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Nux Nemo
I Feel It

I Feel It


Nux Nemo




1x Vinyl 12" Reissue



Release date

Jun 5, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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I Feel It (Fast Forward Mix)


I Feel It (No Beat Mix)


I Feel It (Trent Remix)


I Feel It (Juan Ramos Remix)

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Four previously unreleased tracks from the legendary Sky Joose. Recorded between 1995 - 2000 and recently rescued from the original DAT tapes.
Asphalt Records second output is a forward thinking, hardcore continuum friendly take on the grittier side of industrial techno from Birmingham by the neighbourhood's new pestilent squathouse residents NeonDemon. This EP has its roots buried deep in seamless concrete foundations scaffolded by Mick Harris, via Surgeon & Regis inspired techno half-times, while pushing tech-step’s most asphyxiating soundscapes to sheer schizophrenia (i.e Guided by Whispers). The grime influxed club architectures (Pattern Down), the weightless demonic punk industrial attitude reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle (Pentastar) and the dark humor embedded in this 12’ (Pandeirada de Tella Remix) make Stains EP the perfect soundtrack for today’s apocalyptic contemporary events. Mastered as usual by Jason Goz at Transition, pressed in thick asphaltic 180g and wrapped in our usual pavement-black outer sleeve.
Malmo Traxx is back with a Limited edition solo EP from Malmo legend Somoah. A five-tracker with heavy techno-electro club tools from up North. Wet haunting electro bass lines, atmospheric deep pads and trippy trance textures. 300 copies, no repress. Do not miss!
S.A.M. is back on their own Delaphine label after a four year hibernation period. The leading cut ‘Project050’ comes in two version, a Studio Version and a Live Mix. The foundation is a grooving 12bit 909 pattern that’s as crisp as it’s phat. Combed in between the syncopes of the groove are layers of acidic and resonant tones padded with swelling chords lifting you in and out of the metaphysical. Second track ‘Ha’ reveals references within a wide range of dance music history from early Derrick Carter-esque beats and 90’s dub techno to organ Melodies and UKG sub bass-lines. The transient beats work like tent poles for the thriving and continuously evolving melodic culture growing underneath. S.A.M. is showing a drive and a ferocity with this EP that speaks to an interesting 10th year of Delaphine.
Vital Detroit label FIT Sound has put together its first compilation here, all with the aim of showcasing tracks from revered label artists Jared Wilson, Bizz O.D., and FIT Siegel. Wilson is now synonymous with wild acid workouts and 303 magic and he serves up more of it here on the mind-melting10 minute 'Mind Travel'. The lesser spotted veteran Bizz O.D. then brings some jack to her previously unreleased bomb 'One Two,' which was recorded in the mid-'90s but still sounds future. Last of all is the label head FIT Siegel with 'No Feedback,' a studio sampling exercise turned experimental broken beat techno workout with hypnotic effects. Here's hoping many more of these will follow.
Saverio Celestri is back on RAWAX with another high light release.