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The Passengers
The PassengersThe Passengers






1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Jul 1, 2022

Four timeless cuts by Estrato Aurora & Siarem plus an outstanding remix by VC-188A. Everything we dreamed of.

Oscillating bass tones, off-kilter drums, velvety pads, melancholic synths, ambient soundscapes. Four timeless cuts by Estrato Aurora & Siarem plus an outstanding remix by VC-188A. Everything we dreamed of.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Zeta II Reticuli








Alien (VC-118A Remix)

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Sushitech is back with another of its sublime vinyl-only projects and this one focuses on the work of Dexter. There will be three 12"s in all that draw together some of the producer's finest moments. He is a truly cult figure amongst those who know and he served up a fresh take on tech, acid, dub and house between 1997 and 2004 when these tracks were first made - if you can find any of those original records prepare to pay loads for them, or else dive into Past Moves I. It has a brace of slick, tightly programmed cuts underpinned by rolling pads with lovely lo-fi pads up top. Heady stuff.
How do you get 'in the box'? Gal Tsadok-Hai knows. After some experiments with hardware, the Amsterdam-based electronic producer recently went back to his first love: computer composing. Thus keeping open all the options. Footsteps is his first EP for SoHaSo, filled with four tracks of adventurous, left-field explorations in rhythm and melody. cl_forwardspeed 5 is dominated by sub low baslines and razor blade rhythms, while mp_footsteps 1 nods more towards early Aphex Twin and the IDM trickery from last century. Flip the record for max_smokepuffs 999, on which Gal Tsadok- Hai proves he can also bring a straight four-four to great heights. It is both spacious and tense, which makes for a great combination. On closer sv_gravity 0 it's back to the days when melody was still the default in most techno and electro. If you like the abstract machine funk from Dopplereffekt, this might just be right up your alley.
After successful releases on Transatlantic and Monnom Black, German FM synthesis wizard Luca Daniel Schwarz (aka LDS) presents his latest record ‘algo5’. The EP captures a wide range of sonic ground with innovative and futuristic edge. ’nbdfoil’ the opening track starts the voyage with mesmerising awe before sliding into ‘kizzt_VF’ where reality distorts and mind-warping events unfold. Closing out the A side the interlude ‘<13’ stumbles along with playful weirdness and explorative sonic gestures. Back in more familiar territory the B-side’s ‘fl+’ and ‘Vone’ propel dynamic rhythms through the ether until arriving at the final track, ‘mfäg’ where fragmented arps and cinematic ambience give an emotional sense of closure. LDS’s ability to compose to a high level of depth and intrigue is unmistakably a significant feat for any electronic dance music producer and testament to the possibilities of modern sound design. ’algo5’ arrives in Autumn 2022 on 12” Vinyl/Digital.
R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings welcomes a joint record by Sascha Funke & Niklas Wandt to the label with their take on House, IDM and Balearic.
More info soon.
After one year of break, Amam are back with nostalgic yet groovy beats by one of their oldest friends. Four enveloping tracks signed Difid that will put you in the dance mood.