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Tumbadora EP




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Jul 19, 2024



Comprehensive, full-spectrum, sonic experiments built for clubs. Uncategorisable in all the right ways. Danny Daze and Jonny From Space team up for their joint Craigie Knowes debut. The ‘Tumbadora’ EP is a masterclass in technical production whilst retaining all the rhythm and power required to destroy dancefloors. It’s one for the listeners and the clubbers. Nick León steps in with a stripped back version of ‘Sweet Spot Radio’ that’s every bit as mind-melting as the 3 original tracks. Prepare for the freefall!

Available in a month

Jul 19, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Sweet Spot Radio


Sweet Spot Radio (Nick Leon Dub)





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After a five year hiatus Luke Slater reanimates his L.B. Dub Corp alias for a dynamic, vocal-led ode to the club featuring Robert Owens, Paul St. Hilaire, Miss Kittin and more.Slater is responsible for some of the most enduring electronic music of the past 30 years, including his grandiose ambient techno project The 7th Plain and the trailblazing machine funk of Planetary Assault Systems. He debuted the L.B. Dub Corp alias in 2006 as an outlet for a broader, looser kind of club music. His third LP the name, ‘Saturn To Home’ also marks his first appearance on Dekmantel.The result of more than a year’s exacting work, here we find Slater reflecting on his formative influences and funnelling them into eight incisive tracks that range from the feverish passion of ‘Your Love’s infectious chord stabs to the star-scraping breakbeat techno of ‘Only The Good Times’ via the smoky soundsystem tendrils of ‘Golden Star’ and the elastic drums and mutant synth funk of ‘Krank’. As well as celebrating the intersectionality of club culture and the vibrant vocals of his invited guests, it’s also the first time Slater has committed his life-long love of playing drums onto a record — just listen to the sizzling rhythmic tension of ‘Cloak And Dagger’ and you’ll instantly understand where he’s coming from.From every syncopated groove to the spine-tingling rush of the melodic hooks, Slater tells the story of his life in music, which means his life overall, without ever being stuck in the past.
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Pascale Project debuts on Craigie Knowes with the ‘Good People Only’ EP. The title is lifted from the title track ‘Café Crazy’ – a dance-pop hybrid soaked in good vibes and electronic fun. The 3 original tracks are laced with original lyrics and themes that were written and performed by Pascale Project. A1 is remixed and refoamed by the D. Tiffany with additional vox by NAP.
Caposile Music is back again with another stunning Ep by its regular monthly guest Manuel De Lorenzi.Manuel is with no doubts a technical student at the old school’s sound. After his almost 20 years of productions, he always searches the perfect combination between grooves from the past with a future attitude and this time he landed on Caposile Music with 3 groovy tunes perfect for any moment of the party. Accompanying by the rising star T. Jacques who gives another dancefloor’s touch to the title’s track.This is “You Freak Me Ep”On the A side we have the title’s track “You Freak Me” who has a strong percussive groove with crunchy vocals and nice chords.Then the other one “Residency” is more uplifting with a killer bassline.On the B side we have the solid remix of “You Freak Me” by T. Jacques who delivers us a fat groove and rolling bassline with Manuel’s rolling percussions.To close the release, we have “Spice The Gap” on B2 Who is an anthem to rock dancefloor, always accompanying by Manuel’s touch with raw percussions, deep stabs and crispy vocals.With this Ep Manuel wanted to create something unique, fat and raw sound and we think this is gonna be a solid one.