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Excelsior Ruth
Excelsior Ruth

Excelsior Ruth
Excelsior RuthExcelsior Ruth




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

May 10, 2024

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Excelsior Ruth is a composer, DJ and producer born in the North-East of England but who currently resides in South London.

On her eponymously titled debut, she combines a life-long love of euphoric trance with echoes of her live performances as exlRuth, which incorporate sound recordings, drone, traditional choral music and the makina backdrop of her youth. Embedded in community heritage, it’s a record that probes connections between the classical and contemporary.

Gossamer harp drifts across time on ‘Haunt’, leading to the affecting arpeggios, strings and high BPMs of ‘Dream Of Night’, programmed, as much of the EP was, on classic 90s synthesisers, including the Roland JP8080 and Quasimidi Rave-0-Lution 309. Drinkwater’s ‘Dawn Return mix’ reduces ‘Dream Of Night’ down to a moment of 6am E-motion, limbs weaving through dry ice like mist on long-forgotten moors.

A cathedral of angelic voices swells in ‘Dream Of You’, their hymn to oceanic feeling rooted to earth by a raining cascade of kicks. And ‘Sleepy Hollow’ journeys further into deep, unspeakable bodily knowing, pushed and pulled between propulsion and stasis as fizzy high hats and restless melodies weave through shrouds of ambient pads.

Words by Joe Roberts.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Dream of Night


Dream of Night (Drinkwater's Dawn Return Mix)


Dream of You


Sleepy Hollow

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