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Paranormal EP

Paranormal EP
Paranormal EPParanormal EP






1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP Stereo



Release date

Jan 1, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Game Over



Dark Room2






The Snake2


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A selection of unheard tracks by argentine cult proto-industrial band Quum, recorded between the years 2012/2014. Xtraqt Vol. 1 is the second release of Tecnologías Elementales, a record label founded by Djs Diamin and F.A.N.G.O. Formed in 1978, Quum is an argentine group (currently consisting of brothers and founders members Gustavo and Daniel Gatti) that offers hypnotic and rhythmical improvisations in the language of experimental electronics, with a great participation of randomness, risk and uncertainty. Their music is inspired by science fiction, Zen Buddhism, chaos theory, ecology, the UFO phenomenon and the wabi-sabi concept.Quum subscribes to the driving attitude of the Madí Movement ("invent and create"), coinciding in a conceptual vector that unites their teachers Jorge L. Borges, Gyula Kosice and Xul Solar.Quum is a quiché-maya word extracted from the Popol Vuh that means "the secret", "that which is hidden behind the apparent", or "the mystery". The symbol that identifies them is a replica of the huge spider drawn mysteriously on the Nazca-Peru plateau.Quum is, in addition to music, a living gesture of alternatives to conventional paradigms and pre-established archetypal behaviors.Some kind of dirty ambient, cybernetik trance and organic industrial music.Contact our cult!
Adam Pits is back with his second album on Leeds based On Rotation ‘Synthetic Serenity’ represents the next evolutionary step of Adam’s sound design and direction. In stark contrast to his first album, ‘A Recurring Nature’, this new release moves out of the forest and into the digital landscape, capturing the sound of a future world over 8 varied tracks. Adam Pits talks about the inspiration behind the new album:“It’s hard to put into words how much of an impact 2022 had on my life. I could talk for hours about the highs and lows, the journeys, both inside and out of my body. Or I could just make an album. Having delved into the deeper reaches of techno and ambient, I wanted to show my appreciation for these genres on the record. Atmosphere, clarity and warmth became the pillars of my new sonic exploration, with stress falling on my signature ‘journeying’ style. The album describes the idea of being at peace with machines and being open to the idea that in the future we will find ourselves more and more involved with one another. ‘Synthetic Serenity’ is a product of a big energy release. It’s a testament to my acceptance of change in life and I believe it’s a true sign of my sonic evolution”
Deluka is back on his own No Signal Records. On this Ep will collaborate Jeroen Search, Amotik and Staffan Linzatti with dope remixes.
Vincent Lemieux and Guillaume Coutu Dumont, longtime Montreal fellows, launch their Copier/Coller imprint with Sol 668 from their own project Flabbergast.Extraterrestrial exploration on a ship guided by two artificial intelligences at war.
Our forthcoming release from Roma Khropko has a story behind it. After producing some tracks for his girlfriend, she liked them so much that they were included in a mix for the Club Vision POOORCast Series. We loved the tracks so much that we asked for the ID and now, here we are, releasing them on our label.CV08 is real connection. Music is connection.