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Regno Maggiore





1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Jan 28, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Il Varco


Re Maggiore


Dal Cielo


Sam Saa






Aie Simu Aie


I Tamburi Di Leu


Angeli Di Pecora


La Via


La Storia Di Esasumma


Organo Tigre


La Tua Mano

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It's hard to keep up with the hugely prolific output of UK don Burnski and his several different labels these days but one thing is for sure - Pilot keeps on serving up the goods. For its 15th release, the tech and minimal focussed label welcomes Robin Graham who opens up with the lively and colourful synths of bustling groover 'Check Me Out'. 'Spark Plug' is more business-like - the dry drums and hits overlaid with retro chord stabs that amp up the crowd and 'For You' then gets loose and funky with some twisted and sugar synths over garage-flecked beats and 'What's That' (Refix) offers a jumbled percussive sound full of dynamism.
French production duo and live act Atomic moog debuts on the Delsin Cameron series with their Programm EP. Operating in a deep techno niche since 2015 they've put out an excellent run of mesmerizing, introvert dancefloor techno for labels like Lowless, Subosc and Norwegian techno platform Monument. Here on Delsin they crafted the next chapter of their vibrant modular quest, sub heavy and sparkling at the same time, sparsely arranged subtle techno jams.
Lion & Lamb is the pub turned cult club in London that hosts special sessions from some of London's key electronic tastemakers such as Craig Richards, Radioactive Man, Butter Side Up and plenty more. In 2020 it launched a label that is as just as essential and Henry Hyde is next up complete the one release a year schedule it has favoured so far. He offers four tracks of froward thinking tech house starting with the full throttle funk of 'Approaching The Peak' then much more dubby and stripped back 'My Machine Walks'. 'Return To The Summit' takes off into the cosmos on fluttering synth leads and 'Over Cloud' is the trippiest of the lot with watery droplets and crispy percussion.
Cabaret welcomes Dojo Zone to the label!
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After the last EP from Eversines, Twig comes back with 4 tracks from the italian producer Niki Bertullo owner of the Bebop Label and based in Genova.