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Big Zen
Prayer Bass

Prayer Bass


Big Zen


Mood Hut




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Dec 21, 2022

Big Zen makes his entrance on Mood Hut records with Prayer Bass.

Big Zen makes his entrance on Mood Hut records with Prayer Bass, a freely focused collection of euphoric funk-splashed club-cuts from the much-loved Vancouver underground legend. Those who have seen him play at free parties in the park or at the many under-cover basements of Vancouver City will already know what Prayer Bass is all about.

After many sessions and years of friendship both on and off the dance floor we are pleased to finally work with Big Zen. Following up his recently self-released 'Mirror Cut' 12" here Big Zen continues to swim out into the technicolour deep: Prayer bass is purple, Sugar Coated is frosty cream, Cash Splash is lightning blue, Rumble Ball is tangerine.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Prayer Bass




Cash Splash


Rumble Ball

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Limited 180g 12", single press, individually numbered, no repress, no digital.