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Space Teddy Collection

Space Teddy Collection
Space Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy CollectionSpace Teddy Collection




TM / XS 001


2x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Compilation Stereo



Release date

Jun 10, 2021

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


Sold out

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創 Sou


三 San


鶴 Tsuru


飛 Hi


禅 Zen


宙 Chuu


聖 Sei


風 Kaze


月 Tsuki

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CROWD, a new techno label hailing from Berlin with FJAAK at the head, has just released its debut EP, paying homage to oldschool techno while infusing a contemporary twist that is sure to please listeners of both eras. Produced by the legendary Sterac aka Steve Rachmad, the EP is showcasing the versatility and timelessness of techno. The tracks are based on DAT recordings from the 90s that got carefully crafted, highlighting the pure energy and raw emotion of the genre, always leaving the listener wanting more. CROWD's first release marks the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting journey for techno enthusiasts and dancers alike. The label's ethos revolves around the people and the dancefloor, and this is also reflected in its events, which are centered around the gatherings. The event's / label's focal point is undeniably the crowd, which is regarded as the pivotal element of the night. Once again, CROWD gatherings will center their essence on them, with an unwavering focus, ensuring no distractions dilute the experience.
Fsk24 delivers three new trance tracks on his label City of 3000. Three new futur town concepts where analogue hardware music is back and became the way of life, hypnotic and shamanic acid trip style.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the 1st of a 3EP set highlighting the music on 1990's Norwegian electronic act Neural Network. In 1993-1995 they released 2 full albums or Origo Sound that featured label mates Biosphere. In 1993 they opened up for Prodigy and shared the bill with other seminal acts like AFX, Autechre, Orbital and H.I.A among other heavyweights. However, their 2 full albums 'Brain-State-In-A-Box' & 'Modernité' did not get picked up by any other label or distributer and their popularity stayed regional. In fact a 3rd album was never released (Until part 3 comes from this series!) and sadly they went their separate ways to form other electronic acts in 1997. We hope to shine a bright light on their early music. Side A features the wonderful aquatic adventure in 'Aqueous' followed by a shift into the sci-fi realm with the mysterious 'Mechanical Heart'. Two great examples that show off the group's deep post rave sound for the future. A real melding of styles. All 3 EP's have inserts where the band shares their memories of the early days.All these tracks in the series are placed on vinyl for the first time with fantastic artwork by UK's Grid Pattern. Dare to Dream! Its not only our credo at re:discovery records but it's also our goal in hearing music that was made for the stars.
New Shotgun!
Wake up sleepyheads; after another rotation around the sun and the fog of the early year drifting across the realm, what better way to break through than breaks. Spray is once again on the archival quest, dusting off jewels for the dancers, with this time’s excavation taking us to a 1994 North London bedroom (heard that before huh?). Originally released on D*Fusion Records, at a time when the ever-rising pulsating amphetamine twitch of hardcore was side stepped, with some furthering their fury into jungle, and others receding into more cerebral and ethereal realms. This collection of huge tunes falls into the latter from the producer Anoesis; a release for the post-post generation, when bygone specters of trance dance mania become the ghouls of the moment, the need for Rave ever increasing.All in all it takes about 15 seconds to know that ‘Heavy Water’ is an essential massive break your speaker hit. Gated vox pop out like sirens in the smoke and lasers, calling you to engage with the eternal/internal rhythm that is the acid squelch break. A perfect dose of psych deviates the song to a higher path. For the remix contemporary audio savant D. Tiff strips away the buzz saw grind of the original, encouraging hypnosis and trance-infected desires, with a touch of mooood.On the flip Diact is super keen for an ascension. A menaced freaky overlord, pulling at the strings that the dancers are mere puppets to follow, channeling a big beat essence. Trouble Down Groove assumes the form of the classic break and vocal flip, full of twitched sampling hype; 1 for the dancefloor headspinners. Aligned to the Anoesis sound, it’s mutated with a certain type of alluring growl, a sonic signature, and the key sound running through this EP.
For their second EP Linale Records have dug out two tracks from the Australian production team of Andy Rantzen, Paul McDermott and Anthony Maher. Previously only released on separate CDs in 1997, these tracks have been newly remastered and are available for the first time together on vinyl, presented alongside a brand new rework of Digital Rubber by fellow Aussie Rudolf C.Vinyl only - Limited to 300 copies