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Various Artists
Rhythm Rituals

Rhythm Rituals




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 31, 2024

Speed Dial number 4

After a slight hiatus Jad & The’s Speed Dial imprint is back and this time joined by a myriad of underground talent to give you the Various Artists “Rhythm Rituals” EP.
The A side is jam packed with 3 uptempo tech-prog-chug goodness featuring Eora Nation based up and comer Mtty, label head Jad & The, and a re-issue of Pocket’s timeless “Smoke Signals” previously released via Australia’s seminal “Thunk” Recordings in the year 2000.

On the flip the tempo is slowed but Australian DJs DJ Relax and Local Support deliver arguably the finest moments on the record - broken beat Balearic badness in the best way, hell yeah!

Available in a month

Jul 31, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Mtty – Ahhhhh!cid


Jad & The – Headphones In Space


Pocket – Smoke Signals


DJ Relax – Anti Free Flowing Anxiety


Local Support – Dreaming Of…

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'Other Dimensions Lp', Terrence Dixon's latest work and the new adventure in 30D's ExoPlanets sublabel, comes for the very first time released in full length format, split in two sides, showing Terrence's two faces. As everyone knows, words can not describe the music of this Detroit visionary, but we'll try. Futuristic, avant-garde-esque, mesmerizing, trippy and minimalistic / reduced techno funk as expected in A side, but highly emotional and evocative, as only he can do. On the flip side, Terrence redefines and takes to another level the concept of dark, experimental, abstract, atmospheric, alienated and dystopian music, a true musical trip (perhaps a nightmare???) to dive into. An extremely personal and intimate album.
Darcey Electronics are an inimitable duo made up of Darling & Tracey. Two Amsterdam based producers who have respectively released material via Dial, Off Minor Recordings, Safe Trip, Voyage Direct and Intergraded. They now join forces for the first release under the collaborative moniker in what is their debut EP for the newly launched label, Plant Life. ‘Hallo’ is a tripped out collection of tracks. Four experiments comprised of loose hypnotic percussion and stray melodies with machine driven prowess at the forefront. Plant Life is a record label run by Ally Tropical.
Germany's DJ bwin returns to First Second Label with a sub heavy offering of experimentational dubstep, bass, techno and trap for the dark smoke filled room in your brain. Moritz Paul aka Leibniz and Alex Hoppe aka CIO known for their label Hundert (alongside Felix Paul) has seen them pushing the boundaries of these sounds and Cell Phone pushes their sound even further with 3 tracks that would give any system a heavy workout. Accompanied by a blissed out vibration filled remix from Berlin residing Cork born power house ELLLL this puts the icing on the cake for this already wobble heavy 12". The artwork, a combination of photography, paint and textiles is an extract from a cloth print by Irish artist and designer Shauna McGowan.
I feel honoured to finally present my first EP on de Lichting. All tracks except A1 were made during my COVID-19 quarantine between 8th-19th July 2021 on an EMU E64 and KORG MS2000. With the EP, I tried to cover most of the sounds that I regularly play during my DJ sets. Side A starts with two house cuts, ‘CAL01’ and ‘Emspacer’ inspired by some of my favourite house records, and ends with the electro title track ‘RDS THEME’. Side B, starts with the minimal-ish ‘Substance’, followed by two Ambient Techno/IDM cuts ‘Trapswet’ and ‘Cwejfx’. Personally, I feel that the tracklist reflects the process of being isolated, which on the one hand, enabled me to (finally) work on music without being distracted, and on the other hand, got me into a melancholic mood over time’.
After four retrospective Delsin/Eevo Lute releases, Delsin proudly continues the collab with Eevo Lute co-founder Stefan Robbers. The legendary Dutch producer here uses his original Terrace moniker and presents four new tracks touching the brilliance of original Detroit Techno. Stefan Robbers was one of the very first in Europe to produce and connect with the Detroit oriented techno scene, with his debut release "916 Buena Avenue" on the legendary Djax-Up-Beats label as early as 1990. His Isolation EP brings four brand new trademark Terrace tracks. 'Sonomatic' has the original emotive Technosoul, reminding of early Model 500 works. 'Sunset Route' touches the European synth/Kraftwerk lines where 'Magic Potion' is a bright uplifting dancefloor mover. Closing track 'Voices From The Moon' finishes the pack with a more introvert and much darker approach.