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Rambal Cochet
Ganja FX E.P.

Ganja FX E.P.
Ganja FX E.P.Ganja FX E.P.




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 31, 2024

New Test Of Time

Contact is now established with mystic entity Rambal Cochet. Metallic movements and biological compositions project 4K renders to your mind’s eye. Voice fragments and expertly controlled oscillations advance you along the ascension path. Download these nebulous chronicles to the depths of your subconscious.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Ganja FX


Traveling By Sea


Panzer Kunst


Digital Emotion

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We travelled along the curvature of the earth and bent our minds asunder to get to where we are now. The passing of time has only made the lore more precious. With the gifts we have been provided, the story can finally begin.A man with drum machines, keyboards and a penchant for rawness enters. With rough takes and a distaste for convention, he emanates the sonicisms of TriForm. The forces of Earth are captivating but sometimes they conspire against you, and sometimes you lose revered recordings for abnormal reasons. From these once thought irretrievable tapes, he manifested the Refound EP.An ode to the EP’s arduous production, ‘Lost and Found’ revels in classic 90s house euphoria. Iconic bass stabs elevate and punctuate the succinctly aligned keys, causing big smiles and dancing miles. ‘909 Anodyne’ waxes and wanes, the vocoder-like synths repeating and reinventing over the mellifluous chords and the time-honoured drum machines' canonical reverberations.Flip the wax for ‘Attrakted’, a crunchy concoction with big-room tendencies. The bells are alive, and they’ve given you a thumping DJ tool that just won’t quit. Rounding things off is the aptly named ‘Younight’, lock in and get blindsided by the subtle acid, choral keys and saccharine beat. It’s emotion ‘til the very end.This is house music for every moment, made with machines and love. No AI, guy.
Album / LP Nor (pronounced “noolj") is DJ Sotofett’s Braindance album for SUED with music produced between 2002-2020. It was originally intended as a playlist for SVN between his studio sessions but quickly took the shape of this snappy LP balancing frenetic breaks and beautiful synthetics. The almost 20 year old tracks that pre-date all the Sex Tags projects are either made with one drum machine, one synthesizer and no sequencer – or Minidisc sample based collages pasted together on Qubase, while newer productions are partly programmed on Finnair.
As a full moon hovers over an empire of cratered landscapes lightyears away, galaxy explorer HVL signals descend to Earth with electronic cuts orbiting around turbulent electro and translunar techno. Four more stories from the great void.
We are proud to celebrate our Tenth release with an ambient/downtempo special from sonic wizard Dan Handrabur. Rezpektiva features select cuts from the past that have made an impression on us over the years, released with the maximum respect. Rezpekt to HAN !
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