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Frame Jack 1

Frame Jack 1








1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Aug 9, 2023

Having operated as Anoesis since 1994 - Letchworth based producer Howard Dodd now readies a fresh body of work cherry picked from studio sessions.

Having operated as Anoesis since 1994 - Letchworth based producer Howard Dodd now readies a fresh body of work cherry picked from studio sessions spanning 2010 > 2023. 'Frame Jack 1' utilises modular synths through to Casio toys with heavy doses of UK breaks to inaugurate a new label Kranq.

Formations 09 kicks things off with a heady tapestry as snares and wood blocks are braided over warm, psychedelic tones. Amorgos follows with a snappy but low-slung break that is set swinging over gooey pads, snarling low frequencies and more hazy atmospherics.

'Trash Man Broken' follows with an exercise in molten robotics, recalling a Metamatics vibe with it's pin-prick hats, jagged bass notes and colourful melodies. 'Hawassa' then rolls out another deftly mapped 2-step groove that manages to occupy a zone between rude and classy.

'Cargo Cult' then renders a fractal trip - a pastiche of 90's Electronica and Trip Hop that finishes off a highly accomplished batch of productions and signals the birth of a captivating new project in Kranq.

produced by H.Dodd @anoesismusic
mastered by Marco @analogcutmastering
artwork by Daniele @dshot92
distributed by One Eye Witness @oneyewitness

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Formations 09




Trash Man Broken




Cargo Cult

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