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Confidential Primea Facey
Jam The Frequency / Jet Black At Birth

Jam The Frequency / Jet Black At Birth
Jam The Frequency / Jet Black At BirthJam The Frequency / Jet Black At BirthJam The Frequency / Jet Black At BirthJam The Frequency / Jet Black At Birth




1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Reissue Remastered



Release date

Sep 18, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Confidential - Jam The Frequency


Primea Facey - Jet Black At Birth

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Guber is a blue-collar bass music producer from Paris. While you may think he’s newcomer in the local electronic scene, he has already released several records from Paris-based Beat X Changers, Bad Winners Records labels as well as several self-releases that has been heard all around Europe. His influences come from the 90’ metal scene to the UK Bass 2010 decade bangers, both following common paths of massive sub-frequencies shocks and obsessional drum loop. When Guber is self-releasing, his visual identity is heavily influenced by asset plants & machinery from the Energy Industry and enable to finally produce overall tracks with a universe deeply reflecting his own day-to-day work environment.Wrong Ibiza EP follows 2 opposite dynamics from mental endothermic deployments to spontaneous exothermic loop deliveries. One face that is more uncertain, with bass lines densely packed with Brazilian-influenced drums, while the other is composed with tech-house cuts dimensioned and played around different rhythms and tempos. Guber shows in 'Wrong Ibiza' he is a savant in creating an engaging tapestry of sample loops, a sonic magic carpet ride of forgotten genres, a ride that does not lean on nostalgia to create magic but utilizing his uncompromising ears to weaves and waves decades of dance music sounds into a new end-product for the here and now.The final remix from Ploy is overarching and consolidates the whole EP around sharp resequenced loops based on the main sample cuts. Diligent 148 bpm-remix, the track focuses on the development of hard cut vocals from the original mix, mechanically deployed among muddy atmospheric breaks. Side elements moving forward enhance the whole structure to deliver pure mental vibe construction.
CROWD, a new techno label hailing from Berlin with FJAAK at the head, has just released its debut EP, paying homage to oldschool techno while infusing a contemporary twist that is sure to please listeners of both eras. Produced by the legendary Sterac aka Steve Rachmad, the EP is showcasing the versatility and timelessness of techno. The tracks are based on DAT recordings from the 90s that got carefully crafted, highlighting the pure energy and raw emotion of the genre, always leaving the listener wanting more. CROWD's first release marks the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting journey for techno enthusiasts and dancers alike. The label's ethos revolves around the people and the dancefloor, and this is also reflected in its events, which are centered around the gatherings. The event's / label's focal point is undeniably the crowd, which is regarded as the pivotal element of the night. Once again, CROWD gatherings will center their essence on them, with an unwavering focus, ensuring no distractions dilute the experience.
Tim ‘Nev’ Prezzano was born in June, 1969. A lifelong resident of New York, he studied Photography, Philosophy and American Art, before turning his attention to early computer language and music theory, and how it related to Human Psychology.Nev was relatively unknown until a string of mysterious releases appeared on the UK based GPR, specialising in Techno and Electronic music from the early 90’s. They were 6 track mini-LPs; musical odysseys that had shades of early IDM, techno, electro and house. Nev’s musical philosophy was to extract the soul from the machines he worked with - he didn’t believe in artificial intelligence, but ‘software touched with life’. As quoted from a review on Discogs for one of Nev’s releases, ‘no amount of digital trickery can replace an artist with some synths, a sampler and a few good ideas’.For Nev’s ‘Deep Beep’ EP, this observation is particularly accurate. Originally released in 1991 on the New York based label Metamerism, it came at a time when artists were experimenting with instruments and machines, blurring the lines between genre or style to get to the soul beneath their fingertips. The Frankenstein-esque nature of this sound can be heard across this sprawling 3 tracker, and the EP has garnered cult status online, with the few copies available reaching up to £100.Sadly, Tim is no longer with us, following his passing in June 2018 from Type 1 diabetes.For this release, we are donating the proceeds from sales to the JDRF, a charity researching and preventing the effects of Type 1 diabetes. We are grateful to give you this opportunity to enter the mysterious world of Tim ‘Nev’ Prezanno, all in good time.
BAR07, a double A side featuring an 11-minute mind bending rollercoaster by JEANS and the debut of Blond, a new moniker by Oceanic, delivering the perfect spring / summer track.
The 2 Smooth World Vol. 1 Album broadcasts a highly addictive tale of electronic frequencies. A whole universe of musical explorations, ranging from twisted electro to more dubby compositions, beatless ambient ballads, classic house nostalgia - naturally flowing into oceans of acid & bass.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of the Mysteries of Science compilation. Mysteries of Science aka Dominic Woosey was a fixture of the ambient, ambient house and trance scene in the late 80s until the mid 90's. These selections have been carefully chosen to show the timeless sound crafting Dominic was capable with his wide array of sound modules. They range from space music, ambient to a proto-techno and back again. In the vein of Berlin School ambient or Tangerine Dream type sequencing, but made during the post-rave world of the early 1990s during the chill out era. Tracks to search the stars with! All of them are here for the first time on vinyl and were chosen in this order for the best listening experience.