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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 14, 2024



New trUst recordings

Saoirse looks to talent from her home country for the next release on her trUst imprint. A versatile emotive four-tracker soaked in euphoric melodies and jacking basslines from Belfast born Swoose. With one eye on the past and another firmly on the future, Swoose’s amalgamation of sun-kissed house, 90s IDM, warm soul, and electronica has earmarked the artist as one of Ireland’s finest electronic talents. Lead track "Cubensis" has been one of the most ID'd tracks from Saoirse's sets over the last 2 years.

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Subb-an returns to 20/20 Vision with 'State Of Flow' featuring vocals from Oli Gosh (Crosstown Rebels). Ash Subhan has been an integral part of the deep house and techno scenes over the last decade and more with releases for One Records, Spectral and Culprit.'State Of Flow' is a beautiful slice of deep techno that incapsulates atmospheric layers of melodies and vocals with powerful bottom heavy bass and percussive floor control. SOF is the first collaboration between Subb-an and singer songwriter Oli Gosh and has resulted in new directions and musical landscapes.ASOF comes complete with remixes from Adam Pits and Armec.Adam Pits delivers a devious little gem aimed at dance-floor destruction that winds it's way between a heavy garage bassline and 90's four to floor house rhythms, fragmenting the vocal around an increasingly unhinged and infectious groove. It's fusion served at it's finest and a super fresh sound perfectly placed for the current club scene.Armec accentuates and expands the immense power hidden in 'State Of Flow' by breakin' the beats up and adding heavily swung filtered loops snaking around a massive bass. The Armec remix comes complete with a twist to its tale with the additional of a magnificently wobbly arpeggiated synth twisting our melons into a right old state.
After a one and half year hiatus we are back with the Foundation debut of a talent who’s always been bound to be part of our family. Matthew Dexter shares with us “Future Radionica:” a special four tracker shaped to fit our output. Straying away from his usual darker trademark sound, Matthew presents an EP full of light and energy to kickstart a path into new territories, both for him and us alike. With a bass-line begging for movement “The Future” is made for all types of dancers looking to let loose. Straight to the point and without a hassle, it’s guaranteed to secure energy on the floor. “Quantum Tangerine” brings us into our first ambient journey and showcases Matthew’s highly skilled sound design achieved through complex layering, textures, vocal play and advanced audio engineering techniques. A mix of diverse 90’s influences takes us to the next point in our journey “Yantra Radionica.” A bit of Goa, a touch of techno and a lot trance makes this the perfect track for the darker hours of the night. A rolling bass-line tangled to eerie yet energetic sounds make this the perfect fit for one of our favourite contrasting styles, which can best be described as “dark yet uplifting.” The best part of many nights are ofen lived in the morning hours, when only the true enthusiasts remain. “Sequoia’s Hymn” is perfect for those bits in 4me where its all about the mu- sic. Like the name suggests it draws on grandiose energies while remaining calm and subtle much like the wind blowing through the forests of the biggest trees on planet earth.
Garage Hermétique bids farewell to the music studio where many seeds were planted between 2016 and 2020, including Onirik's solo projects and collaborations. Hidden under the Schlesicher Tor underground station, it was a chaotic but special place. This release contains a number of tracks recorded at the beloved location, with different aesthetics, seeking a balance between positive and mysterious vibes. On A1 and B1 we find two tracks from the collaborative project Oni-KI. On A2 we find a west coast infused joint recorded with jazz pianist (and ex-Flatmate) Uri Gincel. The ep is rounded off on B2 with a solo production by Onirik, aimed at potential mind relaxation. Good Bye Schlesi.
Out soon via AFTER 6 AM - A6A05 - Solar Eclipse - Human World (12") Re-issue from 1994!!!
Mike Parker is one of underground Techno's most vital luminaires. His hypnotic aqua-pulsing, live hardware approach has undeniably influenced the direction of Techno since the late 90's and spurned some of the genre's definitive tracks.Sabre-Tooth sees Mike Parker arrive on Samurai with 4 tracks that follow on from his essential Devils Curators series for Donato Dozzy & Neel's Spazio Disponible label where he unveiled his initial experiments with the 85/170 BPM tempo.Sabre-Tooth is a stylistic re-calibration of Mikes's machine funk hinted at with his remix of Presha's Mainliner in 2022 but previously unheard in stand-alone tracks.Steadfast cyber-rhythms, precision percussion, and trademark oscillating analogue waves are the magic ingredients on each track. Sparse elements honed to maximum effect, the Mike Parker science.
A label that has pathed careers for the likes of Nightwave, Hodge, Special Request/Paul Woolford and many more, DEXT Recordings announce 'Blizzard'; a fresh 12" from the enigmatic Russian techno-head, Dawn Razor.Following releases on A R T S, Scuffed and Holding Hands to name but a few, he is best known for both his live performances and DJ sets of broken beat techno, electro, mutated bass, post-trance and everything in between.On remix duties enters Desert Sound Colony (Holding Hands/Dr Banana), portraying his own inimitable two-step spin on 'Blizzard'. Utilising the pads to create a unique air that sits around a playful and warm bassline, the choice of remixer truly sits perfectly with the overall palate of the record.