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Jackson Ryland
Simple Wants

Simple Wants




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

May 6, 2022

Simple Wants Jackson Ryland Pleasant Life - PLF003

A fast paced EP from DC based producer Jackson Ryland who you might know from previous outings on Peach Discs or as part of Superabundance alongside Max D on Future Times. Rave meets Detroit - tracks built for the club.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Complex Desires


Choosing To See The Beauty


Simple Wants


Think Pleasant Thoughts (Pressure Mix)


Think Pleasant Thoughts (Pensive Mix)

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"Octopus’s Garden" opens like curtains parting to reveal a gleaming aquatic dreamrealm. Rippling percussion and notes dissipating into fathomless seas conjure visions of vivid coraline grottos. In "Introspection," lacey patterns of synthesized thought crystallize upon subdued beats, steeping the listener in hypnotic reflection.The journey peaks within the kaleidoscopic whorls of "Circles," its radial pulses emanating from a shimmering nebula of tuned light. Within this mesmeric vortex, all notions of terrestrial logic dissolve into rapture's core.Techno maestro Luigi Tozzi adds his magic with the remix of "Introduction", retaining the original's ethereal aura but ramping up the rhythmic intensity and full-bodied low ends for the dancefloor.
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After a long period of significant changes, comes a release that will set a mark on the label, in this pack the tempo has risen up, the usual chords, delays & reverbs this time evoke (till a certain point) an almost extinct sound where techno and trance manage to go hand in hand in a stylized and subtle way that in today´s field is hard to find. This release, aside from being the artist's first solo reference, also marks an evolution of the label's sound towards new horizons without losing the essence that has characterized the brand from the beginning.Long live the 10th.
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