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Ratiug 003
Ratiug 003Ratiug 003Ratiug 003Ratiug 003




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Dec 6, 2023

Ratiug Recordings proudly presents its much-awaited third release, soon to be available on vinyl format.

Ratiug Recordings proudly presents its much-awaited third release, soon to be available on vinyl format.
The Uruguayan label repress a rare and elusive gem track from the 00's breaks era, "Scanned State" by the talented Spanish artist Deibeat.
Following this is the captivating track "Be My Way" by the exceptionally talented French producer Mmmh, whose genius knows no bounds.
On Side B, Ratiug's ambassadors take stage. Elías Sternin presents "Gato de Piria," a dynamic techno track created as a tribute to a dear friend. In addition, we have Artesano Titer with "Leitmotiv," a captivating trance track that takes you on a mind-bending journey.
Limited copies.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Deibeat - Scanned State


Mmmh - Be My Way


Elías Sternin - Gato De Piria


Artesano Titer - Leimotiv

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Having emerged from the chrysalis for a debut record on Roza Terenzi’s Step Ball Chain label, we induct Benoit B’s fledgling side project into the Oyster Cult. Blush represents a departure from the esoteric climes Benoit’s known for under the primary alias, not to mention the curation of his label, Banlieue Records. Eschewing notions of introspection, these are nocturnal, sultry club trax; immediate dancefloor pressure primed for the witching hour. Benoit kicks it seductively on the opener. Complete with trace echoes of ‘90s bleep, the French producer strikes a balance between insistent groove and a dank sexiness that would leave anyone weak at the knees. Then, laced with the same steamy romanticism, ‘Sassy’ keeps pace with another slice of late nite propulsion. Nudging closer to the big room with driving, direct torque, ‘Main Stage’ is perhaps the most pumping we’ve heard from Benoit to date. But where that one falls somewhere between prog house and hard trance, ‘Trippy’ and ‘Over Inflated’ head even further into the shadowy nether-realm on a tunnelling, lysergic flex that hangs heavy in the air like incense.
Altered Circuits' next release comes by way of Bologna-to-Berlin transplant Jacopo Latini. On the Motherboard EP he combines stubby drums and sultry, efficient basslines with richly hued synth work. Once the cuts get going, a tapestry of melody reveals itself: gated leads are accompanied by burbling arpeggios, momentous chord progressions and bright pads that crawl in and out. The patches often incline to the bright and dreamy but are deployed with restraint; in the same vein, concealed and aloof vocal samples get sprinkled in. These techniques - staples for the artist - add an inscrutable quality to his work's mood. It is dance music that feels direct on the surface yet hides more ambiguous emotions underneath. Being a DJ was Latini's first approach to the electronic genres, and it arguably still is his main inspiration - it even occurs he writes tracks with a specific venue in mind. Since starting over a decade ago, and having meanwhile swapped the local Italian stages for the international ones, he has amassed a ton of analogue gear to help him do so. On this occasion, he plugged in his Roland D-50, Moog Sub 37 and microKorg XL, among other favorites, to take on progressive, trance and tech house. "Motherboard", "High Voltage", "It Comes In The Morning", and "Dual Effect" make for a diverse selection but have indeed the same objective: the club floor.
Beneath an unsinking black sun... through the boundless gloom... our journey continues.
Over the years veteran producer Mark Ambrose wrote some of the most unique, energetic house / techno tracks. Those found their place in sets of many leading underground djs, Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear and Marcel Dettmann to name a few. The Journey is an essential and timeless compilation that collect his most rare and hard to find classics. Must have!!