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Various Artists
Liquid Solids

Liquid Solids
Liquid SolidsLiquid Solids




1x Vinyl 12" Blue Vinyl



Release date

Sep 13, 2023



New Dynamic Reflection.

The second release of Dynamic Reflection's Time Crystals series explores the deeper end of the musical spectrum somewhat. Function's opening track delivers almost ten minutes of downtempo modulations before Viels' Fragile kicks in: punchy, gritty and dancefloor oriented.

Dynamic Reflection head honchos and curators Abstract Division give a 'less is more' college with Convolution, keeping tension high at all times without ever dropping the kick for more than a couple of beats. The closing track sees Ben Buitendijk, Shoal and Vand collaborating under their DOM moniker for this special occasion, delivering a piece of trippy and stubborn techno.

Quantum Realm is part of Dynamic Reflection's 15 year anniversary celebration: Time Crystals. This is the second of five EP's. Own all five and an all new, visual piece of art will appear.

Available in a month

Sep 13, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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