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Oak Corridor

Oak Corridor
Oak CorridorOak CorridorOak CorridorOak CorridorOak Corridor






1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Jan 1, 2021

Oak Corridor is the second full-length album from Newcastle, Australian duo Troth.

Oak Corridor is the second full-length album from Newcastle, Australian duo Troth (Amelia Besseny & Cooper Bowman). It follows 2020’s warmly received album, Flaws In The Glass (Altered States Tapes) and 2021’s Small Movements In Radiance mini-album (Not Not Fun). While the same themes and intentions remain, this time Troth channel their ambient experiments into an environ located somewhere closer to minimal-wave and synth-pop.

While Oak Corridor is their most ‘song-based’ album to date, it continues the respectful treatment of natural themes found in their previous releases, further tying in elements of balance, truth, justice, humility, strains of mysticism from varied origins and an opposition to the encroachment of ill-advised development surrounding them in Newcastle (and Australia more broadly). The album is a truly collaborative affair and offers something of a sound-diary of the two’s relationship.

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Balancing Arc



Forge Fabric






Oak Corridor



Weight Of A Feather



When The Rivers Were The Highways



The Slowest Dawn



In Lore






Aether Frolic


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