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Marco Bellini
Tiger Ts 24 / One Way To Heaven

Tiger Ts 24 / One Way To Heaven
Tiger Ts 24 / One Way To HeavenTiger Ts 24 / One Way To HeavenTiger Ts 24 / One Way To HeavenTiger Ts 24 / One Way To Heaven




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 10, 2024

New Evasione Digitale

Evasione Digitale once again teams up with Italian techno legend Marco Bellini, an iconic figure in the vibrant Italian club scene of the ‘90s, renowned for his residencies in clubs like Aida and Area City in the northeast region of the Mediterranean peninsula. An extravagant and hypnotic character, he also became famous for his clamorous peak time drive-ins into the clubs on his Harley Davidson.

Bellini, aside from djing at infinite nights and afterhours, produced a bunch of records, including one of his best collabs with the late Alberto Bertapelle on Mammut Records. Their partnership contributed to the label's unique style with distinctive dark arpeggiated basslines, metallic drum breaks, and dubbed-out excursions.

We are glad to present the first of two split EPs that explore the sound of Marco Bellini on Mammut Records. Carefully remastered by Manmade Mastering, they’re now ready to hit the dancefloors again.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Tiger Ts 24 (Original Mix)


Tiger Ts 24 (Dub Mix)


One Way To Heaven


Forty 4 Magnum

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