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Various Artists
Blue Hour presents Omni

Blue Hour presents Omni




2x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 13, 2024

Omni – meaning all-encompassing – is an apt title for celebrating over a decade of existence of Blue Hour Music.

Omni – meaning all-encompassing – is an apt title for celebrating over a decade of existence of Blue Hour Music. Marking the musical diversity and longevity of Blue Hour's imprint, the Omni V/A series brings together a wide range of artists from the full electronic music spectrum, plunging into a pool of techno, trance, breaks and everything in between.

Approaching nearly 50 releases in vinyl and digital formats, remix series and sub-labels as well as limited edition merch, the imprint has swerved hypes, trends and fads throughout its long-running tenure. Platforming quality productions by artists worldwide, Blue Hour Music has forged a name of its own in a landscape that evolves with mercurial speed.

Like Blue Hour's sound as an artist, it's impossible to classify the label's discography into a single category or genre. The two-part Omni compilations ebb and flow between hazy atmospheres and tougher, live-wire textures, colluding into a multi-coloured trip that encapsulates the lush world of Blue Hour Music.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Parallax Deep - Secrets


Alpha Tracks - Kaleidoscope Face (Vinyl Edit)


D.Dan - Pursuit


Eyerate - Sprawl


Ryan James Ford - Mosquito


Levzon - Veiled


Hasvat Informant - Razor in the Mire


Matriark - Golly

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