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Immaginario EP

Immaginario EP






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

May 19, 2021

Kreggo on Furthur Electronix!

Kreggo on Furthur Electronix!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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After Waiting


Floatnet Jplogue


Sudden Changes


In Memory Of A Common Feeling


Lektro Erg Kg

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Next up on Curated By Time: Sian Loves It - My Secret’s Safe With You.This is the seldom-seen moniker of Affie Yusuf and the only release he made under it, making each track extra special.I Am Free sets the tone thanks to shimmering hats and a looping underlying groove, opening neatly into Paris Is Ok with its pulsing synth lines. Then Get Out Of My Life rounds things off, a low-slung, well-aged house number.
Reeko on Ownlife!
Waters of Western Bulgarian Lethe have abruptly flown underground. Into a cave filled with ancient wall paintings of surrounding lavender fields, already showing traces of early technologies and industrialization. The path leads out of Lukovit, heading south, way south and even further west. The multi-faceted crew responsible for Prarhamansah 2x12'' returns to Brutaż with more material, this time hitting a more opaque, dissonant note. Perfect for long nights propelled by coffee and darkness and dreams of artificial smalltown landscapes. Recorded in between 1999 and 2007A1 courtesy of Vasil Raykov & Atanas Georgiev, A2 is by Deyan Dimitrov. with B1, B2 written and produced by Hristo NikolovMastered and cut by Tim Xavier at Manmade MasteringArtwork by Jagna DembińskaDesign by Aleksandra Grünholz (Studio Chaotyczne)
Well it had to happen eventually didn’t it. I have been thinking about releasing a DnB record for a long time but had stalled as I hadn’t been finding myself playing up at that tempo and I always want to be able to play the label records out as much as possible. Nowadays I am so all over the place when it comes to tempo that I could easily find myself reaching for 160-170 tracks and so now seems like the perfect time to release some music up at those speeds.
In the eighth installment of My King Is Light’s release, the label presents “The Thomas Stieler Edits”, an exquisite musical journey crafted by none other than Melchior Production LTD.
Best Effort dives deeper into the archives of Anthony Maher (Sheriff Lindo) and Andrew Armstrong aka Nutcase & Papachubba. Reissued as a 7 inch, these two tracks see the duo blending their diverse range of shared influences, stepping outside of the Drum & Bass and Jungle blueprint that they carved out for themselves for their singular full-length release, ‘Flex’.