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Reflex Blue
The Bleeps

The Bleeps
The BleepsThe Bleeps




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 5, 2024

Reflex Blue debuts on Spectral Bounce with The Bleeps, a five-track EP that weaves a somber yet captivating late-night ambiance

Reflex Blue debuts on Spectral Bounce with The Bleeps, a five-track EP that weaves a somber yet captivating late-night ambiance. Over a string of releases in recent years, Reflex Blue has been sculpting a distinct and evolving sound, blending the core minimal aesthetic of UK Tech House with influences from his homeland.

This homage to early 2000's Tech House captures its essence while infusing it with a fresh, pulsating perspective. The opening track, 'Dracula’s MPC', sets the tone with its club-ready elements: crisp drums, deep bass lines, and captivating vocal samples that command attention throughout. On the B-side, "Interlude" offers a glimpse into Reflex Blue’s large palette with its boppy and quirky breaks. It's a spectral record in every sense, making it the perfect sophomore release for the label.

Written and produced by Cooper Fraser
Artwork by Susanne Janssen
Words by Hervé Kacou

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Dracula's MPC


Ride The Bleeps


Distant Future




The Witness

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