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Above EP

Above EP




Last Age




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM 45 RPM EP



Release date

Jul 1, 2021

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Anthony Linell puts a steely force at the foreground of his latest EP, Sheltering Skies. Blunt force tension builds, layer upon layer, as an anatomy of mechanistic torsion is worked in across an opening pair of tracks. Linell holds out the respite and oxygen for the EP's closer, undercut by aching feedback that just threatens to go again.
Iro Aka are back on Hivern with the last installment of the trilogy that started back in 2020 with "El Passatge de les Ombres". The present album, "Planet Earth", which will also be released on CD, showcases a new side of the catalan duo. The seven songs share a clinical approach in sound design of both percussion and ambiances. Cuts like the opener "14.696" build up slowly while "Aquamarine", one of the singles, showcases a more euphoric side of the project. This combination of tension, spaced out beats and hypnotic cuts reflects Iro Aka's commitment to creating a cohesive and immersive work that rewards thorough listens. Illustration by Vica Pacheco and design by Eenyakee.
After successful releases on Transatlantic and Monnom Black, German FM synthesis wizard Luca Daniel Schwarz (aka LDS) presents his latest record ‘algo5’. The EP captures a wide range of sonic ground with innovative and futuristic edge. ’nbdfoil’ the opening track starts the voyage with mesmerising awe before sliding into ‘kizzt_VF’ where reality distorts and mind-warping events unfold. Closing out the A side the interlude ‘<13’ stumbles along with playful weirdness and explorative sonic gestures. Back in more familiar territory the B-side’s ‘fl+’ and ‘Vone’ propel dynamic rhythms through the ether until arriving at the final track, ‘mfäg’ where fragmented arps and cinematic ambience give an emotional sense of closure. LDS’s ability to compose to a high level of depth and intrigue is unmistakably a significant feat for any electronic dance music producer and testament to the possibilities of modern sound design. ’algo5’ arrives in Autumn 2022 on 12” Vinyl/Digital.
Delsin welcomes Jayson Wynters into the fold for a four-track EP that embodies techno as a vibrant, expressive artform with the ability to uplift. On The Affect Heuristic, Wynters strides forth with an electrifying machine language, calling to mind the feverish, psychedelic tweaking and layering of visionaries like Dan Curtin and Lee Purkis (In Sync). Across four tracks, Wynters pivots between distinctly Motor City-indebted funk, springy electro-techno and vivid, immersive soundchasms. The artwork - a canny meld of bold geometry, bright colours and rough textures from Erosie and Erris Huigens (Graphic Surgery) - responds to the music in a wholly appropriate way.
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