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Creep Woland







1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Jun 14, 2023

2nd release on Headset for Creep Woland, bringing 4 spooked-out Electro cuts from the vault.

The latest release from Scottish imprint Headset, showcasing unsung Scottish artists making alternative underground sounds in dubby styles.

2nd release on Headset for Creep Woland, bringing 4 spooked-out Electro cuts from the vault.

Limited to 100 copies

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Inconvenient Sleuth


Missing Sleuth




Truth and Reconciliation

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Over the past year or so I have watched as the releases on Holding Hands got more and more intense. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Intense and straight to the face was always the plan for the label. At the same time I do have slightly more varied taste and I had been getting sent a decent amount of incredible music that didn’t quite fit on the original outlet. My first love when it comes to electronic music is dark, eyes down, bass heavy and so it seemed like now was the perfect time to create a label with a slightly deeper angle to accommodate this sort of thing.
M-High, the fresh kid from Amsterdam, has crafted three dope original tracks that are sure to get the party started. His signature sound combines groovy basslines, mesmerizing melodies, and 90`s flavor, creating a unique and captivating listening experience.To make this release even more special, Salty Nuts has enlisted the help of Apollonia legend Dan Ghenacia for a stunning remix of one of M-High’s original tracks. Dan’s remix adds a new dimension to the track, infusing his own style and creating a fresh take that is sure to impress.
Fraxinus emerges from temporary suspension with a monolithic 6-track offering on his new self-release label Powerplant. This is his debut EP Position [Displacement], carved from a solid block of Devonian granite.After a 4-year dormancy, the Amsterdam-based artist returns with a 30 minute transmission of earth-shaking kick drums, thunderous percussion and razor-sharp sound design. The label’s inaugural release simultaneously marks the first proper outing for the artist, following a run of compilation features & special edition vinyl excursions dating back to 2014.Position [Displacement] is a journey of divergent moods & cadences, from the wistful flutes of opener ‘Overland’ to final track ‘Laced’’s uncompromising arpeggios. Billowing melodies & piercing stabs run in tandem with a pummelling & steppy rhythm section; ‘Source Code’ builds steadily, paving the way for ‘Pass One’’s warehouse-ready assault. The blooming, fluorescent synths of ‘115 (Kondo)’ — named for the mythical Amsterdam club — create a mid-way moment of euphoria, before ‘Larch’ marches on with its clattering drums.The tracks clearly contain DNA from Fraxinus’ foundations with the Her Records cohort — lean, direct & forward-thinking. This time around the aesthetic is more focused, transferred to techno schematics but veering away from 4/4 fare. The sonics have been compacted into dense slabs of energy, primed for soundsystem dispatch.Wholly original, crafted with precision; the EP serves as a powerful statement of intent for both artist & label. Position [Displacement] will be released 05/11/2021 on 12” vinyl and digital download, presented with full sleeve artwork. The record is followed by a further 2 EPs on Powerplant as we enter 2022.
32A003 is a tribute to the six years Idle Hands spent on City Road in Bristol. The artists all have close ties to the city and reflect some of the UK centric that was pushed in the shop. This one is for all the record shops out there, as such this is a vinyl only release.
Launching in early 2023, Santo Tomas is the first label from Berlin-based artist Revivis. The English producer kicks off his new imprint with an innovative four tracker - “Trip To Luzon.” Showcasing a deep yet progressive sound and shift in direction musically, tying together the artist’s wide influences and showcasing them in his club room dynamic sound. Revivis chose the Santo Tomas name as an homage to his Filipino roots, acknowledging his history and bringing it into his most personal project yet. The artist’s trademark energy can be found in the tracks, but he explores new territory in terms of mood and the atmospheres he presents within the release. Sleeve photography by Stephanie Elizabeth Third.
It’s time to rave again! Welcome to Simon Lovejoy in the unreality world. Simon began professionally playing ‘rave’ and club venues and releasing records from 1989 ‘The Rave Age 'album is a supreme mix of techno, house and downtempo, includes unreleased tracks from his rave age.