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Basic Moves 14

Basic Moves 14






3x Vinyl 12" 12" 7"



Release date

Dec 1, 2020

With her DJing and creative project Automagicalley​ on hiatus, Adi’s 2020 ​has been home to a slower kind of alchemy

With her DJing and creative project Automagicalley​ on hiatus, Adi’s 2020 ​has been home to a slower kind of alchemy - the creative processing of two years’ worth of musical sense impressions into the basic fact of a needle on a record.
Our dear Walrus tells the story best:
“Adi picked me up from El Dorado airport around Christmas 2018. I remember that moment stuck in a hot summer traffic jam, both of us laughing at the rattling from the trunk of her dad’s car - good ears! That evening we played outside under a lemon tree at one of the first Automagicalley events, a wonderful b2b full of curiosity and honesty about art, spirituality and life. Fast forward through some Europe trips - of course including a Basic Moves party - and we arrive at this mini album. The fruit of half a year of friendly exchange between Adi, me and our magical mix engineer Chris ‘Funk’ Ferreira, it reveals Adi’s authentic spirit - always moving, forever creating and endlessly believing.”
Adi herself explains the many emotions and headspaces influencing her process: the self-reflective loop of lockdown, the ebb and flow of working alone and with others, the despair of conflict and endings, the dizzy optimism of a Don Cherry album. Now these feeling-frequencies can be heard even louder around the globe.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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