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Venice Pavilion

Venice Pavilion






VOI 025


1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Apr 19, 2021

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Bratanic Surfers






Hollywood X High



Hands Of The Tall



In QSub


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EYA Records welcomes Jucid, an electronic music artist hailing from South Korea, for her impressive vinyl debut! 4 dancefloor bombs fusing elements of trance, new beat, acid and Techno.
Routed through an interdimensional gateway; the latest message from Psy-fi Sounds has materialized. Reporting back to the home world with 4 separate accounts of their latest cosmic endeavors. Encounters with complex life forms, analysis of digital realities and investigations into the true nature of the universe are transcribed within. The trilogy is now complete.
After four years, De Lichting is back with a new double album: Drie Nul Drie!This fresh addition to the infamous compilation series revolves around a central theme: The 303 Acid Bassline.The double LP format has always been the weapon of choice for the crew when it comes to implementing diversity in their musical story.Despite the 303 being a rather limited concept, everyone within the collective finds a unique way to approach this classic element that has been rinsed for decades. From the typical techno bomb of “MJM002” to the sneaky after hours tech gem “5421”, or the Detroit influenced chill-out cut “Tool”, the album bursts with playfulness and creativity, while coming together logically sound wise.
Fresh new artist on the label, who has already established his name on the scene. A slowly cooked and well rounded EP from the dutch artist, where acid and emotion are the key references.
The new LP by Krefeld-born, Berlin-based artist Philipp Otterbach entitled 'The Dahlem Diaries'.Recorded in a little-visited corner of the German capital, 'The Dahlem Diaries' is a convergence of ideas, sketches and tracks, both old and new, most of which were produced between 2020-2022. Whilst eerie atmospheres, electronics and drums have played a pivotal role in Philipp’s earlier releases, his latest is a rather more introspective affair, in which the guitar takes a leading role. A role Otterbach uses to quietly bring light and hope to his music.Speaking about his writing process, Philipp explains that, based around his original compositions, “Friends were nice enough to contribute additional parts on their instruments which I then reworked, put together and re-contextualized. The recordings encapsulate a very specific moment in time, one that would have sounded perhaps very different the day before or after.”Combined with a strong use of effects and field recordings, 'The Dahlem Diaries' feels somewhat like a scene or fragment from a story, in which the narrative remains undefined. It is a playful album that is something of a blurred underwater adventure, sounding as bright as it is hazy, even psychedelic at times, yet with an almost melancholic positivity. In Philipp’s own words: “It could be an album about friendship and being at one with myself, whilst at the same time bringing a certain seriousness to my music, but not necessarily to myself; there is also a playful humour hidden in there. ”Artwork by David McFarline.