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1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP



Release date

Dec 21, 2022

Gems Under The Horizon, the chillout division of Belgium’s Basic Moves returns with its second release this July.

Gems Under The Horizon, the chillout division of Belgium’s Basic Moves returns with its second release this July, comprised of four original cuts from various artists across the globe.

Gems Under The Horizon was launched by Basic Moves label boss Walrus originally as a Sunday daytime party series aimed at sharing electronic music in the chillout, ambient and downtempo sphere to wind down the weekend. The affiliate imprint was launched in April 2021 with material from Astral Industries artist Sonmi451 and Dylan Thomas Hayes.

Here the label returns with four new tracks welcoming an array of new artists onto its roster and leading the way is &Apos who delivers ‘Vigo’, a hauntingly beautiful journey through swelling textures, plucked strings ethereal voices and synth modulations. Salamanda’s ‘No Vacation’ follows, the Seoul, South Korea based duo of Uman

Therma a.k.a. Sala and Yetsuby a.k.a. Manda turn their focus towards an amalgamation of gamelan like chimes, metallic percussion, organic drum grooves and flute like synth work. Ugné & Maria’s ‘Into Orbit’ opens the flip side, as the name would suggest embracing a spaced-out aesthetic with intricately unfolding melodies, cinematic atmospherics, and gritty broken drums. Bogota, Colombia’s

Manta Ray then rounds out the release with ‘Mysterious Ways’ as she traverses through off-kilter rhythms, unfurling pads, choppy scratches, broken vocal cuts and meandering subs.

Available in 13 days

Dec 21, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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&apos - Vigo


Salamanda - No Vacation


Ugne & Maria - Into Orbit


Manta Ray - Mysterious Ways

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