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1x Cassette Tape



Release date

Jul 26, 2024

"Erosion" capture the essence of transformation and decay, weaving together layers of distorted beats, haunting melodies, and unexpected sonic explosions.

"Erosion" capture the essence of transformation and decay, weaving together layers of distorted beats, haunting melodies, and unexpected sonic explosions.

Evitceles layers each track, employing the interplay of harsh industrial elements and delicate atmospheric textures.
This dynamic fusion serves to explore profound themes of resilience, and the inexorable passage of time.

A visceral exploration of emotion viewed through the lens of post-industrial and ambient soundscapes.


Written and produced by Etien Slavchev
Mastered by Red Dungeon Studio
Artwork by Atra Bilis

Available in 10 days

Jul 26, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Transparent Abstinence




Ethereal Force


Flawed (ft. Kloxii Li)


Within A Haze 04:24


Evitceles - Imprecise (ft. Kloxii Li)


Contemplate In My Embrace

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