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Andy Somoza Juaan
The Amigos EP

The Amigos EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 30, 2024

New Locked-In

Locked-In is back in the game with its sixth release, The Amigos EP. This four-track exploration sees rising producers Andy Somoza and Juaan take the helm, crafting an EP destined for the crates of discerning DJs.

Leading the charge is "Disperso," a cheeky and extroverted anthem that injects chopped-up rave stabs and nostalgic vocal breaks into a tight rhythm section. It's a classic Locked-In opener with a fresh twist, sure to get bodies moving.

"5am" dials up the intensity with driving, compressed kicks and dry snares, exuding edgy confidence – perfect for those late-night warehouse sessions where the energy is pumping.

A left turn on the B-side. "Waita" ushers in a spooky atmosphere. Ghostly bells and wet synths dance around an electro snare and airy, galloping hi-hats, creating an intriguing and unsettling soundscape.

The EP closes with "Mi Partner," a masterfully woven tapestry featuring silky vocal samples, driving snares, and a killer bassline. This introspective track beautifully counterpoints the playful energy of the A-side.

Available in a month

Jul 31, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Mi Partner

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