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Reflex Blue
The Charming Dub EP

The Charming Dub EP
The Charming Dub EPThe Charming Dub EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Aug 28, 2024

New label from Reflex Blue

Summer is in the air, and Reflex Blue introduces his new personal imprint with a 4-track EP of groove-laden house music. Originating from his ever-evolving live set, the label focuses on releasing Blue’s tried, tested, and favourite jams. The record opens with a garage-leaning house roller featuring a rocking sub-bass, catchy drum work, and a unique fusion of 90s rave elements. The A2 track continues in a similar vein, primed for the festival beach stage with chopped ragga vocals, a warbling bass, and a playful organ solo. On the flip side, Reflex Blue expands the EP’s sonic palette with tracks that showcase his signature acid riffs and 90s homage stylings, layered over energised and skippy drum work. The record closes with perhaps the sweetest fruit of all: a nod to UK bass enthusiasts with a heady, speedy garage number. A word of warning, you might drop your mojito. These four quality-assured tracks are a must-have for your bag this summer, as Blue warmly welcomes you to his new vinyl series.

Available in 2 months

Aug 28, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Message (R.S.G Mix)


The Charming Dub


Rocket Gauge


Step Off (Bass Mix)

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