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Experiment Defined

Experiment Defined






1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM



Release date

Apr 19, 2023

Futuristic electro by Gerald Donald (Dopplereffekt, Drexciya) and Beta Evers, originally released on Weme, including a previously unreleased track.

Futuristic electro by Gerald Donald (Dopplereffekt, Drexciya) and Beta Evers, originally released on Weme, including a previously unreleased track.

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Radiation Vacuum

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Adam Curtain & Ste Roberts team up for their new project "Adam & Steve".
UPROOTED, the sound of here and there.Uprooted is a project curated by Vidal Benjamin. The concept behind the project comes from hisown personal experience of being uprooted. Under the wing of Versatile Records, he has decided to launch a collection of double-sided limited edition, vinyl only, celebrating the dualityof people who take their roots from a place and embrace another culture.The idea is to ask an appreciated music activist with a double cultural pedigree to choose two tracks. One track that incarnates the place where he or she comes from (the sound of there,side A) and anotherNo digital for this série.Vinyl only.#1-Vladimir IvkovicFrom Belgrade to Düsseldorf, uprooted or not, I compiled 2 tracks from my 2 cities.Tracks that were always meant to be released on one 7“.On the Belgrade side there are Rex, Vejvoda, Milan. Rex Ilusivii, Goran Vejvoda and Milan Mladenović.Summer of 1984, a short nighttime session on an improvised 4 track 1/4¨ tape studio setup in Goran’s parents small living room in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Three young men getting away from their dry intellectual framework at the tail end of the influence of „My Life in the Bush of Ghosts“. Maybe. Maybe not. A recording that should not exist, from the city that does not exist, from the country that could have shown the world how a melting pot can blend and stick together, no matter how countless obstacles lay ahead. On the Düsseldorf side there is CHBB. Chrislo Haas and Beate Bartel. One track from the first of their four tapes, recorded and self-released in Düsseldorf in 1981. Rough powerful electronics with attitude, the future that happened more than 40 years ago and that is yet to come. Untitled licensed courtesy of Ruža Subotić, Goran Vejvoda and Zadužbina Milana Mladenovića.NbkE licensed courtesy of Beate Bartel CHBB-Musik.14.9.2022Vladimir Ivković
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the 1st of a 3EP set highlighting the music on 1990's Norwegian electronic act Neural Network. In 1993-1995 they released 2 full albums or Origo Sound that featured label mates Biosphere. In 1993 they opened up for Prodigy and shared the bill with other seminal acts like AFX, Autechre, Orbital and H.I.A among other heavyweights. However, their 2 full albums 'Brain-State-In-A-Box' & 'Modernité' did not get picked up by any other label or distributer and their popularity stayed regional. In fact a 3rd album was never released (Until part 3 comes from this series!) and sadly they went their separate ways to form other electronic acts in 1997. We hope to shine a bright light on their early music. Side A features the wonderful aquatic adventure in 'Aqueous' followed by a shift into the sci-fi realm with the mysterious 'Mechanical Heart'. Two great examples that show off the group's deep post rave sound for the future. A real melding of styles. All 3 EP's have inserts where the band shares their memories of the early days.All these tracks in the series are placed on vinyl for the first time with fantastic artwork by UK's Grid Pattern. Dare to Dream! Its not only our credo at re:discovery records but it's also our goal in hearing music that was made for the stars.
The tracks on this record were originally produced in 1993 and 1994 by Julius Weiland. Before becoming a visual artist he released house and ambient tracks under the name „Julius“ and other aliases. Deeply influenced by early Chicago House and Detroit Techno he developed his own style and sound. This is his second release on No Acting Vibes and it‘s bringing back some of his sought after tracks on vinyl again.(All tracks produced by Julius Weiland, Basic Paradise“ coproduced by Tom Gawlik“.)
On this second delivery of Uruguayan Sound, Mephis presents us with two like-minded producers with a love for machines and their sound.On the A side we have Elias Sternin, with his particular nostalgic, mysterious and trance-inducing sound. The EP opens up with Wah Wah y Phaser, evoking the feeling of a spaceship lifting off, into the big Other. Bass rolls into the stratosphere, whilst sharp and poignant synths push us past the space rubble that surrounds our planet. The second Track is a proper mood work, landing us in an uncharted yet familiar alien landscape. You can breathe the mystery in, whilst closing your eyes and embracing the unknown.On the B side we continue travelling through a path of esoteric and questioning vibes. Artesano Titer delivers an ominous mind trip with Science to Music, an utterly mesmerising soundscape to question yourself and your Umwelt. Closing off the EP, we have White Rabbit, a profoundly narcotic trip to the centre of our own perception. Slides, breaks, smooth lines and an acidic bass that spiral down to the core of the self.Detective of Perspective; Need to try and get a bigger eye, Open wide.
The rattle of drums, scattered along the beaten track, hypnotically guiding you to a place not yet visited; yet all too familiar. Whispers and forgotten chants in surround sound luring an inner urge to surrender, to drink from Sepehr’s Diaspora Cocktail. The 5 track EP finds dwelling on Planet Euphorique for its historical 20th release, emitting a vibration of deeper dance and intriguing electronia the label is notorious for. The first sip opens your ears to the Iranian-American’s sonic sphere, rooted in live freakouts that may or may not be fuelled by his potent audio elixr, a signature special of hedonistic heat. Intoxicated by fragments of percussive EBM, tweaked out dungeon techno and sexy electro, the liquid drips and the delicious potions are stirred and shaken for your pleasure.