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Tul Waitoonkiat
Nueng Kamtham

Nueng Kamtham
Nueng KamthamNueng Kamtham




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

May 17, 2024

Newest Siamese Twins Records

Siamese Twins embarks on its 10th release milestone with the acclaimed Thai performance artist Tul Waitoonkiat. In หนึ่งคำถาม (One Question), Waitoonkiat's poetry is conjoined into a versatile sonic meeting of minds, created in collaboration with producers Black Merlin, Sapphire Slows, and Sleep D. Aligning seamlessly with Siamese Twins' trademark ethos of cultural reflection and interdisciplinary exploration.

Waitoonkiat, known for his socio-political work "2553," which reflects on the 2010 military crackdown in Thailand, has presented his novel "Silence is Violence" through multidisciplinary art exhibitions across Bangkok. One of these collaborations with Siamese Twins’ Khun Fluff in 2022 established a profound connection and laid this release's foundational recording layer. The recorded poem explores existential themes, pondering the endless cycle of questioning and the dichotomy between silence and imagination, darkness and light, with its contemplative imagination setting the stage.

The A-side unveils George Thompson's universe, known in the terrestrial realm as Black Merlin, with two noirish cinematic explorations that compose Waitoonkiat’s trademark expressive and enigmatic voice into the release's fabric. Showcasing Thompson’s ability to create hypnotic, depth-charged soundscapes that captivatingly feed into a broader story rather than claiming center stage.

The B-side begins with a delicate approach to sound design, crafted through the Buchla synthesizer by Japanese modular artist Sapphire Slows. The charm of this version lies within the sustained notes that gently inhale and exhale between enigmatic vocoder effects and layers of beauty, nature, and technology.

B2 closes with a seven-and-a-half-minute peak timer revolving around a pulsating bassline and driving force of drum energy. One craving for packed warehouses and bush raves by the Australian wizards of OZ and Butter Sessions label owners, Sleep D, aka Corey Kikos and Maryos Syawish.

Artwork by Taychin Dunnvatanachit

Available in a month

May 17, 2024

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Nueng Kamtham (Black Merlin Exploration Mix)


Nueng Kamtham (Black Merlin Traverse Dub Mix)


Nueng Kamtham (Sapphire Slows Remix)


Nueng Kamtham (Sleep D Remix)

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