music ♥️” - Luke Slater 2024
We're excited to unveil our inaugural vinyl release, introducing the first Neptune ‘Disc’ to the world. Trance-inducing progressive genres, which dive into the magnetic allure of '90s progressive sounds with a distinct tilt towards the club scene. Four tracks resonating through the depths of a festival ambiance, enveloped in an enigmatic mist and bathed under shimmering purple strobes.A1 introduces Cybernet, an emerging force hailing from the vibrant scene of Aus. Delving beyond the sounds of the '90s Cybernet brings forth a distinctive sonic narrative, intertwining intricate vocal hooks before unleashing the pulsating acid-line. An instant classic unfolds, resonating with the essence of the dance-floor.Glen S swiftly becomes a Neptune Disc regular with "Uh!" on A2. Tailored for the club, he infuses his signature alien scattered pulses and a rolling bassline. With a deft touch, he creates a surge of energy by cutting off all elements on the drop, leaving only the bass and kicks. Expertly crafted.Aiden's "Fanks" on the B-side boasts a mesmerising appeal, again reminiscent of the 90s-2000s era, with its pulsating bassline and entrancing soundscape. It delves into the realm of trance, offering a hypnotic journey that echoes the allure of that bygone era. With its captivating blend of trippy elements, the track creates a nostalgic yet timeless vortex of sound, drawing listeners into an otherworldly experience that resonates with the spirit of classic electronic music.B2 showcases Tourman's prowess as a versatile producer, seamlessly delving into different genres. Overflowing with progressive energy and adorned with scattered UFO sounds, this track stands as a testament to Tourman's evolving artistry—a dynamic force ready to command diverse sonic landscapes. An ideal opener for peak-time set.
Barcelona’s Tunik follows up on last year’s A New Dawn with a distinct turn to the dark side as he pays tribute to the iconic, vampiric creature of the night, Nosferatu.The horror theme on the title track is a natural fit with the Argentinian artist’s schlocky strain of EBM-styled electro-techno, but the music is no joke. Boxy drum machine jack and a suite of darkly seductive synth lines strike the perfect note between vintage flair and modernist impact, and the macabre mood lingers over the rest of this trip through gothic club music.Whether it’s the Twilight Zone creep around the edges of ‘Slave’, acid blood raining down on ‘W72’ or the undead getting busy with the grungy bass and dry snare hits on ‘Sorrow’, Tunik has got exactly what you need to send a shiver down the dance floor’s spine and raise the temperature in the room, all in the same heartbeat.
After a five year hiatus Luke Slater reanimates his L.B. Dub Corp alias for a dynamic, vocal-led ode to the club featuring Robert Owens, Paul St. Hilaire, Miss Kittin and more.Slater is responsible for some of the most enduring electronic music of the past 30 years, including his grandiose ambient techno project The 7th Plain and the trailblazing machine funk of Planetary Assault Systems. He debuted the L.B. Dub Corp alias in 2006 as an outlet for a broader, looser kind of club music. His third LP the name, ‘Saturn To Home’ also marks his first appearance on Dekmantel.The result of more than a year’s exacting work, here we find Slater reflecting on his formative influences and funnelling them into eight incisive tracks that range from the feverish passion of ‘Your Love’s infectious chord stabs to the star-scraping breakbeat techno of ‘Only The Good Times’ via the smoky soundsystem tendrils of ‘Golden Star’ and the elastic drums and mutant synth funk of ‘Krank’. As well as celebrating the intersectionality of club culture and the vibrant vocals of his invited guests, it’s also the first time Slater has committed his life-long love of playing drums onto a record — just listen to the sizzling rhythmic tension of ‘Cloak And Dagger’ and you’ll instantly understand where he’s coming from.From every syncopated groove to the spine-tingling rush of the melodic hooks, Slater tells the story of his life in music, which means his life overall, without ever being stuck in the past.
"This release is dedicated to Ricky Montanari, one of those Djs whose impact has influenced my journey as an artist"
Saoirse looks to talent from her home country for the next release on her trUst imprint. A versatile emotive four-tracker soaked in euphoric melodies and jacking basslines from Belfast born Swoose. With one eye on the past and another firmly on the future, Swoose’s amalgamation of sun-kissed house, 90s IDM, warm soul, and electronica has earmarked the artist as one of Ireland’s finest electronic talents. Lead track "Cubensis" has been one of the most ID'd tracks from Saoirse's sets over the last 2 years.
Overground's journey continues with a new release from label co-owner Rickie.
When a story sees its own ending. ATOMS shows the Hamburg grown friends and instrumentalists taking a steep descent into the unmarked. Crushed arpeggios, hand layered drums and the afterthought of a nightly piano allude to an early dawn still at midnight. All six tracks are ultimately cast towards loss, since Charly Schöppner, the trio's rhythmic enigma, passed before the record was finished in 2023. But they do this unwillingly, each alone, and they materialise the persistence of beauty in different shapes and thoughts left behind. All happened through an uplift of time in a simple space, as the record was made in Schöppner's garrage, being the trio's artistic refuge at that time. A friend taking you close. – Konstantin BessonovOccasionally miscellaneous worlds collide gently. Instead of intimidating each other, they choose tactful ways to locate their consent. When they know each other for a long time, they might even harmonize their heartbeat, assuming the blood pressure stays discrete. ATOMS, a 2017 produced, unreleased album of the Hamburg based trio Giraffe, is such a clash of different worlds, ideas, emotions, who get charmingly synchronized in an insightful conversation between new music, improvisation, electro, minimal, Krautrock robotics, and the avant-garde spheres of pop. It marks a posthumous longplayer, finished by Sascha Demand (guitar), and Jürgen Hall (keys) after Charly Schöppner’s (percussion) passing in 2020. Nine five to nine minutes long gut-driven improvised compositions. Dark, diverse, haunting, and yet so private talks between three well known to each other individuals. Together they provide a ghostly, somber, dodgy passage, in which virtual analog Nord Drum beats rattle spectral with the acoustic percussion of the frame drum, one of the most ancient musical instruments. They dance with an icy 1980ees touch around minimal shifts and transformations of synth-lines, prepared guitar tones, and drunken keyboard sounds. Harmonically changing shades and slowly transforming rhythm patterns, that explicitly refer to Charly Schöppner’s electro-pop past in bands like Boytronic, just to place the reference into a new setting. A distinctive mélange of improvisation and serialism, in which center the conceptual goes in circles with a free sound searching mode, just to convert the receiver into an active immersive entity drowning in their haunting reverberations. If nothing exists except atoms and empty space; the Giraffe ATOMS séance offers a walk into a room of molecules, that enchants the space with subtle sound variations, creating seemingly endless immortal energy channels. – Michel LeuffenATOMS unterscheidet sich von allen übrigen Giraffe Releases. Bei ATOMS zeigt sich, dass in unserem Trio drei diverse Kontexte aufeinander treffen und zusammen kommen: Improvisation und neue Musik, Elektro und Minimal, Krautrock und Avantgarde Pop. Charly spielte hier ausnahmsweise mehr norddrum und Sampler als Framedrum und akustische Percussion. Das gibt den Aufnahmen eine andere Handschrift, einen gewissen 80er-Touch. Insgesamt haben die Stücke etwas Geisterhaftes und Düsteres, Zwielichtiges. Alle anderen Releases sind heller und lichter. Bei den Stücken geht es in den Einzelstimmen wie im Ganzen um minimale Verschiebungen und Transformationen von Sound zu Sound, um harmonisch wechselnde Schattierungen und um sich langsam wandelnde rhythmische Patterns. Ganz explizit wollte Charly hier auf seine Elektro-Pop Vergangenheit rekurrieren, aber sie vor allem in einen neuen Zusammenhang stellen. Wir alle drei haben immer das Übergreifende in der Musik gesucht und begrüßt. Charly mochte sowohl das Grobe wie das Feine. Dabei war es unser Wunsch, gewisse Muster zu überschreiten oder wenigstens zu konfrontieren. – Sascha DemandListening to these recordings, two years after our last concert with Charly, opens up many memories and emotions inside of me. We conceived ATOMS as a template or blueprint for our live shows. We needed something reduced to build on, yet rich and inspiring, to provide space for live improvisation. It's exciting to listen to it today. We "rehearsed" this set of pieces many times together with Charly. It was always a different musical experience. I noted down only a couple of tones and filter movements for each track. Sometimes it's just a single key i hold on one of the synths, sinking into the textures. Playing with the atoms felt like taking a deep breath and going on a diving trip, immersing into an underwater world and coming back to the surface again after an hour or so. It was the garage, a unique place with its own messy logic, where we composed, played, rehearsed, and hung out on a regular basis. It was a world of its own and it meant a lot to me to commit to Giraffe. My daughter was born when our first release came out. I see ourselves in the garage at night, playing ATOMS, discovering musical worlds together, being aware that we are creating something unique. Three old men, three daddys, each one of us being on the music scene for decades, creating something that has never been created before. Three men that could possibly allow themselves to dedicate to their family or gardening, but still hungry for recognition, still on a mission, still feeling safe and self-conscious in the creation process, still wanting to share something that comes out naturally. Maybe for me, it is the most honest and deepest musical statement I've produced so far, as there were no limits, no expectations, no judgments at all. – Jürgen Hall
It’s time to embark on the next chapter of extra-terrestrial worldbuilding - the second instalment of Seismic Records is here. Stepping in is sonic explorer Pyramid of Knowledge a.k.a. K.O.P 32. Based in Seoul but born and raised in France, the Beyond The Bridge label head is blending his Tekno roots with an introspective approach to music, carving out a trademark sound led by pensive rhythms and psychedelic atmospheres. With fierce precision and spellbinding force - you’re invited to explore the unknown depths of your psyche as you enter the state of ‘Fusion’. In all its ominous grace, the journey takes off with ‘CFU’. A kaleidoscope-esque acid ritual is guided by subtle yet uptempo kicks, lifting us into the first phase of the cleansing. Followed by ‘Xer’, where an ancient chant introduces the next dimension of consciousness-expansion. The progression of energy tells us that the higher powers have bigger plans for us - a phase that is entered on the B-side. ‘TV’ surges in tempo and raises blood pressure with an annihilating paradox of the calm and the chaotic. For those who managed to withstand all phases of the occult test, reconciliation is near as ‘Yrots’ strikes down with a mind-warping drum workout for the body and soul. Enter the heart of a psychedelic odyssey and swirl into the labyrinthine pathways of your ego as you enter the Fusion by K.O.P. 32.
Omni – meaning all-encompassing – is an apt title for celebrating over a decade of existence of Blue Hour Music. Marking the musical diversity and longevity of Blue Hour's imprint, the Omni V/A series brings together a wide range of artists from the full electronic music spectrum, plunging into a pool of techno, trance, breaks and everything in between.Approaching nearly 50 releases in vinyl and digital formats, remix series and sub-labels as well as limited edition merch, the imprint has swerved hypes, trends and fads throughout its long-running tenure. Platforming quality productions by artists worldwide, Blue Hour Music has forged a name of its own in a landscape that evolves with mercurial speed.Like Blue Hour's sound as an artist, it's impossible to classify the label's discography into a single category or genre. The two-part Omni compilations ebb and flow between hazy atmospheres and tougher, live-wire textures, colluding into a multi-coloured trip that encapsulates the lush world of Blue Hour Music.
"Synesthesia" by Erdmann marks the third release under the Trance Atlantyk label, a burgeoning entity emerging from the vibrant music scenes of Berlin and Warsaw, formed just last year. Hailing from Poland's dynamic electronic music landscape, Erdmann is swiftly making a name for himself with his innovative fusion of progressive house, proto trance, and techno. Renowned for his ability to craft immersive sonic experiences, the producer enthralls audiences with his ethereal melodies, pulsating rhythms, and evocative atmospheres. His debut vinyl release, the four-track EP "Synesthesia," offers a transcendental journey through both space and time.Opening the EP is "Re-Experience," a hypnotic dance anthem boasting a pulsating bassline and ethereal melodies. This track cleverly utilizes familiar dance music motifs to deliver a pristine example of modern progressive house. "The Dolphin Track" plunges listeners into deeper waters, its slower tempo enveloping them in a sea of shimmering synths and entrancing rhythms reminiscent of trance's early days. Next, "Inside Your Mind" delves into the psyche's inner workings, navigating the labyrinth of the subconscious with haunting melodies and tantalizing vocal snippets. Its mesmerizing allure blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination, all while retaining its irresistible dancefloor appeal. Concluding the EP is the titular track "Synesthesia," a sonic odyssey seamlessly blending progressive house and proto trance elements to create a deep, enthralling peak-time anthem.
The first release on BDE Records see’s FAFF & Submarine FM join forces to create a forward-thinking 4 track EP; effortless euphoria twists & turns alongside summery melodies, silky 2 - step, throbbing bass - lines, nostalgic vocals, slicked drums & atmospheric breaks. Submarine FM’s experience in live experimental sets combined with FAFF’s freaky - bongo & playful tendencies creates the perfect dualism to explore the intricate interplay between emotion & perception. BDE01 teases & flirts with what’s to come from this intoxicating & compelling queer - focused label
Piezo’s Ansia imprint returns for its 8th outing ‘Imago’, inviting Berlin’s Unity Vega for a split EP of uptempo dancefloor explorations that mine that fertile space between footwork, drum’n’bass, dancehall and experimental contemporary club sonics. Unity Vega leads the charge with ‘No Body No Mind’ - a waterlogged darkside skanker that sits somewhere between the half-stepping jungle of the UVB-76 crew and the kind of oddball dancehall deconstructions often peddled by Ansia's extended circles. 
Appearing again on the flip, Vega ups his pace on ‘Set Em’ - a nervy footwork roller that pits gully hip-hop vocal chops against rising bell chords and washes of delayed noise. Think Rashad dubbed out by Kevin Martin and you’re in the right ballpark. Label head Piezo’s contributions continue along similar lines, albeit in his own unmistakable style. ‘Toughts, Heavy’ also finds the midpoint between d’n’b and dembow, this time marrying a gurgling acid bassline with a euphoric-turned-paranoiac trance lead. 
Up next, ‘Nel Frigo Ah’ strips things back to the raw, banging basics: a looping vocal call pinned down by a frenetic crescendoing drum workout. To close, Japanese legend Foodman delivers a pots-and-pans rework of ‘Thoughts, Heavy’ - a true curveball tool for the adventurous DJs amongst us.
People & Places present the third record in their catalogue - a 4 track dancer that showcases the pulsating, acid tinged sounds of four emerging artists from across the globe.Shjva returns to the label, continuing to push her distinctively deep production. She is joined by upcoming producers Frond and Jazz Dad, who demonstrate their talents in crafting forward thinking progressive trance. Close friend of the label, Tywi, rounds of the artists, with a darker side to his production, tapping into prog and goa influences to make a wriggly peak time tune that will get the party going.
A potent cocktail of raw club tracks, seamlessly blending the roots of traditional house music with the cutting edge of speed garage, breaks, and minimal.Versatile gem, perfect for any moment in a DJ's set.
The creation of our first EP by Waking Dreams, takes us on a sonic journey spanning the spectra of house, disco, electro, and minimal. This EP is more than music: it's a tribute to the eternal influence of art in our lives.Each track is a vivid expression of Ageless's unique vision, collaborating with the great Alexander Skancke, capturing the essence of an awakening dream. From hypnotic rhythms to enveloping melodies, "A Waking Dream" invites you to immerse yourself in a world where music is the storyteller
Random Factor's 'On The Air' EP is a hugely sought-after classic by those who know. It came on Ralph Lawson's ever-reliable 20/20 Vision and now, as it turns 25 years old, he has decided it is the right time to get it remastered and reissued. 'On The Air' is first up on this fine EP from Carl Finlow and it has serene synths that bring to mind Detroit techno soul over pulsing bass and slick drums. 'Lockdown' has a raw vocoder vocal over punchy drums and twitchy synth stabs and 'Undercurrent' is another weapon that has more than withstood the test of time as it bumps along on funky drums and is overlaid with more playful synth patterns. 'Disconnect' is a crunchy and 8-bit closer with pixelated synths and screwy acid lines. Superb.

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Barna mainstay oma totem is dishing out the cerebral and dubby like it’s nobody’s business. 3 tripped-out accelerators courtesy of the Oyster Cult debutant, complete with an OK EG rework for good measure.No messing with this purveyor of reverb-drenched dynamics and fractal polyrhythm. But this time, rather than the inward contemplation of releases past, we get something a little more full-frontal.Robust club gear rooted in ominous portent, opener ‘The Trick’ recalls the heyday of early 00s bass music. It’s tunnelling prog caught on a dark side flex. Then, in a coming together of kindred spirits, Melbourne hardware duo OK EG take it upon themselves to provide some introspection. Expect depth charge bass-weight primed for meditative moments. ‘Choreos’ finds the Hivern Discs affiliate at his deftest. Intricate and kaleidoscopic with careful attention to rhythmic intricacies, but never at the expense of dancefloor propulsion. The same could be said for the follow-up. Equal parts driving and trance state-inducing, closing number ‘Mania’ has oma returning to the inky abyss from whence he came. Detailed, dubbed-out and quintessentially Kalahari.
Following a string of releases on a who’s who of top labels such as Planet Euphorique, Salt Mines, Haws and Craigie Knowes, prog-trance pioneer Lisene drops a full-length LP on his On Rotation imprint. With 8 hyper-detailed tracks ranging from club-focused techno, progressive and electro to slo-mo downtempo, Lisene brings his A-game to an album sure to cement his place as one of the most exciting producers and DJs in the UK’s underground music scene. Created over several years with a perfectionist’s attention to detail, “Science Friction” flits between moods and sonic environments with ease while retaining the cohesion of Lisene’s inimitable production style. Despite being an album, this is still very much a record for the DJs, featuring heads-down club tracks and bass-heavy electro crafted with precision and a cinematic sense of scale. For the home listeners, expansive slo-mo soundscapes and cerebral synth odysseys float high above the clouds, with widescreen details revealing themselves ever further with each re-play.“This album has been 15 years in the making and represents a culmination of everything I’ve worked towards in defining my own sound and style without letting myself be pigeonholed. I’m immensely proud of each track - it really reflects where I was at musically while making this, while giving a glimpse into my future sound. This is a record that deserves to be played on the finest sound systems and hi-fis, and I couldn’t be more happy with how it’s turned out. Dive in and enjoy!” Combining influences from across the spectrum of dance music with a cinematic sense of psychedelia and his own inimitable production skills, “Science Friction” is sure to see a lot of airtime across the festivals, after-parties and living rooms of the world this summer and beyond.On Rotation is a Leeds based label, event & mix series run by Chris I’Anson, Lisene & Adam Pits. Artwork illustrated and designed by Patch D Keyes.
"Erosion" capture the essence of transformation and decay, weaving together layers of distorted beats, haunting melodies, and unexpected sonic explosions.Evitceles layers each track, employing the interplay of harsh industrial elements and delicate atmospheric textures.This dynamic fusion serves to explore profound themes of resilience, and the inexorable passage of time.A visceral exploration of emotion viewed through the lens of post-industrial and ambient soundscapes.Credits:Written and produced by Etien SlavchevMastered by Red Dungeon StudioArtwork by Atra Bilis
DIFF004 Distributed by One Eye Witness.All tracks written & produced by Dmytro Avksentiev.Mastered by Tangible Air.Designed by Gerardo Corizzo. Stickered cover.
Ali Berger has been churning out top-tier, thoughtful house music with plenty of soul and bounce for some time now. Whether he’s releasing via his own label Trackland, or dropping 12”s on labels like Spectral Sound, Clave House, Firm Tracks, and FCR, or DJing either solo or collaboratively with Davis Galvin as Hits Only, Ali’s signature feel is always palpable…there’s a genuine spirit to it all. This 12” is four bumpers that balance sunshine and introspective, heady, thumpin’ house. A1 “Sun Rising On Harmony” has an ear-worm bass line hook driving the tune with an infectious melody on top riding shotgun. A2 “Inside” brings some acidic tendencies to a back-to-basics house sound we’re always in the mood for. Flip to the B-side and “Thoughts Like Light Snow” give us an electro reprise. B2 “Mint Leaf” brings us home with a swelling bass line and snares that dew-drop over the 4/4 with luscious pads and brain-itch scratching zoinks playing at your ear in the background. House music that’s like fine chocolate. Unpack and indulge!
Spray’s Punctuality arrives sharp for its second instalment, rolling out the velvet carpet to welcome LA’s royal rave highness Etari. Kweenie is her inauguration, a no-nonsense exhibition of prog tonkers and tech pumpers accompanied by a wild remix from Angel D’Lite.Deep in the heart of the angel’s city resides Etari, the west coast icon of boundless rave energy. Having graced the kingdoms of 100% Silk and Delusional Records previously with a wily array of hardcore dance styles, Spray’s Punctuality is the next stop. Etari duly obliges his invitation with Kweenie, a new iteration of her sound that develops her twisted club fantasies beyond the clouds, or at least as far as the lasers will carry. Clocking in and the title track throws down from the off, shaking its royal rump that’s fit for a Kweenie before bumping its soaring bassline along its naughty groove. Angel D’Lite heeds the remix call, kickin’ it rage style with a breakbeat pumper that harkens to jungle tekno past while straddling future prog pastures. Lulu Limon gets freakier on side B, as Etari zests its anaesthetised groove with clicks and pops while gliding down its minimalised wormhole of latent psychedelia. Racehorse is last out the gate, initiating a heads-down stomper of tech(no) consequence that gallops cute but serious with club tenacity along its majestic travels, and thus concluding Punctuality’s latest transmission.
Balance is restored – melody intact – with three tracks of stark machine work from Jump Source. Robust stabs, polyrhythmic confusion, tearjerking pads; the two laid it all down, with some aid from their confidant Sabola on “Tonearm Extender”.
Everyone’s favourite Instagram music account is now a label!Belters4u has been sharing a steady stream of forgotten club bangers over the past few years and now arrives with original material. The inaugural release sees Tre Turner serve up three belting hardware jams straddling 90s euro-house, trance and early prog with a subtle nod to Scotland’s notorious old-school rave scene. First dropped by Job Jobse at last year’s Nachti Festival, title track" Can’t U Feel" is a feel-good party pumper resplendent with galloping euro bass, gated filter sweeps and catchy pitched vox destined for a festival near you. The two mixes of “Mixed Emotions” on the flip take a hazy, trancier path, keeping the emotion and euphoria running high.Available on vinyl via One Eye Witness and digitally via all decent platforms.
Neon Affair marks Ayū’s first solo EP on Harmony. The EP explores different genres and moods amidst electronic dance music. From the very beginning, Neon Affair is infused with hazy, sparkling sounds that add an exciting, yet supersonic touch to the fast-paced nature of the record.Side A dives in with “Neon Affair” ‘s dance-floor-driven beats, oscillating between building drumline swells and weighty basslines, alongside “Sentient” whose bouncy and trancy-inspired rollers will guide you through the introspective and beyond.The B-side, for beat seekers, embarks on a spacey journey of edgy progression, contrasting “Point Nemo” 's ecstatic vocals with the stardust melodies of “Space to Come.”
Contact is now established with mystic entity Rambal Cochet. Metallic movements and biological compositions project 4K renders to your mind’s eye. Voice fragments and expertly controlled oscillations advance you along the ascension path. Download these nebulous chronicles to the depths of your subconscious.
For the 20th Pleasure Club release we are very happy to present an EP from two core members of the Pleasure Club family - Johnny Hunter & Remi Mazet.The "Passing Through Fyah EP" comes via the connected mind of both artists, with a record which spans and blurs the realms of house, techno and electro. Characterised by dubwise basslines, cosmic synth work and expert drum programming, this one feels like the perfect way for us to celebrate the two zero milestone.A big shout out to everyone who has supported the label until now. We really appreciate it <3
Clut007 served!This time with a split EP from the rising artist Alric Aerial, and from an artist always under our radar , Electrodynamique.4 electro dancefloor tracks for every situation. We are sure this one will be in your record bag for a long time.
A new player has entered the game. The German born Miles delivers the next 12” in the Squid Recordings series, a deliciously curated palette of club music programmed for the Euro-mind and beyond. The five tracks, all bubbling though various stages of analog circuitry, are a sonic sampler in the young producers archives. From Aside opener “Cruel Carbo’s” twisted techy drumwork, to the freaked out breaks sprinkled throughout “Are You Ready?”, SR003 is as serious as it gets. No filler all killer.Distributed by One Eye Witness (Netherlands)
Comprehensive, full-spectrum, sonic experiments built for clubs. Uncategorisable in all the right ways. Danny Daze and Jonny From Space team up for their joint Craigie Knowes debut. The ‘Tumbadora’ EP is a masterclass in technical production whilst retaining all the rhythm and power required to destroy dancefloors. It’s one for the listeners and the clubbers. Nick León steps in with a stripped back version of ‘Sweet Spot Radio’ that’s every bit as mind-melting as the 3 original tracks. Prepare for the freefall!
Revelation EP is the debut release of Australian record label Denude, showcasing the latest work of Melbourne based artist Eddie Hale. The title track Revelation is both driving and warm - layered percussion lines rise and fall amongst Detroit inspired stabs and subtly textured elements creating an infectious and uplifting groove. A2’s Surging is both tunnelling and driving - straight into late night / early hours territory - with swirling sounds forming a hypnotizing sonic bath for the body and mind. Rounding up the A side with a change of pace, Aperture’s syncopated percussion leads us on a peaceful detour through ethereal synthscapes as we follow the round journey of an evolving sound that travels full circle. On the flip, Joel Mull’s Hypno Mix of Revelations propels the listener with mechanical precision through dizzyingly expansive atmospheres of truly mind melting proportions. Closing out the EP is Terrace of an Elephant, tranquil and reflective synth-work juxtaposed with coloured stabs striking through like comets across the night sky - brings us back down to Earth in a contemplative mood.
Traversing the boundaries of techno, a unique textural palette of Detroit, dub, ambient and breakbeat influences - the compelling debut album from Eddie Hale (Melbourne, Australia) beckons the listener on an introspective journey of the imagination.
“Featuring appearances from: Special Guest DJ, Ben Bondy, Hysterical Love Project and some other people we can't name for legal reasons"The holographic swarm that is Downstairs People returns with their latest collection of subconscious songwriting. Simply titled ‘DSP’, Downstairs People’s sophomore album expands on their surreal horoscope of Top 40 musings, with nine works that explore the altered states of pop.DSP reimagines the FM radio spectrum with distorted hooks, sour candy production and cascading vocal harmonies with no lyrics. Sung to us in an unknown language, it’s an archive of warped transmissions from beyond our solar system, conveniently recorded and presented as a flat, spinning monolith.A brief history of having no time, and an ode to the subversive power of pop music.
Portuguese renegades Diogo and DJ Doggo bring us sexy broken beats, in-your-face samples and sumptuous bass on this new EP from Welt Discos. First, Diogo caresses us with the soulful shuffle of ‘I Need U’ and his moody remix of ‘Aileron Pt. 2’ by jazz-funk band Yakuza. On the flip, DJ Doggo hits us with swung party grooves on the garagey ‘In My House There Will Always Be House’ and the body rockin’ ‘Let Me See You Dance’.
The fourth chapter on Childhood intelligence alternate sub-division corporation “Sunrise Inc.”. 5 Neo-Braindance Artifacts have been discovered, written and produced by “Outer Order” of the Planetary Instinct Alliance. Mystic analogue rhythms and vintage sounds, a vortex of haunted synth landscapes & latin grooves, equipped with heavy SH101 low-end frequencies… intimately resonating with hypnotic melodies & voices. A homage to the past, a generational self-prophecy of a producer with music in their ancestry. Welcome to the sound of intelligence, which is another new sunrise, of a series of endeavors into a common future.
Acclaimed Canadian electronic producer Francis Latreille, known as Priori, unveils his new singles "Learn To Fly" and “Segue” today, marking the first releases from his upcoming third album, This But More. "Learn To Fly" offers a taste of the album's lush, dubby techno soundscapes, while "Segue" showcases the album's ambient side. Arriving May 24th via NAFF, This But More marks a sonic departure for the artist, exploring a richly textured landscape of electroacoustic compositions inspired by literature, cinema, and the transformative power of nature.Priori delved into This But More from September 2023 to March 2024, drawing upon archival recordings and fresh ideas. "This album is about healing," Priori explains. "Not necessarily 'music that heals', but about the process in its ups and downs, its beauty and uncertainty." Themes of protection, healing, sleep, and decay naturally emerged during the creative journey.To craft this immersive world, Priori collaborated extensively. Writer and musician Devon Hansen penned a series of "Suggested Stories" to accompany the album, adding depth to its lore. Musically, Priori teamed up with James K, Ben Bondy, Sabola, Adam Feingold, and Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, infusing the album with diverse instrumentation, including violin, guitar, software instruments, and field recordings.This collaborative spirit extends to the album's striking visuals. Jesse Orsborne Lanthier designed the main and single artworks, while Ulysse De Lezenne crafted a unique jewel, both pieces seamlessly connected to the album's narrative.The intricate world-building sets This But More apart. "It's the biggest collaborative project I have tackled so far," Priori notes. This spirit of exploration extends to the second single, “Wake”, featuring Priori's first vocal collaboration with close friend Jamie Krasner (James K).Priori's artistic process is grounded in self-awareness and intuition, asking vital questions about how each element serves the greater purpose of the music. Swimming sessions between studio work provided clarity and focus throughout the album's creation. These meditative moments reflect in the music, inviting listeners into a contemplative, dreamlike state.Beyond music, Priori draws inspiration from the literary worlds of Gene Wolfe, Ursula K LeGuin, China Mieville, Brian Caitlin, the evocative games of Hidetaka Miyazaki and Yoko Taro, as well as the ever-evolving beauty of myths and nature.
TKP 003 Promo textTeakup continues his white label series with some goofy, wobbly, glitchy 4x4 techno tracks. Here the focus is on driving grooves and shifting drum work. Pillar of Light has bright splashes of tactile synth. Interpreter features vocals by Lofila that have been processed into the nonsensical. Plasma is meandering, explorative, but weighty. Various Round Shapes closes the set with some funky percussion, rolling synth, and a fluffy pad.


Malmo Traxx returns with a compilation of early tracks crafted by Malmo's legendary NOS, featuring hardware jams discovered on old reel tapes and presumed-lost CD recordings assumed to have been lost for a long time. 303 hypnotic bass-lines, trance elements, punchy 909s, ambient, and futuristic electro. Limited Edition.
Summer is in the air, and Reflex Blue introduces his new personal imprint with a 4-track EP of groove-laden house music. Originating from his ever-evolving live set, the label focuses on releasing Blue’s tried, tested, and favourite jams. The record opens with a garage-leaning house roller featuring a rocking sub-bass, catchy drum work, and a unique fusion of 90s rave elements. The A2 track continues in a similar vein, primed for the festival beach stage with chopped ragga vocals, a warbling bass, and a playful organ solo. On the flip side, Reflex Blue expands the EP’s sonic palette with tracks that showcase his signature acid riffs and 90s homage stylings, layered over energised and skippy drum work. The record closes with perhaps the sweetest fruit of all: a nod to UK bass enthusiasts with a heady, speedy garage number. A word of warning, you might drop your mojito. These four quality-assured tracks are a must-have for your bag this summer, as Blue warmly welcomes you to his new vinyl series.
ÄÆ Sound is a new mysterious and futuristic silver dark project hailing from Milan produced and developed by Andrea Lazzari, a miscellaneous italian artist.ÄÆ, dropping a super groovy first track with a heavy kick, bass variations, and killer melodies perfect for the dance floor.The second track brings darker vibes, break techno variations, and well-crafted silver dark underground shapes.For the flip side of the record, ÄÆ for his very first EP launch developed two B Side tracks.The first one hits you with some UK groovy bass variations and hypnotic synths, plus some slick drum work and background melodies. The second one is a tool uk drum n bass track with a dark and futuristic sound.
Santiago Uribe is back with a deep and elaborate musical oeuvre, further exploring his signature sound of bright timbres and complex harmonic lines. In this double-record, eight track rendition of a variety of moods, he delivers a wide array of ideas and conceptual statements that get their message through. A complete overview of his different style explorations past and present, this collection satisfies the most demanding connoisseurs.
Mama & Torrent open the new born split series on Griffé!
Take an adventure in mind expansion with Miles Mercer’s new 12” on Accessory Records. 3 tracks of lysergic synths, warped samples, and propulsive grooves to keep your head in the clouds and your feet firmly on the floor. Welcome now to the voices of the Occult Explosion.
Two track EP from the Italian early 90's cult label, Interactive Test, helmed by legendary Falsini brothers. Both sides going generously past the 8 minute marker and well into the upper 120 BPM class of affairs, "Farf-Ability" is another show case of the experimentally excursive approach to the early Italian progressive sound, this time on behalf of Francesco Farfa. Two flavours served confidently: uplifting daytime ravey on the A side, and darker trancier night time on the B side, heavy on the percussive samples. Remastered and re-issued with new full cover artwork, featuring photographic evidence of a special moment in time for Italian rave culture.
Lam, the promising Argentine artist, presents his first EP, featuring a special remix by Juaan, under the Island Beats Music label. This is the label's second release in vinyl format.Notable for its technical precision and immersive atmosphere, this work is ideal for clubs and dance floors.
The third Bank of Switches release sees the effervescent Jake Beautyman flex some serious production muscle. Self Oscillating is a low-slung late-night affair with solid drums and some sumptuous acid. A nod to the deep while keeping the energy rolling. This is perfect fodder for DJs looking for something special.Jake has been making a name for himself over the last few years in the DJ booth with regular appearances at fabric alongside Silverlining, Archie Hamilton, Craig Richards & Terry Francis. He holds residences at both Superfreq and FUMP and can also be found at the controls for Wiggle at venues like The Cause and MOT.Jakes previous production output has seen him top the Beatport chart and receive play on BBC Radio One where he puts a modern twist on classic London style tech house with releases on Bombis, Household, Superfreq and more.Flip the record for a harder edged, but no less deep remix by the one & only Steve O’Sullivan. This scene veteran has released tracks to much acclaim on labels such as Sushitech, Aku, Nina Kravitz’s трип and of course his own Mosaic & Blurtrain imprints.
Peim Records, crafted with love and care by true music aficionados, brings you 4 club-tested tracks by T.S.O. Designed to fulfil all your dancing needs, each track showcases our passion for music, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the dance floor.
CFRT’s fourth instalment consists on some of the early days productions of Sven Röhrig under his techno and house pseudonym: 3 Phase. Originally released on Push, 1996.
From Argentina, INTERDANCE delivers their second vinyl release.
This release highlights his personal style, with each track on the EP meticulously crafted. Listeners are taken on a journey through deep basslines and entrancing melodies, seamlessly merging the darker aspects of house, techno and electro. B1 produced in collaboration with Uruguayan producer PHORO.
Kicking off releases for 2024, we have strawb enthusiasts, Duowe with their first solo EP on the label. A true distillment of their influences from the golden early 00’s tech-house era, 4 peak time techy tunes filled with squelchy stabs, glitchy vocoders and dreamy chords. The EP name speaks for itself, The Fruitier, The Better!
After a slight hiatus Jad & The’s Speed Dial imprint is back and this time joined by a myriad of underground talent to give you the Various Artists “Rhythm Rituals” EP.The A side is jam packed with 3 uptempo tech-prog-chug goodness featuring Eora Nation based up and comer Mtty, label head Jad & The, and a re-issue of Pocket’s timeless “Smoke Signals” previously released via Australia’s seminal “Thunk” Recordings in the year 2000.On the flip the tempo is slowed but Australian DJs DJ Relax and Local Support deliver arguably the finest moments on the record - broken beat Balearic badness in the best way, hell yeah!
Luis Malon, dropping a super groovy track with a heavy kick, bass variations, and killer melodies perfect for the dance floor. His second track brings darker vibes, break dance variations, and well-crafted bass and melodies.For the flip side of the record, Omar (UY), who's already dropped some heat on the label, is back with two tracks. The first one hits you with some bass variations and hypnotic vocals, plus some slick drum work and background melodies. The second one is a tool track with dark sounds.
We are ecstatic to announce the fifth release on Cupula Recordings, featuring the powerhouse collaboration of Nuclear Waste and Corp. This release infuse the best elements of New Beat, EBM, and Synth Pop into a cohesive narrative.
High Priestess of the motherbeat, Eris Drew delivers her latest single - Slump Recordings second release of 2024. I Can Move Move is an archetypal, slice of cheeky club magic - epitomising her dynamic vinyl only DJ sets; the track brings a classic Eris house groove that masterfully integrates her turntablism with vocal chops and stabs to seduce the dance! The single comes alongside two seizmic remixes from label founder Baby Rollén, and Panorama Bar favourite Gallegos - each putting their signature spin on the quirky summer record.
The next phase of Cardiff-based label Haŵs’ metamorphosis emerges via four proggy, psychedelic cuts on their latest V/A offering, with three previous alumni making their returns and newcomer Maara landing her debut appearance on the imprint.
The fifth Planet Tapes projects us into a completely efficient mechanism that propagates rapidly and causes spectacular consequences.A1 written by Graham Sims and Simon Button better known as Connective Zone. After releasing music in the 90s and early 2000s, one of their old works is about to see the light of day, almost 20 years after their last appearance on vinyl.A2 created by R.E.S.S, a South American boy part of the "Orbe" collective and passionate about parties with small groups of people. Official debut on vinyl but his first solo EP won't be long in coming.B1 composed by the bond of two childhood friends (Existencia Pasajera & Dismal) who followed separate musical paths and reunited years later in the Valdivia electronic music scene.B2 belongs to Yu, an emerging Italian artist who already boasts numerous releases, all starting in 2023. His sudden rise is in the eyes but above all, in the ears of everyone.
Amsterdam's Locked-In imprint continues its hot streak with LKDNV07, a four-track EP by Offenbach's Tom Ries titled "Comeback Kid." This release showcases Ries' talent for crafting immersive, emotionally charged house narratives.The title track sets a warm, rolling groove with organic percussion and lush synths, creating a hypnotic late-night vibe. "Deepfried Diversion" blends soulful keys with driving rhythms for a true dancefloor odyssey.On the B-side, "One Eighty" combines classic house sensibilities with modern flair, featuring an undulating bassline and ethereal melodies. The EP concludes with "Rieses Pieces," a transcendent exploration of pure groove with interlocking rhythms and euphoric breakdowns.
Locked-In is back in the game with its sixth release, The Amigos EP. This four-track exploration sees rising producers Andy Somoza and Juaan take the helm, crafting an EP destined for the crates of discerning DJs.Leading the charge is "Disperso," a cheeky and extroverted anthem that injects chopped-up rave stabs and nostalgic vocal breaks into a tight rhythm section. It's a classic Locked-In opener with a fresh twist, sure to get bodies moving."5am" dials up the intensity with driving, compressed kicks and dry snares, exuding edgy confidence – perfect for those late-night warehouse sessions where the energy is pumping.A left turn on the B-side. "Waita" ushers in a spooky atmosphere. Ghostly bells and wet synths dance around an electro snare and airy, galloping hi-hats, creating an intriguing and unsettling soundscape.The EP closes with "Mi Partner," a masterfully woven tapestry featuring silky vocal samples, driving snares, and a killer bassline. This introspective track beautifully counterpoints the playful energy of the A-side.
Second release of project by Alexander Skancke, Foehn & Jerome and Henriku
Can you feel it? It’s the “Rush Fantasy”…Striking whilst he is hot is Berlin based Norwegian - Henriku. He follows on from his sought after “New York Popcorn” EP with another atmospheric house and minimal exploration, laced with distinct rave energy. The animated four-track vinyl lands on Oslo based, Det Gode Selskab, an ongoing chemistry between artist and label have led to this hedonistic trip, captivating club sounds from a producer in his element. Live out your fantasy, and your wildest dreams.Taking the lead is “I Do”, a seductive trip of house nostalgia, driven by chunky drums and a pulsating bass line, teased into the trip by the provocative vocals. The title track “Rush Fantasy” strips things back mechanical minimalistic movements converse with a hypnotic sub heavy bass, swaying under the influences of the after party.On the flip is another steamy encounter with “Pillow Talk”, the vintage samples go hand in hand with the rugged and raw energy of the track. Mysterious textures melt your mind in “Nicotine 4 U”, a smoky vibe for the small hours of the night.Henriku’s free spirit lives up perfectly to the DGS ethos, a safe haven for artistic freedom, making this a perfect home for the “Rush Fantasy” experience. “It Feels Sooo Good!!”.
Evasione Digitale once again teams up with Italian techno legend Marco Bellini, an iconic figure in the vibrant Italian club scene of the ‘90s, renowned for his residencies in clubs like Aida and Area City in the northeast region of the Mediterranean peninsula. An extravagant and hypnotic character, he also became famous for his clamorous peak time drive-ins into the clubs on his Harley Davidson.Bellini, aside from djing at infinite nights and afterhours, produced a bunch of records, including one of his best collabs with the late Alberto Bertapelle on Mammut Records. Their partnership contributed to the label's unique style with distinctive dark arpeggiated basslines, metallic drum breaks, and dubbed-out excursions.We are glad to present the first of two split EPs that explore the sound of Marco Bellini on Mammut Records. Carefully remastered by Manmade Mastering, they’re now ready to hit the dancefloors again.
New 333 Frequency
Sushitech has always done a fine job of preserving and spotlighting the roots of house and techno and some of its key protagonists. This second volume of A Sillybration does that once more by bringing together some of the most sought-after tunes and vital classics from legendary UK talents Terry Francis, the late Nathan Coles, Laurant Webb, Dave Coker and Justin Bailey aka Housey Doingz. Of these 16 plenty of them have only ever been released once so are pricey if you want an original, and some have never been on wax before, at all. They have all been re-mastered directly from the original DATs and make for a vital collection of dance floor heaters that have aged like fine wine.
Terry Francis and the late Nathan Coles (who were the men behind seminal UK party Wiggle) as well as Laurant Webb, Dave Coker and Justin Bailey were Housey Doingz, a vital production outfit that lay the foundations of early tech house. Now some of their best work has been pulled together for a two-part collection called A Sillybration. All the cuts have been remastered from the original DATs, many have never been reissued since the original release, and some have never been on wax at all. They are all timeless and effective tracks that you simply cannot pass up owning.