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Monstera Black
Awkward Attraction

Awkward Attraction
Awkward AttractionAwkward Attraction






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 19, 2024

„Awkward Attraction” captures Monstera Black’s exploration of both embracing and deconstructing pop music.

„Awkward Attraction” captures Monstera Black’s exploration of both embracing and deconstructing pop music. The EP starts off with ‘system’, a piece that echoes a classic song structure while anticipating an unconventional sonic palette, setting the stage for the impending unraveling process that reaches its culmination in the final track, ‘who’s a hoe?’. As the journey unfolds, traditional structures progressively give way to a stream of consciousness, where motif-driven improvisation and softly sung melodies collide with a darker club and experimental soundscape masterfully crafted by alys(alys)alys. The lyrics, infused with provocation and sarcasm, delve into themes of existence and vulnerability, presented through warped vocals and repetitive hooks. „Awkward Attraction“ crafts a taunting atmosphere, challenging listeners to embark on a reflective journey.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Shot The Bass


Eat Your Soul




All These Thoughts


Who´s A Hoe?

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