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Winter In Bogwang EP
Winter In Bogwang EPWinter In Bogwang EP




1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM EP Limited Edition

Release date

Another disastrous Poppers attempt at making people feel like dancing.

Another disastrous Poppers attempt at making people feel like dancing, this time featuring a promo release for DJ Tranquilos - a completely unknown "artist", never booked before DJ, virgin territory for bookers. Guaranteed to offer anything but tranquility to the listener. French vocal epic HiNRG pop cover and Soca dancefloor bulldozer on the A side. Heavy percussive acoustic drums with extraterrestrial synths and a sound effects DJ tool on the B side. Mastered for maximum dancefloor impact - only for true Peak Time DJs.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Windy Bogwang


Slippery Endeavour


Mandolin Martini

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One of New York's early pioneers of techno and DJ culture, Reade Truth has been an integral part of the cities' techno history. His first of over two dozen releases came out in 1994 on the Brooklyn underground acid label, Direct Drive. Since then, his releases have made many a mark on labels like Planet E, Strictly Rhythm, Sonic Groove, Instinct, Pomelo, Wurst, N-Syde, Path Records and so on. Basic Moves continues the New York vs. Belgium love story with six carefully selected tracks (never released before!) out of Reade his personal archive.(NOTE: original liner notes will be written by his best friend Adam X)
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After three EP's in his own name, and one with Moreno Ácido at Holuzam, Diogo makes his debut 12” in the Discos Extendes series with “FINALMENTE!”. In a singular appropriation of the vast legacy of rave culture, Diogo crosses, along four tracks, a certain time span between the 90's and the 2020's, with all kinds of recycling and updates that the exercise entails. Syncopated rhythmic patterns, robust basses, junglist echoes, haunted voices or celestial pads make up a revivalist sound palette, here rearticulated beyond linear structures. “Até Segunda” sets the tone in territories close to Objekt's Theme from Q in a live sound design amidst sudden disturbances and rallying hooks. Tracks 2 and 3 stand out for their plot twists: “Ponto de Não Retorno” starts with a frenetic breaky maze before get immersed in a oneiric landscape, and “What?!” progresses gently within Vancouver coordinates to be opened to a schizophrenic rawness that, from there, completely remakes the track. “Errar É Ok” is an exercise of decompression, melodically woven, with a dreamy coda pointing to nostalgic horizons. Violet closes the EP with a muscular version of “Ponto de Não Retorno”. "Finalmente!" marks for this unstable balance between familiarity and strangeness, intuitiveness and disturbance, euphoria and immersion. Tracks for the dance floor, yes, with a twist, to be rediscovered as often as you like.
In these years, and especially in these last days spring blossoms, and within those new works and especially in the vinyl universe that music and the cult for it tell us continue to give away great projects.We talk about the trio and family from Spain and Chile made up of the Iberian duo [ØNE + 1] Ruben Solar and Alexander Necaa, and from Chile CAMILO GIL.Within the pandemic nights of quarantine, they have given life to a new vinyl for one of those emblematic vinyl labels in France such as ADULT ONLY led by the legend CHRIS CARRIER in its special edition number 50.We talk about LE MATIN ep.A work of the trio made up of 4 cuts that roam between, synths, drums, breaks, and the style and identity of the trio.Soon to air in a few days worldwide both in limited edition on vinyl, as well as on digital platform.We can see four cuts called:LE MATIN (original mix), already on a lysergic and dizzying journey that sails in the sea of ​​deep n break house, plus a remix of a Chicago house legend like BRIAN HARDEN, and his new appearance in the world of music, and its reversion that takes us to travel to the city of the vineyard in 8 minutes.To show the other side of the vinyl with the sample of:AFSW (Original Mix), a special track cut for those who when the sun rises will continue to extend their dance ritual, and the homeowner’s exceptional remix, already with his French label, Break, Electro and house tinctures, on the head of the great CHRIS CARRIER.A Work done in silence, that sprouts like a spring flower, that will surely be turning in many trays of the world, parties, and festivals that we will soon enjoy in summer.Coming soon, a work that brings together the best landscapes portrayed in art by the Chilean plastic artist Valentiza Eyzaguirre (Chile) that brings together in a collage just like the theme of vinyl in Santiago de Chile – Paris – Valencia – Ibiza and Chicago.A cult piece that we will soon see playing and within the best record labels in the world as well as on digital platforms.Health!
A 4 track 12 inch EP, 4 completely different sounds, each one written with a different process. These tracks do not converge towards a single musical style, but each one has its own taste and goes through its own sonic evolution. A tangle of sounds that looks at itself, without time, without space, without wanting to be or look like something that already exists.