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Secret Keeper 001

Secret Keeper 001






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Yes, we’re presenting you a new label from Ukraine again. This time the name is Secret Keeper, the owner of the label is Orbit, and for the first release they’re having one of the secret gems of Kyiv – Luschn. And if you weren’t familiar with that name – it’s finally time to acknowledge him.All of the tracks here are untitled, and we’re going straight to the B1. The shortest track on the record and also the most interesting one. With a pinch of old electro house and the base of old progressive house with all that additional buzzing, what’s not to like here, ...

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We are very happy to welcome Richard Brook to our roster. This UK-based veteran, better known for the releases on Warp Records as part of the Wildplanet™️ duo in the 90s, opens the EP with “Caldera V” an emotional breaky workout with an acidic switch halfway through. The unpredictable rhythms and contrasting melodic elements are reminiscent of the golden Sheffield days. On the flip-side “Skaros” is a straight acidic workout with sinister overtones and a steady groove that will keep the dancer glued to the floor at all times of the night.
BRUCE, K-LONE, RHYTHMIC THEORY AND GLANCES line-up on this tearing 12" comp. TIP!The 12" brings these four artists who have close ties to Chris Farrell’s Bristol based label and shop.Bruce with a contemplative dancefloor dub in tribute to Alex T, esteemed Leeds record shop worker and DJ - sadly taken from us too young.K-LONE delivers a subtle and subby house roller.Rhythmic Theory makes a final appearance with a bumpy and bassy techno track.Glances bring a deft funkiness to the broken techno sound.This is the end of a chapter. The last Idle Hands release for the time being. The shop continues and new projects beckon.
For Delft-based label Omen Wapta's first release, Japanese musician/sound designer/coder/producer JEMAPUR explores the far reaches of abstract experimental techno on his album Mode Cleaner. Pulling from music made between 2016 and 2020, JEMAPUR demonstrates his distinctive use of glitch, microsampling, live coding, and granular synthesis techniques. The album was made when the producer was drawn to subjects like physics, geometry, murals, ancient civilisations, the logic of nature, and the observation of the universe.
After three EP's in his own name, and one with Moreno Ácido at Holuzam, Diogo makes his debut 12” in the Discos Extendes series with “FINALMENTE!”. In a singular appropriation of the vast legacy of rave culture, Diogo crosses, along four tracks, a certain time span between the 90's and the 2020's, with all kinds of recycling and updates that the exercise entails. Syncopated rhythmic patterns, robust basses, junglist echoes, haunted voices or celestial pads make up a revivalist sound palette, here rearticulated beyond linear structures. “Até Segunda” sets the tone in territories close to Objekt's Theme from Q in a live sound design amidst sudden disturbances and rallying hooks. Tracks 2 and 3 stand out for their plot twists: “Ponto de Não Retorno” starts with a frenetic breaky maze before get immersed in a oneiric landscape, and “What?!” progresses gently within Vancouver coordinates to be opened to a schizophrenic rawness that, from there, completely remakes the track. “Errar É Ok” is an exercise of decompression, melodically woven, with a dreamy coda pointing to nostalgic horizons. Violet closes the EP with a muscular version of “Ponto de Não Retorno”. "Finalmente!" marks for this unstable balance between familiarity and strangeness, intuitiveness and disturbance, euphoria and immersion. Tracks for the dance floor, yes, with a twist, to be rediscovered as often as you like.
Studio Carbonell is a new label and party series from the seekers collective. For the first release Italian Filippo Bologna takes charge of the Studio Carbonell control room.