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Various Artists
Liquid Colours

Liquid Colours
Liquid ColoursLiquid Colours






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 27, 2021

Session Restore teams up with good friends Bernhard and FL_000 for a colorful, groovy techno EP.

Session Restore teams up with good friends Bernhard and FL_000 for a colorful, groovy techno EP.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Bernhard & Session Restore - Common Quest


FL_000 & Session Restore - Spheroid


Session Restore - Untitled


Session Restore - Summer Daze


Bernhard - Relais

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In these years, and especially in these last days spring blossoms, and within those new works and especially in the vinyl universe that music and the cult for it tell us continue to give away great projects.We talk about the trio and family from Spain and Chile made up of the Iberian duo [ØNE + 1] Ruben Solar and Alexander Necaa, and from Chile CAMILO GIL.Within the pandemic nights of quarantine, they have given life to a new vinyl for one of those emblematic vinyl labels in France such as ADULT ONLY led by the legend CHRIS CARRIER in its special edition number 50.We talk about LE MATIN ep.A work of the trio made up of 4 cuts that roam between, synths, drums, breaks, and the style and identity of the trio.Soon to air in a few days worldwide both in limited edition on vinyl, as well as on digital platform.We can see four cuts called:LE MATIN (original mix), already on a lysergic and dizzying journey that sails in the sea of ​​deep n break house, plus a remix of a Chicago house legend like BRIAN HARDEN, and his new appearance in the world of music, and its reversion that takes us to travel to the city of the vineyard in 8 minutes.To show the other side of the vinyl with the sample of:AFSW (Original Mix), a special track cut for those who when the sun rises will continue to extend their dance ritual, and the homeowner’s exceptional remix, already with his French label, Break, Electro and house tinctures, on the head of the great CHRIS CARRIER.A Work done in silence, that sprouts like a spring flower, that will surely be turning in many trays of the world, parties, and festivals that we will soon enjoy in summer.Coming soon, a work that brings together the best landscapes portrayed in art by the Chilean plastic artist Valentiza Eyzaguirre (Chile) that brings together in a collage just like the theme of vinyl in Santiago de Chile – Paris – Valencia – Ibiza and Chicago.A cult piece that we will soon see playing and within the best record labels in the world as well as on digital platforms.Health!
Constructed from a library of sounds collected by the artist in the rainforests of Borneo, Llyr’s debut album is an expansive documentation of natural beauty and human interference. Out July 29th on Max Cooper’s Mesh imprint, it is the first full-length album from the Berlin resident.The result of painstakingly manipulating these recordings via a multitude of cutting edge production techniques, Biome is an expression of precarity and beauty. It invites the listener to be enveloped by Llyr’s augmented reality rendering of the tropical rainforest, one of the Earth’s most biodiverse and iconic biomes, and encourages them to consider our impact on the natural world.Split into two sections - Pre-Anthropocene and Anthropocene - Biome tells its story with vast sonic ecosystems of molecular detail. Opening to the sounds of bird call, faint monkey hollers and the gentle crackling of mist-enshrouded trees, the album sets its tone with an archetypal impression of the jungle; one of instant familiarity. This is then expanded on across eight tracks, with the first four offering an abstract meditation on the marvels of nature, and the remainder of the album presenting a sonic vision of human interference - more chaotic and complicated than before.Llyr’s recordings include signifiers of human presence left untouched as an integral part of the story, with natural phenomena manifesting in different ways on each track. The resulting creations are a testament to the inherent musicality of the natural world. ‘Courtship Signal’ uses a recording of frogs singing in Kubah National Park to map out the rhythms and pitches of its composition, reconstructing an exact structural replica of these mating calls before manipulating and recomposing. Elsewhere, ‘The Hawthorne Effect’ captures a swarm of insects engaging in a rare mating ritual, sampling both a collective hum and individual percussive moments to build an entire library of sound. Similarly, ‘Winged Chamber Music’ carves out a majestic sonic cave using recordings of water dripping and the chattering of bats pitched down to human hearing range. Having engaged wholeheartedly with these moments as they occurred, Llyr extracts themes and motifs with a sincere respect for their origins.The first section is made in its entirety from Llyr’s own rainforest recordings with no use of drum machines, synths or samples. The recordings feature at every possible scale from macro to micro: unmodified binaural field recordings set the scene; granulated layers add pseudo-synthetic textural atmosphere; iteratively processed one-shots provide punctuation; and carefully designed custom instruments, forged from short fragments and cycles, express harmony and rhythm. The second half, heralding the arrival of humans, relaxes the rule book and a smattering of synthetic elements enter the fray to maximise visceral impact.The resulting work is a debut album that considers extensive themes by weaving these rare recordings into a remarkably coherent sonic blueprint. Biome resonates as both an affecting listening experience and a thematic exploration of the changing world we inhabit.
Joining us for the third release of Arpanet, Infinity Plus One, veteran producer coming to us from the London underworld. His unique sound oscillates between a twisted, distorted techno with hypnotic vocals and breaky electro. Truly timeless sounds that we dare you to recognize. Two of the tracks are repressed 2005, but two others are unreleased from his 1999 catalog and the other was cooked up just a few months ago in 2022.
Another disastrous Poppers attempt at making people feel like dancing, this time featuring a promo release for DJ Tranquilos - a completely unknown "artist", never booked before DJ, virgin territory for bookers. Guaranteed to offer anything but tranquility to the listener. French vocal epic HiNRG pop cover and Soca dancefloor bulldozer on the A side. Heavy percussive acoustic drums with extraterrestrial synths and a sound effects DJ tool on the B side. Mastered for maximum dancefloor impact - only for true Peak Time DJs.
The fourth release from Cartulis Music's sublabel, ALT, is brought to you by the freshly formed French duo known as AV1. This will be the first record of a 2-part series by the newly formed duo under ALT.AV1 is a project helmed by the seasoned producer and DJ, Chris Carrier, who has been making waves in the music scene since the late '90s. Accompanied by Le Loup, another stalwart of the Parisian music scene, this dynamic duo shares a profound passion for acid and classicist house/techno grooves.The EP kicks off with "Light Gate," a mesmerizing, steady techno journey infused with subtle trance elements and harmonious pads that captivate both the mind and the body. The A side follows with "Origins," an effortlessly flowing breakbeat composition adorned with just the right touch of acid, crafting an enigmatic yet inviting ambiance.On the B side, we go deeper with "98% Safe," a dynamic track that seamlessly transitions from euphoric synths and bursts of color to mind-bending acid grooves and ominous undertones. This sonic tapestry is expertly woven together through innovative sampling techniques and a sense of fluidity. Bringing the record to a sublime close is "8 OG," a dreamy electro piece perfectly suited for a multitude of settings, it’s a sonic journey that beckons us to join in and experience it firsthand.
"Synchronicity" being the label's first EP, it had to convey its DNA. Musically, it's a record that combines both dancefloor and mental elements, with one side oriented towards Electro and the other being deeper and more minimal. Its predominant color is red, like the first chakra, representing beginnings, vital force, and materialization. The overall result creates an intense, vibrant, and profound debut record.