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Sound Synthesis
Orbital 108

Orbital 108




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

May 28, 2024

Sound Synthesis is back with another fine 4 tracker of dark, acidic and futuristic electro. Limited hand stsamped copies..

Sound Synthesis is back with another fine 4 tracker of dark, acidic and futuristic electro. Limited hand stsamped copies..

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Whatever You Want


Communication Frequency




The Mind And Motion

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De Lichting announces its first solo record “Znton EP”, by the courtesy of Boris Acket (half of Working Titles). Boris delivers a conceptual club package of six lingering yet pounding groovers, ranging from playful minimal to dreamy house and more UK to techno influenced bass music. Four out of six tracks made their way onto vinyl, while the other two will be available digital on De Lichting’s Bandcamp page. Produced in one run with just a drum computer, mono synth, sampler, tape echo and a mixer, the release comprises a solid overlapping sound, but preserves its diversity through shimmering delays, distorting ring modulations and ever haunting synth patterns.
Chateau Chepere's fourth outing is another blissed-out bit of sunrise material that carefully accompanies dancers from a darkened dance floor out into the light. Zurich's underground mainstay Eli Verveine kicks off with the zoned-out tones and dusty deep house drums of 'Morning Dub' before Andu Simion & Dragos Roban aka Two Metromaniac Guys then comfort with the dubby, lo-fi deep house of 'Execution Error' with its hazy melodies and leggy bass. Australian underground talent Tim Jackiw then brings things back into sharper focus with the crisp dub tech of his classy closer 'Empty Theater'.
Enchanting, thrill-seeking desire. After three years, the second entry in the highly personal ZHR series has arrived. In Zohar's renewed modus operandi analog and digital techniques interact with dissected and transformed sound experiments -- an eclectic approach that honours the wide musical scope she is most interested in. Consciously withholding energy, these seven percussive and pulsating tracks seek a balance between a near teasing attitude, and total transgression. In the end, Zohar's volatile signature refuses to be contained.
The acidic electro master Sound Synthesis is back on Furthur Electronix with a brand new album! Limited copies and comes with a beautifully printed Gatefold sleeve.
Speaking of the release, Ketiov says:"Late Night People" is dedicated to everyone working hard in the club industry. To those who are pushing boundaries, moving things forward, and trying to make a change for the better. It’s a record for all the DJs and passionate dancers who bring the music to life on dance floors around the world. I wanted to make a 4 tracker EP with an old-school approach and have all 4 tracks very accessible and playable. You can play them and mix them together however you want, tools you can drop in any moment of your set.”Heavy support coming in from Midland, Leon Vynehall, Shanti Celeste, Roi Perez, Partok & of course Moxie herself.