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A New Dawn

A New Dawn






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 19, 2023

Tunik lands on Dekmantel with his distinctive strain of jacking drum machine electro-techno.

Tunik lands on Dekmantel with his distinctive strain of jacking drum machine electro-techno. The Barcelona-based, Argentina-born artist first emerged in 2020 with a standout EP and collaborative spot for Nicolas Lutz’s My Own Jupiter label before notching up a release with Furthur Electronix, and now his emotionally-charged sound spreads its wings once more.

A New Dawn lands somewhere between original 80s synth-pop, the noirish allure of early 00s electro and sleek modern techno, using a full spectrum of synths to draw out harmonically rich tunes that pack in the feels while holding enough mystery to keep a dancefloor enthralled. From the melancholic chimes of 'New Dawn Fades' to the electro lament of 'The Aeon', 'Electro 01's punchy, bass-warping rave energy to 'Third Eye Connection's acidic introspection, it’s an EP which cements Tunik’s highly developed expression through his array of studio tools, all strapped to finely honed club structures for maximum dancefloor impact.

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Sleeve: M


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New Dawn Fades


The Aeon


Electro 01


Third Eye Connection

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Kenn-Eerik is an Estonian versatile sound artist and musician working in Tallinn. His passion for music began in early childhood when he witnessed accordion playing as a six-year-old boy. Encouraged by this musical experience, he learned various instruments over the years, engaged in choir singing, and participated in the activities of several bands. Even today, he is part of a band called Käsi which was created with friends from teenage times.Kenn-Eerik became interested in electronic music during high school when he composed the first songs – inspired by dubstep and dub. Wanting to cultivate his technical music skills, he went to study sound technology at the Viljandi Academy of Culture. Along with his studies in Viljandi, he acquired his first drum machines and synthesizers, which, in addition to his personal creative activities, were also used to compose music for dance performances. While his first DJ sets consisted mainly of dubstep, with minor detours into the areas of techno and house, by now this relationship has become the opposite – techno and house beats have become more concrete and present, but the influences of dub and dubstep are still there. Over the years, Kenn-Eerik has played in several Tallinn clubs such as Ulme, Ups, Asum, Uni, Hall, etc. His live debut took place at the festival Kuru Plirr (2015). In addition to DJ and live sets, cooperation with several theaters operating in Estonia has deepened over time, where he has composed soundscapes based on original music.Kenn-Eerik’s music can be characterized as a search for a certain state. His sound language is centered on organically flowing synth lines and minimalistic rhythms, which combine the deeper areas of techno, house, ambient and experimental music. Kenn-Eerik does not directly set genre restrictions for himself, nor does he limit himself in the choice of choosing instruments – anything that inspires and drives will be used, starting from analog synthesizers and ending with recorded sewer pipe sounds.
Harmony Rec. has closed one chapter and is boldly opening another with its next release, HARMONY011. This latest offering not only presents a fresh redesign of their upcoming vinyl releases with an added screen-printed PVC sleeve but also introduces a new artist hailing from the collective's hometown of Prague.Trevor Linde (@trvlnd), a member of the Polygon crew responsible for some of the most vibrant events in Prague from 2013 to 2016, has honed his sound design skills and perfected heart-stopping live performances ranging from cinematic ambient to techno. His latest EP, "Whispering Thru The Mask," showcases three indisputable techno compositions with characteristic rigidity and tripping percussions that will make your head spin.In addition to Linde's tracks, two of the EP's offerings have been expertly revised by Harmony's own Shoal. These versions submerge the listener into an even deeper mood than the original mixes. And if that wasn't enough, the EP's final track is a digital bonus, a 100 BPM reinterpretation with a magical fairy tale outro.
New Depth Over Distance EP with raw talent from The Hague with an EP full of weird, pulsing grooves. We're happy to finally have Young Adults join our little club. Detroit-style remix on the flip side from doddub-star David.As per usual for all Depth Over Distance releases: each record is a seperate combination of colours and therefore 100% unique.
Grey Matter - Lost In Thought, originally released in November 1996 on Axia Records as a 5 track EP is now back on vinyl.Dave Mothersole had this to say in his review of it for Muzik magazine in February 1997."Acid Techno, slo-mo Hip Hop breaks, right through to old school, bottom heavy warehouse grooves and Depeche Mode-meets-Juan Atkins purism. The real surprise, here, though, is how thoroughly listenable the whole thing is. Innovative, imaginative, and pretty bloody good."This release includes all 5 tracks from the original AX001 release which has been selling for over £60 a copy on Discogs, spread over two 12"s with 3 extra unreleased tracks 'Never Die Just Multiply', 'Musical Electronic Poetry', and the 'Melt Into The Floor Mix' of 'Gloomy Encounters'.All tracks are remastered from the orignal DAT tapes by Paul Mac & Simon @ The Exchange.