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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 26, 2024

Balance is restored – melody intact – with three tracks of stark machine work from Jump Source. Robust stabs, polyrhythmic confusion, tearjerking pads; the two laid it all down, with some aid from their confidant Sabola on “Tonearm Extender”.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Tonearm Extender ft. Sabola


Sad Salad

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Next up for the 7th installment Domesticated, we have 5 mechanical club tools from Ukraine-based Kiddmisha. Varying in style, and groove & playing with syncopation, and hypnotics, the tracks cast a druglike mood onto the floor. Essential wax for DJs who are often playing long sets, this record can act as a glue that binds and solidifies any masterful set. Massive tip for a more discerning listener!
Re-issue alert of CRC's legendary underground Zyntax 02 release from 2009! Now with a bonus track, this is a real diamond so don't snooze..
6th Hypnus record by Birds ov Paradise.Early support from Dorisburg, TM404, Brando Lupi, Abstract Division, Arnaud le Texier, Ben Buitendijk, Felix Lorusso, Mosam Howieson, Samuli Kemppi, Takaaki Itoh, Hydrangea and Forest on Stasys to name a few.Love and light
Childhood Intelligence 15th release presents “The Return Of Intelligence '' by UK duo “Interlect 3000”. Far ahead of its time, the two artists composed these futuristic timeless pieces, unknowingly, for generations to come. The album pays homage to the early days, fusing aspects of Techno, Trance, House, Electro, Ambient. Truly a hypnotic journey from beginning till end, live recorded & dedicated to the journey itself. Traxx which were written and recorded at Spare Room Studios, Essex and Phantasm Studios, London, between 1992 -1996 have now been rediscovered and released in 2022. Interlect 3000 as the architects of their own world are driven by passion and dedication for electronic music. A testament of skill and imagination only known to masters of their art.
Some 20 years on from its initial release, it's amazing how fresh and current 'Praise' by Leigh Dickson sounds, every bit as reinvigorating as a swim in an icy mountain stream. Sushitech imprint Pariter have opted to remaster the lush original mix in its full glory, adding the already well known and much loved Baby Ford Heavenly Circuit remix alongside a new, unreleased 'alternative remix' and new mixes by Pariter's own Ogerman and Derek Carr. All four sides are eminently playable in the deep house/techno framework, as you'd imagine, with varying levels of the original's bewitching instrumentation retained.
Five years after their debut, INIT's sound remains as hard to pin down as it is unmistakable. On their new album, 'Gravity', Benedikt Frey and Nadia D'Alo continue to merge elements of house, electro, acid and post-punk, this time with a “lighter and more playful” perspective. The structures are more concise, vocals are more prominent and there's a greater presence of elements of popular music. With all, INIT deliver some of their most memorable tracks to date. Recorded in their Berlin home, 'Gravity' is the result of the duo experimenting in the studio while searching for new material for their live set. Some of the inspiration came from new gear such as the vocoder we hear on tracks like 'Disk-O' or 'Jungle'. Other cuts were influenced by their immediate context. 'Wrong Coded' calls out the territorial way some men behave towards women on the dancefloor. Its sarcastic lyrics might sound seductive, but they are a reprimand: “zip your fly, don't stand by...... see something you like..... step ASIDE!”. Lyrics are also important in 'Half Life', a moody ballad about the hardships of the Berlin winter. While in typical INIT fashion the general tone is slo-mo, narcotic and spooky, there's also a place for fast-paced cuts like 'Follow The Strings', which reminisces rave euphoria from an ethereal perspective. Fresh angles from a duo that keeps pursuing a very personal take on shadowy electronics. It might be more immediate but it's as mystifying as ever. The album comes in a limited-edition cassette with artwork by Arnau Pi