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Housey Doingz
A Sillybration II

A Sillybration II




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Aug 14, 2024

More Housey Doingz ;)

Sushitech has always done a fine job of preserving and spotlighting the roots of house and techno and some of its key protagonists. This second volume of A Sillybration does that once more by bringing together some of the most sought-after tunes and vital classics from legendary UK talents Terry Francis, the late Nathan Coles, Laurant Webb, Dave Coker and Justin Bailey aka Housey Doingz. Of these 16 plenty of them have only ever been released once so are pricey if you want an original, and some have never been on wax before, at all. They have all been re-mastered directly from the original DATs and make for a vital collection of dance floor heaters that have aged like fine wine.

Available in 2 months

Aug 14, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


The Poet (version)


Cockney Doings


Brothers (Mellow mix)


Brother In Bump


Chess With Dwarves


Dwarves In Dub (Uncut mix)




Naff Off

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Over the last couple of years, Morph and Bedside of Copenhagen have been engaged in the ambitious and on-going project Lightroom - a delicate exploration of male intimacy as a healing ritual against toxic masculinity. Working with more than fifty people to date, Lightroom has given birth to film, photography and music, and has traveled around the world at festivals and exclusive events, facilitating a continuous room for reflection on the concept and image of man - with the intention of decalcifying our ideas to create movement towards the new.In 2022, Lightroom is giving birth to In the light room - a full-length album by sound artist Enotea that features original music from the 2020 erotic short film Ei Blot Til Lyst by Marco Stoltze, the main piece that initiated the project to begin with. In the light room is released by the independent label InterCourse in collaboration with Morph and Bedside.In the light room creates a euphoric whirling, a spherical and meditative space that is alive and dynamic with the intention to facilitate metaphysical reflection. Pointing fingers back at classic late krautrock albums and forward into an aesthetic roughness of piano and guitar compositions merged with concrete sounds to stir up the sonic image, In the light room doesn’t suggest music so much as an exact art, but as a mysterious, ineffable force, rich in spirit.Enotea says that ”In the light room is about waves and walls, and the waves on walls insisting on freedom.”The album features music originally composed for the experimental porn short Ei Blot Til Lyst directed by Marco Stoltze and produced by Bedside Productions.
Orphic Apparition is a new label born out of a transatlantic meeting of minds. Facilitated by a long, hedonistic party in one of present-day London’s ‘meanwhile use’ venues Grow Tottenham, Canadian producer Raf Reza and British acid house luminary Paul Chivers spent a precious day in the studio to record a 3 hour straight to DAT session before Reza's return to Canada. The result of this spontaneous yet intuitive collaboration blurs the lines between Chiver’s long-standing Ramjac Corporation alias and Reza’s genre-spanning approach to dub, breaks and house styles. Part of the early 90s rave scene and an important member of the blueprint-setting Irdial label, Ramjac locks heads with the self-professed ‘lazy music guy from Toronto’ to adapt their studio session into five separate mixdowns.‘In The Grow’ begins with a bouncy, cut-up sounding Errorsmith-esque rhythm, the recurring fright night melody that distinguishes the record coming in all quick and powerful. The A2 ‘Rotten Mix’ offers a more traditional house approach in its composition, with dub FX and a nice DJ friendly outro. On the final uptempo choice the pair opt for a head-scrambling electro take. Choose your fighter! The ‘Swampy Dub’ on the flip really dismantles everything we’ve heard prior, slo-mo drums allowing a much different DJ experience and altering the freaky synthetic propulsion into an almost modern classical sound. A little like Paul Dresher’s eternal ‘Channels Passing’ (tip). Combined with the other edits this version almost becomes a totally different track. The final ‘Rootless Dub’ gives its clues in the title, removing all the tough drum sounds and allowing for an ambient decompression.Orphic Apparition will return soon.
Caim’s upcoming release on Autodidact features three mesmerizing tracks that seamlessly blend deep techno and minimal elements.
More Oligo reissued on the next Rota Bene!
When British Airways got privatized and listed on the London Stock Exchange, somewhere in Canada the first Starbucks outside of the US opened, and the Walt Disney Company signed an agreement with the French Prime Minister to construct Disneyland Paris. In the sky above southern Argentina, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, northern Somalia, and the Atlantic Ocean a hybrid solar eclipse materialized for 7.57 seconds, whilst Margaret Thatcher performed for 45-minutes on Soviet television. Some days later, The Simpsons cartoon first appears as a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, Diego Maradona wins his first Italian soccer championship with Napoli, and Eighteen-year-old West German pilot Mathias Rust lands a private plane on Red Square in Moscow. In the mists of the world's first conference on artificial life at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Mainland China opens in Beijing, and Prozac gets approved for use as an antidepressant in the United States. Much give way for the future, down there in 1987, the year that marks the title of Benedikt Frey’s freshest mini album, out into the world on R.i.O., the label he runs with some pals in the North of Berlin. It’s a dubby melancholic conqueror, wistfully, repetitive, drilling, absorbing, spooking. It makes you dream. Not particular of the year 1987. But it’s all there: The Red Square, the untouched land of the Val d'Europe, Diego on fuego. Six dark-ish tracks in trance, melancholic dub, downbeat heaven, journey music depths, all full of light and yet so dark. Futuristic dramas linked to a speculative past. In our dreams all might look different. The eclipse may last 27- minutes. You meet Neuromancer cyberpunks and blade running Ghost dogs, all taught to hack by Phrack. Cristal clear melodies, sampled voices, and veiled basslines, analogue scopes, and digital ropes, longing for a past that storm into the future. A time where deep listening widens the acoustics into infinity, while neon glows charm the light smog. Benedikt Frey been down there. Or maybe not. His latest music tells stories from the bygone, vested with the forthcoming. Come in and look out. There is nothing to see, yet so much to hear.