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Caves Of Ix

Caves Of Ix






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Aug 28, 2024

Fresh Malmø Traxx

Malmo Traxx returns with a compilation of early tracks crafted by Malmo's legendary NOS, featuring hardware jams discovered on old reel tapes and presumed-lost CD recordings assumed to have been lost for a long time. 303 hypnotic bass-lines, trance elements, punchy 909s, ambient, and futuristic electro. Limited Edition.

Available in 2 months

Aug 28, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Its been five years since Belgium's WeMe Records lovingly selected the first ever collection of Heinrich Mueller's (Drexciya/Doppleffekt) best remixes/remodels for a new generation of listeners that won't have to pay collector prices to have them on vinyl. Volume 2 of False Vacuum is now with us and still has riches to choose from. These 13 rare and hard to find tracks (3 of which make their vinyl debut) all deliver in different ways as he systematically reinvents each one. Beginning with his raw and now classic remix of Ultradyne's 'Clones', the hard-edged dance-floor friendly 'Woman's Scent' by Cisco Ferreira (The Advent), the more laidback and futuristic sounding 'Bohrium 274' by Jauzas the Shining and Victoria Lukas, the slow and mysterious and first time on vinyl 'Somehow' by Rough Days For Diamond Trade, reinventing the darkest of dance-floors on 'Rytumtraks 0002' by Albert van Abbe, the moody masterpiece and first time on vinyl 'Now We Continue' by White Car, Duplex's 'Autoslug' sounding like its been rearranged inside a black-hole, a balancing act between the light and darkness on Fasenuova 'Cachito Turulo', an insistent rise and falling workout for As One's 'Where Did He Go and Why', a tightly wound and almost meditative 'The Truth' by The Exaltics, an angular stomping march of the robots 'Longwang' by 6D22, a jumpy fidgety groove for first time on vinyl 'Forty Eight Hours' by Yan Wagner and perhaps one of his most sublime pieces is kept for last with 'So Long For A Small Storm' by Dollska.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the 1st of a 3EP set highlighting the music on 1990's Norwegian electronic act Neural Network. In 1993-1995 they released 2 full albums or Origo Sound that featured label mates Biosphere. In 1993 they opened up for Prodigy and shared the bill with other seminal acts like AFX, Autechre, Orbital and H.I.A among other heavyweights. However, their 2 full albums 'Brain-State-In-A-Box' & 'Modernité' did not get picked up by any other label or distributer and their popularity stayed regional. In fact a 3rd album was never released (Until part 3 comes from this series!) and sadly they went their separate ways to form other electronic acts in 1997. We hope to shine a bright light on their early music. Side A features the wonderful aquatic adventure in 'Aqueous' followed by a shift into the sci-fi realm with the mysterious 'Mechanical Heart'. Two great examples that show off the group's deep post rave sound for the future. A real melding of styles. All 3 EP's have inserts where the band shares their memories of the early days.All these tracks in the series are placed on vinyl for the first time with fantastic artwork by UK's Grid Pattern. Dare to Dream! Its not only our credo at re:discovery records but it's also our goal in hearing music that was made for the stars.
Label head and founder of Kvalia Records, Linny Hex, welcomes back Blazej Malinowski for his second release on the label. Perception of Tomorrow contains three melancholic, dance floor oriented tracks characterized by the hypnotic soundscapes significant to Malinowskis productions.
Dorisburg is Bossmusik regular with four releases on the label under his belt. For this EP he is joined by Efraim Kent - the newest member of the Boss family. Dorisburg and Efraim have many things in common, not just the previous records the pair has produced, but more importantly they unite in a shared love for intricate drum patterns, as well as being masters of trippy spiraling sounds. For the 10th installment in the Bossmusik collection, the Swedish duo goes all in with four deep, yet funky, expertly produced tech house cuts. The tenth release on the label will be released exactly ten years after the first record was released the 13th of October. The A-side opens with Further. A penetrating kick keeps chopped up drums and a spitting vocal sample in order and when the brooding bassline gets to close, hypnotic x-rays twists the narrative. On A2 the boys are clearly letting you know it is playtime; opening with a funk-driven beat and tumbling drums, this track is nothing less than a funhouse full of twirling tocsins - Attjo is certainly nothing to sneeze at. B1, Cave Gossip, is a low-slung affair with an electro-infused bassline; here a deep groove takes you on a hallucinogenic underground journey and a nonchalant vocal sample grows into a warped echoing choir. Final track Skrattack is where the drum-loving duo puts the full spotlight on the percussion: complex rhythm patterns provide a spaced-out backdrop, attacked by what sounds like giddy little extraterrestrial critters, ready to mess up the party in the most charming of ways.