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Discount DJs present Vol. 2

Discount DJs present Vol. 2
Discount DJs present Vol. 2Discount DJs present Vol. 2






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 11, 2023

Cheap Fast Worldwide

Cheap Fast Worldwide

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Get On (Down With Me Tonight)




Natural Laws (ft. DJ Marion)



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Carved out from between the cracks of life over a 2 year period, Low Flung presents his eighth full length album ‘The Wheel’. Together, the 11 tracks provide a space to process and sit with difficult change. This takes the form of microscopic minimalist landscapes. Presented in both audio and physical form as micro grooves on a 12” vinyl. At times the sound wanders and walks, other times it remains still, clear and precise. The omni-present artifacts found in ‘The Wheel’ are left to breathe a different life during each listen. Drones act like familiar trails losing their path as space transforms like a breeze over a table of sand. Hyper focused spores evolve around blurred waves of time. Electronic tones are captured flowing to the rhythm of a decaying natural world.‘The Wheel’ is a patchwork of sonic experiments made using modular synthesis, fixed architecture synthesis, Buchla Music Easel (replica), outboard effects, cassette manipulation techniques, samplers and field recordings taken along the texturally rich and historically questionable eastern coastline of Australia.The tracks have been composed with a materiality that embraces the acoustics of different listening environments. Much like mood, this means each listening experience is unique due to the natural acoustics of your listening space. The sounds on this album embrace this phenomena, creating a rich, visceral listening experience that slowly scratches away at discrete moments of timeRather than attempting to traverse new sonic fields of experimentation in ‘The Wheel’, the album touches on the various spaces Danny has explored over the past ten years as an Audio Visual artist. Although technically eighth, it would be more fitting to say this album draws a clear line from ‘Blow Waves (2018)’ to ‘Outside The Circle (2020)’ to become the third and final chapter in the expanded non linear, unintentional landscape series. Serendipitous that each was conceived over 2 year periods of time. While the key focus is sitting with difficult change, this album is also a celebration of any moment you might find yourself in. Good, bad, easy or hard, this album is an attempt to help with feeling content wherever you are along your path. With each cycle a new context.
RAWAX re-issues the former Unleash009 by Robert Drewek & Tomie Nevada - Minimize The Maximum EP from 2006.This release became a big push after being played by Francesco Del Garda & Raresh to name a few.The re-mastered version will be out 1st of June.Don't feed the Discogs Sharks!
Versatile 5 track futuristic techno release from Mike Buhl on Eddie Hale’s DENUDE. Atmospheric, Detroit tinged and dubbed-out grooves. Rounded out with a masterful remix by techno veteran Tobias that maintains the original theme but ventures into darker and heavier territory.
Routed through an interdimensional gateway; the latest message from Psy-fi Sounds has materialized. Reporting back to the home world with 4 separate accounts of their latest cosmic endeavors. Encounters with complex life forms, analysis of digital realities and investigations into the true nature of the universe are transcribed within. The trilogy is now complete.
Mirror Zone proudly presents its upcoming release. We welcome Sun Genam & Altjira to the family with their debut on the label. Presenting a sound spanning between rhythmic tribalism and dreamy soundscapes that will give the listener an altered state into the unknown."Time is circular, not linear, quantum. Through observer effect, we all play part in and affect creation, affect reality”