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Jack Bags
Panorama Groove Vol. 2

Panorama Groove Vol. 2


Jack Bags




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 27, 2023

New La Sabbia Dischi

Jack Bags returns to La Sabbia with Panorama Groove Volume 2. An intense flight through dark electro sounds and hypnotic techno grooves, expressing his true acid love.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Another Acid


Gently Glide


Ground Control


In My Mind


Operating Base



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The world keeps on turning... and we're at the same thing still.If it's not your first (R.B. record?) you know what you're in for... for the first timers; enjoy the ride.(malfunctioning-)machine tracks. sound at their best when played v loud!Note: as usual the disc features two exclusive cuts (not available on digital)Mastered By The Bastard
NTFO are behind the 22st release of AKU with a groovy four tracker perfect for the dancefloor. Illustration by Pierre Poux.
Lyra Valenza set the tone for their first full-length album ‘Low Gear No Pressure’ with an idyllic ambience, which then tumbles into feisty, heartfelt dance workouts. Across eight tracks, the Danish duo explore the pixellated euphoria of their previous ‘Scan, Deliver’ and ‘Nightshade Edition’ EPs with a more focused sensitivity. 

At the start of 2020, Lyra Valenza had been freshly nominated by music platform SHAPE. With the pandemic in hand, however, plans changed: instead of playing a slew of festivals, the duo spent weeks in a summer house in rural Sjælland, right at Denmark’s North Eastern coast, making early versions of the tracks in this album. ‘Low Gear No Pressure’ refers to the unusual calmness of that time, away from music industry stress and burnout; inspired by friendship. 

More than previous EPs, the album is shaped by the duo’s live set, which they’ve been performing in Denmark and Europe for many years now. The album breezes through different modes with confidence and ease, tracks morphing fluidly into one another to create a cohesive listening experience. 

A cool, expansive breakbeat on track two, ‘True Computer’, hints at the psychoactive journey to follow. ‘Truthwork’ plays with arps over a half time groove: subtle synths which reach their final form in ‘Joy Divided’. These agile swells and drops recall peers-in-precision Minor Science and 96 Back. 

On the flip, ‘Gameshow’ looks back over one shoulder to eurodance, while ‘Life on the Line’ goes out to the soulful junglists, but with a touches of trance in the samplework. On ‘Who Might Win’, the album’s ecstatic hyperactiveness melts into a slo-mo heartbeat, reminding us there’s a chillout room somewhere in the building. And just when we think it’s time to go home, the album gifts us with “one more tune”, and the soaring pop vocals of featured artist Saltmother on ‘Stretch Your Arms’.
Adam Pits is back with his second album on Leeds based On Rotation ‘Synthetic Serenity’ represents the next evolutionary step of Adam’s sound design and direction. In stark contrast to his first album, ‘A Recurring Nature’, this new release moves out of the forest and into the digital landscape, capturing the sound of a future world over 8 varied tracks. Adam Pits talks about the inspiration behind the new album:“It’s hard to put into words how much of an impact 2022 had on my life. I could talk for hours about the highs and lows, the journeys, both inside and out of my body. Or I could just make an album. Having delved into the deeper reaches of techno and ambient, I wanted to show my appreciation for these genres on the record. Atmosphere, clarity and warmth became the pillars of my new sonic exploration, with stress falling on my signature ‘journeying’ style. The album describes the idea of being at peace with machines and being open to the idea that in the future we will find ourselves more and more involved with one another. ‘Synthetic Serenity’ is a product of a big energy release. It’s a testament to my acceptance of change in life and I believe it’s a true sign of my sonic evolution”
The second release of Dynamic Reflection's Time Crystals series explores the deeper end of the musical spectrum somewhat. Function's opening track delivers almost ten minutes of downtempo modulations before Viels' Fragile kicks in: punchy, gritty and dancefloor oriented.Dynamic Reflection head honchos and curators Abstract Division give a 'less is more' college with Convolution, keeping tension high at all times without ever dropping the kick for more than a couple of beats. The closing track sees Ben Buitendijk, Shoal and Vand collaborating under their DOM moniker for this special occasion, delivering a piece of trippy and stubborn techno.Quantum Realm is part of Dynamic Reflection's 15 year anniversary celebration: Time Crystals. This is the second of five EP's. Own all five and an all new, visual piece of art will appear.