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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Dec 14, 2022

Amsterdam based DJ and producer Mayo joins the Fides family with her Frenemies EP marking the 15th release of Fides Records.

Amsterdam based DJ and producer Mayo joins the Fides family with her Frenemies EP marking the 15th release of Fides Records.

Mayo showcases 5 cuts of finely crafted electro and EBM-influenced Techno, it's impossible not to be drawn by her distorted voice that defines each track.

Unrelenting grooves and a deeper look into her analog sound design flair, these tracks are timeless in sound and production quality.

“Tell me how you die” kicks it off as the A1 with stomping analog kick and drums, a dark jumping bassline pushing the groove with ethereal synths.

“Not your shadow” as the A2 strips it back into a 303Acidbass-based track marked by singular industrial sounds and Vocal Shots that are lost in the groove carried by a background synth sequence that follows throughout the track.

The last track of the A Side is “Frenemies” a pulsing, meditative composition featuring label owner and Tresor resident Z.I.P.P.O, who added to Mayo's energetic, analog and eventually dark sense, a more mental, deep and intense face typical of the Italian artist. The B Side starts with Miami Legend Danny Daze’s Hell Mix of “Frenemies” in which he exhibits his unique sound design techniques, combining tribal-tinged rhythm, sharp FX that pops up from the corners of the soundscape with stretched vocals in order to highlight the track's protagonist: a modulated brass bass.

Mary Lake’s Remix of “Tell Me How you Die” closes the EP with a deep kick drum driven forward with rolling and modulated closed hats that run through the track while atmospheric sounds carry the filtered Brass before dissolving into the end of the track.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Tell Me How You Die


Not Your Shadow


Frenemies feat. Z.I.P.P.O


Frenemies (Danny Daze Hell Mix)


Tell me How you Die (Mary Lake Remix)

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In contrast to their previous EP’s, ‘Xenolith’ ups the intensity focusing on rugged breakbeats and destructive low end pressure. Across four tracks the duo experiment at different tempos, unearthing a myriad of themes inspired by forensic analysis and autonomous technological forces. Like alloys mysteriously grown from ore, fragmented artifacts of familiar origin take on new meaning. ‘Xenolith’ is bound together by complex and dystopian atmospheres, forging perhaps Tracing Xircles most intriguing record so far.
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Ethel / E.N.E for LAIK003!
Waters of Western Bulgarian Lethe have abruptly flown underground. Into a cave filled with ancient wall paintings of surrounding lavender fields, already showing traces of early technologies and industrialization. The path leads out of Lukovit, heading south, way south and even further west. The multi-faceted crew responsible for Prarhamansah 2x12'' returns to Brutaż with more material, this time hitting a more opaque, dissonant note. Perfect for long nights propelled by coffee and darkness and dreams of artificial smalltown landscapes. Recorded in between 1999 and 2007A1 courtesy of Vasil Raykov & Atanas Georgiev, A2 is by Deyan Dimitrov. with B1, B2 written and produced by Hristo NikolovMastered and cut by Tim Xavier at Manmade MasteringArtwork by Jagna DembińskaDesign by Aleksandra Grünholz (Studio Chaotyczne)