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1x Vinyl 12" LP

Release date

Jul 25, 2023

LP edition of 220 in printed sleeve w/ download code

LP edition of 220 in printed sleeve w/ download code

."Obsessive tekno/grime experiment from London's lostdomain producer Leeway following the great great Krevet EP. Very compatible with ~160 BPM hardtek/trance. Grainy desaturated claustrophobic sound progressing to full, crisp and dreamy with alien salival textures...Whole album varies on two or three circling themes. Super zoney and subdued and spiritual but then jumps right out of the speakers with violence." - STRESS zine

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


English Air Jester


English Dead


English Air Untouched






English Air Erosion


Spirit Rapping


Blind Fever



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