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Your First Lesson EP

Your First Lesson EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 18, 2024

New 333 Frequency

New 333 Frequency

Available in a month

Aug 7, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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To The Situation




Your First Lesson

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Legendary minimal - and acid house before that - pioneer Baby Ford very much set the blueprint for the genre back in the late 90s, both solo and with The Ifach Collective, who featured Ian Loveday, Mark Broom and Thomas Melchior (amongst others). Now they are reminding us of the greatness of that work with the first in a series of reissues coming in 2023. These tunes were originally put out back on the legendary Klang Elektronik in 2000. First up is 'Tea Party' by Eon, M-Core, and Baby Ford, an ice-cold rolling dub. 'On The Floor' with Mark Broom gets more percussive and then comes a solo cut from Baby Ford, 'The Healing' which is as heady as can be and finally 'Word For Word' featuring Cheru Amadi layers up slithers of silvery percussion and cuddly bass into dubbed-out tech heaven.
SOUNDS. presents the most wanted release from the entier catalogue! Sounds005 - Gemini & Unit T - Sideburns (12) Re-issue from 1995!
With the timely reissue of Megalon's highly acclaimed album 'Pandora's Box,' we are now thrilled to present the first of two archival compilations by the London-based electronic production duo.This compilation meticulously curates handpicked tracks from Megalon's 1993 collection, featuring music from their EPs released on the legendary Plink Plonk label during that year. By delving into these archival tracks, the compilation effortlessly showcases Megalon's signature blend of modern, forward-thinking, and impeccably sleek techno hybrids. Prepare yourself for a diverse range of musical moods that provide a comprehensive 360° sonic experience of Megalon's esteemed catalog, ranging from deep techno meditations to high-octane dancefloor anthems.Every track included in this compilation has been meticulously sourced from Megalon's original DAT tape archive and expertly remastered by the highly skilled Curvepusher. Furthermore, the artwork and design have been thoughtfully crafted under the watchful eye of Rogan Jeans, the original Plink Plonk Records and Megalon designer, ensuring a visually captivating experience that complements the music perfectly.
New Lifeforms by Death Lessons
Warped vision; the time spill is source of our distortia, in recognition we recalibrate. It neither predicts an age nor remembers an era, the function is the flow – not parallel but actual. The set points swim in a fever dream, a pink mist which echoes both signal and version. Detangled, decrypted, explained – it could be primal truth, except for endless reality…New message from the Mirror Zone, signals here cast by DJ Ungel who summons mystic breakbeat and shamanic acid from deep fractal wells of pan-consciousness. Charged mantras echo and gate amongst pulsating Megadog trance, whilst waves of ERP and Stinsonian electro roll into the ambient dub of Higher Intelligence Agency, Universal Egg, and other Artificial Intelligence like Banco De Gaia and Sandoz.True energy.
UK veteran The Dexorcist debuts on Traditions with his trademark hardcore & rave infused electro , 5 killer cuts for quirky dancefloors ...