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Rush Fantasy

Rush Fantasy
Rush FantasyRush Fantasy






1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP



Release date

May 23, 2023

Can you feel it? It’s the “Rush Fantasy”…Striking whilst he is hot is Berlin based Norwegian - Henriku.

Can you feel it? It’s the “Rush Fantasy”…Striking whilst he is hot is Berlin based Norwegian - Henriku. He follows on from his sought after “New York Popcorn” EP with another atmospheric house and minimal exploration, laced with distinct rave energy. The animated four-track vinyl lands on Oslo based, Det Gode Selskab, an ongoing chemistry between artist and label have led to this hedonistic trip, captivating club sounds from a producer in his element. Live out your fantasy, and your wildest dreams.

Taking the lead is “I Do”, a seductive trip of house nostalgia, driven by chunky drums and a pulsating bass line, teased into the trip by the provocative vocals. The title track “Rush Fantasy” strips things back mechanical minimalistic movements converse with a hypnotic sub heavy bass, swaying under the influences of the after party.

On the flip is another steamy encounter with “Pillow Talk”, the vintage samples go hand in hand with the rugged and raw energy of the track. Mysterious textures melt your mind in “Nicotine 4 U”, a smoky vibe for the small hours of the night.

Henriku’s free spirit lives up perfectly to the DGS ethos, a safe haven for artistic freedom, making this a perfect home for the “Rush Fantasy” experience. “It Feels Sooo Good!!”.

Available Tomorrow

Aug 2, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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I Do


Rush Fantasy


Pillow Talk


Nicotine 4 U

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