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Etat #002




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Aug 14, 2024



Available in a month

Aug 14, 2024

Media: VG+i
Sleeve: VG+


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Awl Alexander - What Do You Wnat?


Christopher Bo - Attraction




Anderson - Like That


Rocky - Minimal Goth

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Dorisburg is Bossmusik regular with four releases on the label under his belt. For this EP he is joined by Efraim Kent - the newest member of the Boss family. Dorisburg and Efraim have many things in common, not just the previous records the pair has produced, but more importantly they unite in a shared love for intricate drum patterns, as well as being masters of trippy spiraling sounds. For the 10th installment in the Bossmusik collection, the Swedish duo goes all in with four deep, yet funky, expertly produced tech house cuts. The tenth release on the label will be released exactly ten years after the first record was released the 13th of October. The A-side opens with Further. A penetrating kick keeps chopped up drums and a spitting vocal sample in order and when the brooding bassline gets to close, hypnotic x-rays twists the narrative. On A2 the boys are clearly letting you know it is playtime; opening with a funk-driven beat and tumbling drums, this track is nothing less than a funhouse full of twirling tocsins - Attjo is certainly nothing to sneeze at. B1, Cave Gossip, is a low-slung affair with an electro-infused bassline; here a deep groove takes you on a hallucinogenic underground journey and a nonchalant vocal sample grows into a warped echoing choir. Final track Skrattack is where the drum-loving duo puts the full spotlight on the percussion: complex rhythm patterns provide a spaced-out backdrop, attacked by what sounds like giddy little extraterrestrial critters, ready to mess up the party in the most charming of ways.
Morevi Records from Tbilisi present their first EP - MRV001, after several releases on various formats (lathe-cut, digital) Morevi is back with 4 Tracks of Tbilisis finest Skyra!
New VIL Records!
Originally released in the mid 80's on UK cassette label Bite Back!, this nearly lost gem finds new life 30 years later on Cocktail D'Amore Music. Steve has cobbled together a superbly melancholic electronic concept album. Wistful melodies often evoke sentiments of a lost childhood and hazy English mornings. Each song within remains untitled allowing full perceptive freedom as to what they all communicate, a language for the feelings that have no name. Untitled A1 - A6 leads one along intimate soundscapes of pattering drums and tinkering piano, a sense of closeness and trust develops with the introduction of each new idea much like the beginning of a bed time story. Untitled B1 - B3 then begin to breathe more openly awash in angelic colours before abruptly turning downward on B4, a wall of booming drums and atmospheres from the furthest reaches of the galaxy before the last trio of songs settles gently back on Earth.
Clutter is Jean Jacques’s debut EP and in his own words “his first attempt to translate emotions and experiences into tracks”. While each of the four tracks has its own character and atmosphere, the end result is a very coherent body of work that can be broken down into two moods with a driving and unforgiving A side that is subtly balanced by a moody and dreamy B side.