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The World I Want Would Be Celestial, Wet

The World I Want Would Be Celestial, Wet








2x Vinyl LP Album Compilation Limited Edition Gatefold



Release date

Sep 15, 2022

A glass half-full. The World I Want Would Be Celestial, Wet is the first full-length release from record label, Absorb. The eagerly awaited compilation features acclaimed and lesser-known artists, presenting thirteen works made between 2020 and 2021. Classical re-presentations, squealing electronics and other "wait-for-it" moments are pieced together by label head, Kavil and the ethereal work of painter, Matthew Asling. The result is something windy and heady. A feeling that is drifting. Crucially, the double LP serves as a timestamp of a very special chapter of contemporary experimental music being made in Naarm (Melbourne) and its surrounds. Taken in, soaked up, gleaming.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Lily Tait - Twinkling Flute Of The Mind



J - In Swirling Clouds Of Silver Lace



Third Space - Granite Island



Chloe Sobek - Oumuamua 2: Deimos



Abby Sundborn - Seams



E Fishpool - I Don't Hate You



DBR - Monumentality



Nick Ashwood - Stravaig



Makinist - Unopened



Bridget Chappell - And When You Reach The Plains After Crossing The Mountains



Claudia Sin - Panic



Lilly Kane - Love Song (with Chi)



Cypha - Mist Music


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